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The show runs down the card tonight.

– I got a video package of Ace Austin and suicide. D’Amore, Shelley, and Sabin talked about suicide and who could be under the mask. Austin talked to himself about his wonders and regained the X Division Championship in 2021.

Ace Austin (with Madman Fulton) defeated suicide in the first round of the Super X Cup

A good opener. In this match, suicide was very dominant with many submissions, and even after being interrupted by distractions from Fulton, suicide regained momentum against Austin. Austin gained control of the match only in the last few minutes of the match, yet it was the match before and after.

Suicide got near some good falls after a crazy deadlift suplex, but finally, after another distraction from Fulton, Austin struck a fold for victory. ..

Austin is waiting for the winner of Daibari vs. Cousin Jake.

– I got a video package of KC Navarro and Christian Blake. Navarro has cut a great promotion, he has a lot of charisma in his voice. Christians can be heard on the ground, but not so attractive with a microphone. The promo was a contract between Navarro and Christian Looks and Hart, respectively.

Break Christian defeats KC Navarro in the first round of the Super X Cup

The story of the match was that Navarro showed that he could do whatever his fan’s favorite Christian could do. The match started slowly and the mattress ring started. Navarro showed off his excellent submissions and was always playing with the camera. After the Christian tried to speed up the match, Navarro returned showing that he could go faster too.

Nearing the end, Christians finally made a comeback and went out of control for a few minutes before hitting a twisted splash to win.

The story here is that Steve was so strange to Lamar that Lamar continued to be obsessed with him and his disgust and asked him to “act normally.” It wasn’t just an unorthodox wrestling style, Steve just tried to lick him during the lockup. In the end, Lamar managed to cut him off and Steve managed to play a wrestling match.

Crazy Steve finally struck a second rope Russian leg sweep to slow down Lamar. They traded near strikes and falls, but in the end Steve struck his second rope DDT for victory.

This was surprisingly good, but I think Lamar was able to match better with anyone else. At least he began to show off his acting skills.

Crazy Steve vs Break Christian in the second semifinal.

– Gia Miller interviewed Moose about tonight’s match. Moose said Mack made a mistake by asking him for an I Quit match. He did it out of anger, and this match just offended Moose, so tonight he sends a message to Rich Swann through Willie Mack. Moose said he wasn’t going out there to hear Mack quit, but he’s considering sending him to the hospital and will quit Mack above all else.

Ace Austin (with Madman Fulton) defeats cousin Jake in the Super X Cup semifinals

They went to a speed vs. size match, even if Austin wasn’t exactly the little guy anymore. Early on, many Austins ran around the ring on quick shots in the match, but when Jake caught Austin, he killed him and planted him on a single strike.

At some point, Jake jumped into both Austin and Fulton and offended Fulton. From there, Jake continued to appear on Jake’s face, distracting Austin to take out and eventually disconnect. Fulton has never wisely put his hand on Jake.

The action in the last few minutes was great, Jake got better near autumn with the same slam he broke the diver. The finish saw Austin block the second rope gut wrench suplex from Jake and continue to fold the springboard for victory. This match was great, my cousin Jake was great to show this show.

Ace Austin is waiting for the winner of the Crazy Steve vs. Break Christian Semifinals.

– Rich Swann and Willie Mack talked behind the scenes. Swan told Mack that Moose was a dangerous man, but he knew that Mack didn’t stop in him and that Mack was neither a stepping stone nor a messenger boy.

Break Christian defeats Crazy Steve in the Super X Cup semifinals

Christians have been black-eyed since their first round match against KC Navarro.

The story here was that Crazy Steve kept talking to the pet monkey in his corner between the moves. It was all amicable competition until Christians accidentally kicked monkeys out of their aprons and Crazy Steve snapped and became ferocious to Christians.

This was another great match for Crazzy Steve tonight. They exchanged momentum several times, but back and forth in the second half of the match, the action was great. Finally, Blake Christian caught Steve on the rope and struck a springboard 450 for victory.

Not necessarily a heel, Steve worked in a much more vicious style than usual and once again showed that without the spoofing of pet monkeys and jokers, the ring could be great.

