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– This week’s episode begins with host Quinn McKay discussing the night’s cards. She mentions how Joe Keyes won the 4-way Dojo Gauntlet and challenged Jonathan Gresham on the ROH Pure Championship.

– Joe Keys has cut a promotion about how he has signed Dojo since 2018, and nothing happened at the company until Gresham talked to him and others. He then stated that he had been trained before Gresham appeared, and unfortunately his former trainer died of leukemia a few months ago. He tells Gresham that you carry the burden of those who come after your two titles, well my hero can’t see me challenge you for a pure title can not. You know my hunger because you were where I was. Gresham then described how he lost to PCO and was brutally beaten by Mark Briscoe to begin his Ring of Honor career, but he didn’t give up. He then looks down on Key saying he’s not a real pure wrestler, but he won the title shot so he’ll see why he’s a foundation.

– Night commentators are Ian Riccaboni and Caprice Coleman. Dak Draper is the guest commentator for the first match. Bobby Cruise is a ring announcer at night.

*** Match # 1: Jonathan Gresham defended the ROH Pure Championship against Joe Keyes by submitting it in Hammerlock. Gresham used all three rope breaks in the matchup because Keys used only one. After the match, Gresham raises the key’s hand.

– Mike Bennett and Matt Taven are behind the scenes talking about Bennett’s recent injury from Lychas. Next, check out the promotion of Danhausen and Brian Johnson in the rematch from the final battle for YouTube only on February 3rd.

– Next is a promotion about how bouncers feel about OGK. Then you will see the promotion from OGK. Taven describes how Bennett feels he shouldn’t play this match because he has an injured ankle. Bennett said Vincent was banned from the ringside, so let’s continue to meet again.

*** Match # 2: OGK (Matt Taven & Mike Bennett) defeats The Bouncers (Brawler Milonas & Beer City Bruiser). After the match, the guards try to drink beer with OGK, but then a justice person appears on stage and tells the guards how they (OGK) live and do this. But see where you are. Next, I see Beer City Bruiser smashing a beer bottle over Matt Taven’s head and Milonas being shocked. Bruiser leaves …

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1/31/21 ROH TV 1/31/21 ROH TV

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