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By Anish Vishwakoti, staff, (@ AVX_9001)

WWE 205 Live (Episode 212)
Capitol Wrestling Center (WWE PC), Orlando, Florida
Streamed on January 1, 2021 on WWE Network

The show began with a brief introduction from the broadcast teams of Vic Joseph and Nigel McGuinness when Mansour al-Shekhail was in. Prior to the opening match, a promotion about Mansour was filmed to see where Mansour grew up in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. He said WWE’s show in Saudi Arabia was a dream come true.

1. Mansour vs. Jake Atlas. The wrestlers started with a solid lockup before Atlas tripped Mansour and put pressure on his wrists. Mansoor came back and used a turnbuckle to perform a headlock takeover and shot Atlas off the rope before gaining control. Mansoor tried to wear Atlas, but he was able to recover and force a running exchange to dodge the clothesline and backflip to turn Mansoor into another wristlock.

Mansoor pulled his arm out with a rope, Atlas met him with his own arm drag, and Mansoor reacted to another person. Mansour then used the leg lock to lower the atlas and put pressure on his left foot. Mansoor then headed for the rope, rolled into the ring, and caught the atlas with a one-legged crab.

Atlas struggled, kicking Mansour into a turnbuckle and keeping two counts of chops and neckbreakers. Atlas followed up with a cravat and tried to remove the air from Mansour, but Mansour was able to escape to the corner. Atlas pushed Mansour into the rope, hit the rope-hung neckbreaker two more counts, and then locked the cravat again.

Mansoor escaped again, this time kicking Atlas out of the corner, and Atlas backflip from another clothesline, hitting Atlas with a dragon screw, focusing on Atlas’ knees, and then following up. Mansoor used one leg of the crab again for 1 second before putting the Spinebuster in between and locking it again. Atlas crawls on the rope, releases the hold, and reengages the two.

Mansoor and Atlas each backslide back and forth, eventually allowing Atlas to drive Mansoor into another neckbreaker with two counts. Atlas tried Suplex, but Mansour rolled him up and forced the two to exchange pin combinations. Eventually, Atlas repositioned Mansour in Suplex and hit Brainbuster to defeat him.

Atlas went to the top rope, but Mansour got up and hit the dragon screw, then rolled him up and sat on Atlas’ lap, winning the roll-up pin.

Mansour defeated Jake Atlas.

Anish’s Thoughts: This was a fast-paced opening match between the two who did a great job of making each other look beautiful. They each use a simple move set, with a pattern of repeated neckbreakers and submissions, making it clear that Mansour chops Atlas’ legs while Atlas continues to come to Mansour with a neckbreaker. Tells a story. The match becomes interesting as Mansoor’s undefeated streak continues and he continues to win in various ways. This certainly helps him play against a great partner.

In a behind-the-scenes promotion by Curt Stallion, we talked about how to find a tag team partner at EverRise to set up a six-person tag match tonight. They thought the stallion was a cowboy and made a pretty interesting exchange about the stallion about setting up interesting dynamics where the stallion is the face while the everrise continues to look like a nasty heel.

2.2. Curt Stallion and Matt Martel and Chase Parker on “Ever Rise” vs. Ariya Daivari and Sunil Singh and Samir Singh on “The Bollywood Boyz”. Before the match began, Daibari began beating the Bollywood Boys, indicating that they were not on the same page. Stallion and Daibari started with a ring, and Daibari shot Stallion off the rope and hit him with the knee of the kitchen sink. After that, Daibari put the stallion in the corner and chopped him up. Stallion turned back once, but Daibari hit Suplex on his back.

Daibari refused to tag either of the Shin brothers and instead kicked the stallion to the ground with two counts. Stallion then struck a diversion with his own dropkick. This allowed Samir to create a blind tag, but encountered his own dropkick. The stallion was then tagged with Martel. Sunil tried to help his brother to tag them, but Martell knocked them down with a clothesline, tagged Parker, and hit a backbreaker and running kick combo.

Stallion and Everrise smoothly tagged and untagged, tapping Sunil with a triple fist drop, and tagging and untagging. Eventually Martell pushed Sunil into the corner, allowing Samir to sneak a tag and jump Martell from behind. After that, Shin attacked Martell with a double suplex. Shin retaliated, ignoring diversions by tagging and untagging.

At one point, Samir hit Martell with a bulldog and used a headlock, but Martell fought and threw Samir into a turnbuckle with a hammer, defeating both men. Samir was able to trap Martell, ground Martell again, and then tag Sunil, who was tagged with Divari. Both Martell and Daibari attempted a backslide before rocking each other with a clothesline. Stallion and Samir were tagged by stallion knocking Samir into a corner, hitting an underground dropkick, and then whipping up DDT.

Stallion got 2 counts and pushed Samir into the corner, allowing all three to work in Samir. Daibari tried to block the crossbody from the stallion, giving Samir the opportunity to tag his brother. After hitting Stallion with a wheel kick for two counts, Sunil tagged the newly energized diver. Stallion led Samir to a top rope operation, which struck Daibari and challenged again.

While Shin and Daibari insisted on the outside, Stallion struck a diving Moonsault press to wipe them all out. Ever Rise gave Parker a chance to win a pinfall by hitting Samir with a double stun gun before Stallion hit the running uppercut.

Ever Rise and Curt Stallion defeated The Bollywood Boyz and Ariya Daivari.

Anish’s Thoughts:It’s as if someone booking 205 Live is reading my review. Because this chaotic heel-filled match was the way I wanted this competition between EverRise and Bollywood Boyz to continue. I like that Stallion was the only face in the whole game. He loved Everrise most of the crowd, while creating interesting dynamics that Daibari and his Bollywood Boys prodding beat their side.

The pre-match promotion actually set out how both teams would pair. He also liked the way Daibari disputed and disputed, giving the Bollywood Boys a reason to run short again. Given that the Stallion doesn’t seem to be taking the title shot right away, he’s starting to think he’s given the short end of the stick in the cruiserweight title image.

Hope it happens, but in the meantime I continue to enjoy the Bollywood Boys hunting for victory over Ever Rise. Canada currently operates 205 Live.

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1/1 WWE 205 Live Results: Ash V Review of Curt Stallion, Matt Martel, Chase Parker vs Ariya Daivari, Sunil Singh, Samir Singh, Mansoor vs Jake Atlas 1/1 WWE 205 Live Results: Ash V Review of Curt Stallion, Matt Martel, Chase Parker vs Ariya Daivari, Sunil Singh, Samir Singh, Mansoor vs Jake Atlas

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