10 battles with real housewives who have gone too far

There are many different types of Bravo’s popular battles Real housewives Franchise. From time to time, two friends do their best to move beyond the pain of the past, but continue to rehash the same problem. Misunderstandings can also cause two cast members to get involved in a big debate. And from time to time, the cast is shocked by the two being upset by a small disagreement that doesn’t seem to matter at all.

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One thing is certain Real housewives When you’re looking at one of the franchise’s most beloved cities, you’re definitely expecting some big fights. Stars often have hurt emotions and are justified by speaking their hearts, but there are moments when the battle is too fierce and violent.

Ten RHOBH: Lisa Rinna throwing a wine glass in Amsterdam

During season 11 NS Beverly Hills real housewife There were many fights about Erica Girardi’s divorce, and there was an overkill fight in Season 5.

one of Lisa Rinna’s worst RHOBH Decision It was when she threw a glass of wine at a very nice restaurant in Amsterdam. Lisa and Kim Richards were involved in a terrible battle, and Kim said she knew the secret of Lisa’s husband Harry Hamlin, and Lisa reacted strongly. Kim and Lisa could have taken a break in the fight to get out and talk quietly, but things got too hot.

9 RHOA: Kim said Nene hurt her

Nene and Kim fight on a tour bus

Atlanta real housewife It used to be characterized by the intimate friendship between Kim Zorchak and NeNe Leakes, but over time, the two stopped looking at each other.

Kim and Nene talked about the horrific battle that allegedly became physical.according to all right!Kim said Nene “suffocated her” and hurt Nene’s finger. Fans didn’t see this fight, but it seemed to be one of the most fierce fights in the entire franchise, and the two didn’t join again.

8 RHOBH: Kim and Kyle limousine discussion

Kim and Kyle discussing in a limousine in the RHOBH episode

At the end of Season 1 RHOBHFans saw the difficult and fragile relationship between sisters Kim and Kyle Richards collapse. When they were sitting in the limousine, Kyle called Kim “liar” and “alcoholism” and even called her “ill”.

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It makes sense that the brothers don’t always get along, but the fight felt too fierce. The battle became notorious because it was the moment Kyle called his sister to drink. But even though Kyle wanted to come from a good place and help Kim, her words were harsh and this wasn’t the right way to approach the situation.

7 RHONY: Betheny and Kelly’s “Scary Island” scene

Ramona and Betheny discuss with Kelly on the scary island of RHONY

Fans Real New York City Housewife You can recall the episode of Season 3 when the cast went to St. John and did nothing but a fun and relaxing vacation full of moments of bond. Instead, Betheny Frankel and Kelly Bensimon took part in a screaming match.

Kelly’s Scary Island Quote They are as well known as confused. When Betheny asked Kelly to sleep, Kelly yelled at Betheny’s fear and talked about jelly beans. This was an interesting episode, but it’s no exaggeration to say that the nights were so chaotic and meaningless.

6 RHOC: The Battle of Kelly and Shannon at a Party in the 70’s

Shannon and Tamura talking at a party in the 70's, Kelly and Michael fighting in a real housewife in Orange County

It’s probably not a good idea to bring up someone’s marriage worries when friends get together at a party. But that’s exactly what Kelly Dodd did at Shannon Beader’s 70’s party. Orange County Real Housewife..

In episode 11 of the season, Shannon’s friend Jaci said Kelly and her ex-husband Michael were separated, and Kelly had a boyfriend in the meantime. Shannon asked Kelly if he had deceived Michael, and Kelly felt that Shannon was deliberately trying to hurt her. While both cast members were wrong, Kelly fought too far when she said it made sense for Shannon’s husband David to have an affair. There was no way to save tonight.

Five RHOP: Physical battle between Candias and Monique

Season 5 Potomac’s real housewife Featured many discussions about A physical discussion between Monique Samuels and Candias Dillard. Candice Pressed Charge Monique and Monique’s counter complained that she was acting in self-defense.

A court in Montgomery County has decided to dismiss the proceeding, but the implications are undoubtedly alive. The two cast members got angry with each other because Candice was a friend of Charis Jordan Jackson, who was on a reality show. Monique said Charis had informed everyone that Monique and her personal trainer were involved.

Four RHONJ: Jackie raised Jia when fighting Teresa

Side-by-side image of Jackie and Teresa claimed by RHONJ

New jersey real housewife It has featured many battles over the years, and they usually include Teresa Giudice and her sister-in-law Melissa Gorga. In Season 11, the main debate was between Teresa and Jackie Gold Schneider.There are some Fight it Real housewives Fan predictionBut this was definitely shocking.

Teresa was wrong to say that Jackie’s husband Evan was dishonest, but Jackie argued that Teresa wouldn’t like it if rumors spread that Teresa’s daughter Jia was taking drugs. Was raised to another level. Jackie didn’t have to bring this out because no one wants to hear the analogy about their kids.

3 RHONY: Aviva insulted Ramona and Sonya

Sonja Morgan and Ramona Singer are serious about RHONY

Season 5 RHONY A trip to St. Barthélemy was basically destined from the beginning. Aviva Dresser continued to say she couldn’t fly because of asthma because she didn’t want to go on vacation. When she arrived, she told Ramona Singer and Sonya Morgan, “Both are frankly white trash.”

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There was no reason Aviva was so rude and aggressive, and I felt there was no way this trip could be peaceful and enjoyable for everyone. Ramona was dissatisfied with Aviva’s husband Reed and Carol Rajwill’s boyfriend Russ also taking part in the trip. Ramona had the right to her feelings and Aviva didn’t have to insult anyone.

2 RHONJ: Battle of Baptism

Jaws fights at the baptismal ceremony after Teresa tries to talk to Melissa and Joe at RHONJ's table

The Season 3 premiere had one of the following: Teresa’s biggest debate RHONJ.. When Teresa appeared at the baptismal ceremony of Melissa and Joe’s son Joey, Joe called her “garbage” and there was a terrifying physical battle before fans knew what was going on.

It was scary to see because Joe Judice and Joe Gorga chased each other and seemed to have such hatred with each other. No matter how tense the family was, there was no reason for violence, and it was terrible that this battle took place during a happy celebration.

1 RHONY: Ramona talks about Betheny’s daughter

There were many moments when Ramona and Betheny didn’t get along, but the most noticeable was Season 9. Ramona talked about Betheny, who played in an adult movie many years ago, and said, “Did anyone approach your daughter? Did you explain to her? Situation?”

There was no real reason for Ramona to raise this, but if she intended to mention it in a casual conversation, she didn’t have to talk about Betheny’s daughter. It was no wonder that Betheny was so offended.

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