The Super X Cup final is Ace Austin vs. Break Christian.

– Miller interviewed Jazz about tonight’s match. Jazz said he had already announced his retirement, but couldn’t decline his invitation to work on Grace’s Impact.

Jordynne Grace defeats jazz

Jazz made its impact debut as a Tag Team Partner or Grace in the Knockout Tag Team Championship Tournament. They managed to beat the teams of Killer Kelly and Lenny Michelle, but fell to the teams of Havoc and Nevea. Before jazz retired, Grace sought a match.

They had a little fierce fighting throughout, action back and forth, a little physical, a lot of blows between the two, and a lot of slamming each other. Jazz doesn’t play fast-paced games, but it can pull off high-impact moves on both the offensive and defensive sides. As the match progressed, both women were able to go out more comfortably, eliciting greater movement and giving more weight to the match.

Finally, at the finish, both women’s trade rollups and reversals were seen, and Grace won after reversing the O’Connor rolls.

If this was certainly a jazz retirement match, she couldn’t ask for a better match with a better opponent, which was great.

– Miller interviewed Break Christians about the finals. Christian said his emotions were everywhere, but he was always chasing Ace Austin, who had an ace under his sleeve.

Ace Austin defeated Break Christian and won the 2021 Super X Cup.

Austin sent Madman Fulton behind at the start of the match and said he would win himself.

It was really acrobatic and was the most aerial battle I’ve seen in a tournament. However, it didn’t look like it was choreographed or passed through the sequence. It happened that the two wrestlers were comfortable in the air, and they happened to spin while dodging each other.

The match began with some balance between the two, but as it progressed, Austin began to dominate, and Christians continued to have a small hopeful place and comeback where Austin would soon shut down. As the match progressed, Chistian attacks piled up in Austin and had to flee Christians. After a splash of top rope and trampling on both feet, the Christian was still chasing and approaching a fall. Christians aimed for the 450 used to defeat Crazy Steve, but Austin evaded it and hit his picket in the coming fall.

The finish was a great sequence, with Austin dodging twist splashes, Christians dodging folds, and going into pin attempts and reversals. Great match.

After the match, Fulton came out to celebrate with Ace Austin. Scott D’Amore came out to congratulate Austin with a winning trophy.

Willie Mack defeats Moose in an eye quit match

These two have been in conflict for over a month now. It all started when Moose began to move in the direction of Swan competing for the world title, and he did it by attacking Mack. Moose and Mac exchanged victory. The final victory was due to the suspension of reference when Moose took Mac out, the latter unable to protect himself.

The match really suffered from referees, and wrestlers were constantly asking for IQuit. The referee asked less than five minutes after the moose hit the guardrail and hit the ramp. At some point, Moose began telling the referee to stop asking.

Aside from that, the actual wrestling was good. They went back and forth from the beginning and exchanged attacks, but some were quite physical. They brawled outside the ring for a while before the tables and chairs came to play.

Mack ran well on the attack, hitting the moose many times in his chair and landing the moose with a few splashes of frogs, but not enough to win. Moose later recovered and hit a huge move from the top rope to the floor through the table to hell, this spot turned the game around.

Moose returned at the end of the three books, Mack responded to the pile of chairs with a superplex, but neither man gave up.

The finish saw a moose knockout mac with straight elbows on his face, but he wasn’t over, he mocked the mac because he couldn’t stop anymore and put it on the neck of the pillmanize mac. went. Rich Swann came down and asked Moose to stop. He went too far and Mac had already been knocked out. Moose didn’t stop, so Swan provided Moose with the title shot he was chasing if he let go of Mack. Moose now said he got what he wanted and quit.

This is an interesting way to end the match and some protection from quitting the Mac. In other long games it’s a bit annoying, but the nature of the finish, especially in I Quit games, forces it to be a bit longer before pulling the trigger if someone can’t even quit on their own. .. You have to wait for when Moose vs Swann will take place.

Source: Wrestling Observer

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1/9/21 Impact Genesis 1/9/21 Impact Genesis

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