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Content Warning: The following article contains spoilers for the FX series “Philadelphia is always sunny” and a description of depression, suicide, addiction, and sadness.

Viewers know that they can expect wild aversion from violent gangsters Philadelphia is always sunnyHowever, fans understand that there are rare moments when they can touch Sitcom or shed tears. These scenes are often separated by surprisingly deep quotes. The quotes remain in the eyes of the fans even after the series has been glimpsed.

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From a key perception of cricket addiction to Charlie’s emotional outburst on an Irish cliff, a moving moment It’s always sunny The number is small and it is in between. But whenever the show depicts something really profound, fans can count on the gang to say some really unforgettable lines.

Frank Reynolds:

“I like you, Charlie, too.”

largely Healthy moment It’s always sunny Frank is often involved, especially if something happens between Frank and Charlie. This is the case of the Season 4 episode “The Death of Mack and Charlie (Part 2),” in which Frank struggles to accept Charlie’s fake death.

As Mack and Charlie look into the window of the apartment, Frank sees the mannequin version of Charlie discussing the order in which to remove the toilet bowl. Things get emotional when he has a fake Charlie who says he takes out the toilet bowl just because he likes Frank so much. His simple reaction is impressive, as he cries and hugs the mannequin as he says, emphasizing how much he loves and misses Charlie.

Dee Reynolds:

“What’s the point? Joke Always On Me, okay? Okay.”

Dee Reynolds eating cake (Philadelphia is always sunny)

Years of being bullied and ridiculed by gangsters finally hit Dee in the season 9 episode “Gang Brok Dee.” Dennis, Mack, Charlie, and Frank are worried that she may be “eating and smoking a trash cake” rather than her usual annoying self.

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Dee’s depression is not a joke, and her remarks about throwing herself “in front of the bus” encourage the rest of the gang to plan elaborate plans to help her. It’s an unpleasant moment for the group, and probably for viewers accustomed to Dee’s energetic spirit and less witty comeback.

Dennis Reynolds:

“If you don’t enjoy it, it doesn’t mean anything at all.”

Inspired by the popular drama “Waiting for Godot,” the season 14 episode “Waiting for Big Mo” is a bottle episode that leads to an unexpected philosophical realization of the gang. After spending countless hours playing laser tags, the group begins to wonder if their efforts are always worth it for prizes that may be out of reach.

Dennis perfectly describes it when he tells the gang, “If you’re not enjoying it anymore, ruin it.” If “it’s time to move on,” that’s what they should do. This is an important lesson that applies to things other than laser tags.

Ricketty Cricket:

“Maybe it’s time to make a difference.”

Cricket is one of the best recurring characters In the series, however, his funny appearance almost always affects him in a negative way. Season 12 episode “A Cricket’s Story” is a moment of remorse for the character, and for the audience who saw his addiction worsen over the years.

When the worried father offers him the last chance of a better life and says, “It’s time to go home,” Cricket looks in the mirror to see what happened to him. It’s an inspirational story that lasts as expected until the end of the episode where everything returns to the status quo.

Frank Reynolds:

“It was terrible, but she was an angel, not her.”

That always sunny gang is analyzed

Fans can get a glimpse of Frank’s dark past side in the season 8 episode “Gang Getz Analyzed.” After Frank reluctantly agrees to sit with the therapist, he soon finds himself pouring a story about traumatic events from his past.

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His experience at “School for the Mentally Handicapped” was endured only for the first girlfriend he claimed to be “always smiling” because he “had no lips”. Her suicide, two weeks after their relationship began, has plagued him as he began to cry out of control and began to blame the therapist for “thawing” him.


“I think I’m out now. Yeah, I’m gay.”

In the season 12 episode “Hero or Hate Crimes,” Mack found himself in a unique position to claim a $ 10,000 worth of lottery if he appeared as a gay. But when he does, the rest of the gang moans and complains about how he “returns to the closet,” as he had several times before.

This time around, it’s different from a Mac that is “quite comfortable” about finally going out. It’s a shocking moment for the group that unanimously supported him and let him know they were happy with him. But they still hate him because of the lottery.

Frank Reynolds:

“I don’t know how many years I’ve been on this planet. I’m going to be really weird with that.”

Frank Reynolds

Season 5 episode “The Group Intervening in Frank” Frank’s best quote Is said to be. When he wants to sleep with the widow of the person who died at the funeral, the gang criticizes him for being terrible.

His reaction to becoming “really strange” in his life while he still has time captures his character perfectly. Frank abandons social norms and expectations and tries to live the way he wants to make him happy, especially when roasting bones.

Dennis Reynolds:

“The Bar’s Done.”

At the finale of Season 12, “Dennis’ Double Life,” things get too complicated for Dennis. The gang will do his best to get him out of his situation because he doesn’t want to be a father and he doesn’t want to leave the Paddy’s Pub.

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After a wacky attempt and a silly dance towards the end, Dennis realizes he wants to do something bigger in his life, even if it’s paternity. He said goodbye to the group, cheerfully turned off the lights in Paddy’s Pub, declared “it’s over” and contributed significantly to the rest of the gang’s disapproval. It’s a really scary moment that fans worried about his future at the show.

Frank Reynolds:


Philadelphia is always sunny and crying Frank.

Mac’s most iconic scene One of the series occurs during the season 13 episode “Mac is proud”. He wrestles with his identity and speaks openly to Frank about what he ended up helping him come out to his dad.

Mack’s tearful dance leaves Frank with words. Frank’s words “I understand it” are very meaningful to both Mac and the audience. His natural standing ovation is barely noticeable in the background when the camera zooms in on the crying Frank. It was a moving moment when the fans shed tears.

Charlie Kelly:

“You weren’t there, and I needed you! I needed you there. You were supposed to carry me!”

Philadelphia is always sunny. Charlie kneels and crying under the rain.

The finale of the show’s latest season has shaken viewers as the episode “Gangs Carry Corpses to the Mountains” depicts Charlie’s emotional outburst struggling to follow his father’s last wishes. rice field.

As it rains on the cliffs, Charlie shouts that it’s not fair for his father to “carry” him “on the hill” or pick him up from school. This is a featureless blow scene at Sitcom and arguably the most emotional moment of the show to date. Charlie’s feelings of finally learning the truth about his real father became a tragic scene as soon as he was lost, everything surfaced.

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