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BRAVE Combat Federation is the best fight card in the Arab world to showcase the best talent from the MENA region at BRAVE CF 48: Arabian Night on March 18th at Arad Fort in the Kingdom of Bahrain. Revive the fighter. ..

One of the most popular names in the Middle East mixed martial arts community, Ahmed “The Shadow” Labban is a joint main event for the BRAVE CF 48: Arabian Night Card. Labban, who is essentially a kickboxer, will face Nemanja “Sledgehammer” Kovač in an ultra-lightweight match. Honored and enthusiastic about proving himself in one of the fastest growing promotions in the world, Labban does nothing to raise the flag of Lebanon at the BRAVE CF Arena.

Hassan “Fearless” Talal is also making a comeback in a featherweight match against Eusif “Widoumaker” Greiri. Talal has returned from a severe injury and is ready to shock the world with a return that turns the martial arts community’s eyes to Iraq. In front of his goals, Ghrairi stands with his Muay Thai background, much more advanced MMA experience, and Lebanese weight on his shoulders.

Another sports veteran, Mohammed “Dakira” Gorabi, has faced many misfortunes for eight years as a professional MMA fighter. He is excited about his second chance to prove his abilities. This time it is one of the best global MMA promotions in the world. Gorabi opposes Egyptian legend Eslam “Beast” Abdulbasset in a middleweight match.

The fight card is also a middleweight match against BRAVECF middleweight champion Mohammed Facredin’s younger brother, Hassan Facredin, and Eslam Mostafa Abdermanem, as well as other prominent Arab fighters, Omar El Dafrawi. Featuring stars including Abbaskhan at the supermarket, Hussein Salem against Saddam Hussein in featherweight matches, Issa Salem against Meisala Mohammed in flyweight matches, and catchweight. Elias Nedir against Muhammad Karadaxi in a 64kg match.

On March 18th, which of these Arab fighters will be able to take advantage of this opportunity to fight one of the world’s top MMA promotions to rank in the world’s stardom, and which fighters will be left behind. To decide.

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# 1 MENAMMA Promotion BRAVE CF Revives 1st Generation Arab Fighter # 1 MENAMMA Promotion BRAVE CF Revives 1st Generation Arab Fighter

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