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very A few boxers go throughout their career Without experiencing defeat. Ali lost five times, but it’s still considered great to wear gloves. Fighters can lose combat because they are too slow to continue their career when speed, power, chin, or all three are gone. Others lose by participating in less than 100% combat, getting injured, or being injured behind severe weight loss. However, some people lose the fight because they happen to be beaten by a better man that day. So arguably they will be better fighters.

You learn more from losing a battle than to win a battle. You walk away, heal your wounds and pride, think about what went wrong, and then work to be better than the one who stepped into the ring last time to raise your hand. It’s a learning process, but it’s also essentially part of the sport. Unfortunately, too many young and up-and-coming boxers and their promotion teams are afraid to lose. They see it as an indelible stain on their record, a setback that will cost them money and opportunities in the near future.

Mayweather is undefeated, but faces criticism for dodging the fight

The most famous of the undefeated boxers these days, Floyd Mayweather, is arguably an incredible fighter, Condemned throughout his career in the fight of ducking, Or fight people before or after peaking. Such a well-known fighter that makes such a huge show undefeated-perhaps what he knows more than his belt-has changed the spirit of many of today’s boxers. Social media is also useless. If you spend all your time on social media promoting yourself and yelling out how great you are from the digital rooftop, you’re much less likely to want to be in a position to suffer a humiliating fall. ..

There are more than 15 fight boxers today who have the most perfect record in the history of sports than any other time. Fighters have always been protected, but this goes far beyond that. This makes a big difference in boxing performance today compared to UFC performance. In MMA, 0s aren’t as deified as they are in boxing, and even if they do, fighters have much less chance of actively defending 0s, other than raising their hands in an octagon. ..

The best female fighter ever, Amanda Nunes defeated at UFC 269 It doesn’t make her look like a fighter in anyone’s eyes, but rather it rekindles the division. About boxers taking leaves from MMA books and actually adopting the mantra of fighting anyone, anytime, anywhere, and as a result, not thinking about defending their 0s, becoming the best fighter possible Until you think about it, their sport will continue to be second best.

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0 Record Doom Is Boxing Attractive? 0 Record Doom Is Boxing Attractive?

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