10 Best Amazon Prime Horror Movies (Updated October 2021), According to IMDb

There is no other horror to lift the mood of the eerie season from late September to early October. As the first signs of things hitting at night begin to appear, many horror enthusiasts seek out the right source of entertainment.

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From Netflix to Hulu, there are plenty of streaming services that offer endless content, and Amazon Prime is the top candidate. The service offers many original horror movies, but the classic back catalog is almost invincible.

Updated by Mark Birrell on October 6, 2021. According to IMDb, the best horror movies on Amazon Prime are great movie slate that are constantly changing, not because of changing scores, but because of the huge and constantly changing library of streaming services. Nonetheless, Amazon Prime has many top-notch movies that enjoy a much longer stay, and is often an essential viewing for fans of that genre. Even the most discerning movie enthusiasts will find something ridiculous and scary in service.

Ten Descent (2005) -7.2


A visceral horror movie full of gusset and brutality, Descent Thanks to its well-drawn character and emotional performance, it has endured the test of time. The all-female cast overturned many of the norms of the monster movie genre, which finds subtle ways when it comes to subplots and related dynamics, while not hindering anything.

The story sees a group of thrill-seeking friends trapped in an unknown cave system and quickly discovers a terrifying being hunting them in the dark. It’s a mercilessly fierce ride, but it’s definitely fun for fans who need horror to get a little extra kick.

9 Dead Ringers (1988) – 7.3

Dead Ringers Jeremy Irons

David Cronenberg’s name has become synonymous with strange science fiction movies for body horror and grotesque. Of the many horror movies available on Amazon Prime, his highest rank is one of his most dramatic charges.

Dead ringer Jeremy Irons has a dual role as an identical twin, both of whom are successful gynecologists of very different personalities. When the cruel romantic game between them and a successful actress leads to a downward spiral of addiction and erratic behavior, the two lead to an unforgettable emotional-and really scary-climax. Iron performances alone put their heads and shoulders on top of most horror movies. A must-see for anyone who prefers a more unique approach to blood and gut fear.

8 The Devil’s Backbone (2001) -7.4

Santi's ghost floating on the devil's spine

He was already rippling with horror movie fans with his previous features, Devil’s Backbone It was a movie that internationally acclaimed Guillermo del Toro’s name and led him on the path to Oscar’s glory. Shape of water..

Set during the Spanish Civil War and set in a boy’s orphanage, this ghost story probably shows the writer / director’s tendency to characterize more concisely than any other film. A person who seems to be a hero becomes a villain, and a person who seems to be a villain becomes a compassionate hero. It is a grip thread full of heart that is rarely seen in this genre.

7 Need to talk about Kevin (2011) – 7.5

Adapted from the novel of the same name by Lionel Shriver, We have to talk about Kevin It revolves around a complex relationship between a mother and an anxious antisocial son.

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Jumping back and forth in time, the most horrifying exposures are preserved to the end, but the apparent fear remains much higher. The audience knows from the beginning that Kevin’s actions have led to something that is truly unacceptable. His actions are automatically reflected in his mother. The film explores without fear of postnatal anxiety, but is distributed so that everyone can relate to them.

6 Lighthouse (2019)-7.5

Lighthouse 2019 Robert Pattinson and Willem Dafoe

Follow-up to his very impressive debut by director Robert Eggers, witch, was Undoubtedly even more amazing in the details of the times in the character’s language and the commitment to the relentless strangeness of the story...

It revolves around two lighthouse keeper on an isolated island and becomes more and more suspicious of each other as a strange event. While rattling both, the film blends many classic sea horror stories into a completely unique experience. The old-fashioned 1.19: 1 aspect ratio certainly gives it an extra character and also enhances the sense of claustrophobia.

Five The Wicker Man (1973) – 7.5

Wicker man Is one of the movies that viewers are familiar with long before the ending gets the chance to see everything, and the fact that it doesn’t diminish its weirdness and horror is a true testament to what the movie has achieved.

The story of a police officer investigating the disappearance on a remote island has been remade The infamous Nicolas Cage movie But more positively, its clear impact can be seen in modern horror hits like Ari Aster. Midsummer, Or a horror movie about cults and rituals, really.

Four Lamentation (2016) – 7.5


Set in the sleepy Korean community of the country Lamentation Comic and incompetent cops follow as the locals begin to experience a strange and violent wave of murder with mysterious motives. There are signs of a mysterious Japanese man who arrived in the area a while back, but nothing is certain in this twisted horror story.

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The fun of a movie switching between physical comedy and supernatural body horror is impressive in itself, not to mention its gorgeous landscape and filming, a unique experience and a must-see for the modern day.

3 Invasion of the Body Snatcher (1956) – 7.7

Although the 1978 remake is highly regarded, IMDb ranks the original adaptations of Jack Finney’s original novels. Body snatcher As the best of many adaptations of the story.

Well remembered as a direct political parable in a turbulent era, this important horror film of the 1950s is due to the universal sense that something is strangely wrong with society.65 It continues to be popular for years. Lack of gusset does not prevent the horror caused by the movie From a simple close-up of a horrifying reaction.

2 Peeping Tom (1960) – 7.7

Although generally overshadowed by the most iconic horror films of the 1960s, Psycho, Michael Powell Tom peep Has built and maintained a reputation among movie lovers as an ingenious game changer within the horror genre, and for good reason.

Not like PsychoThe story is told entirely from the often literal point of view of an disturbed murderer who records the death of his victim when he committed them. Tom peep In many respects, the unwavering investigation of the murderer’s mind and motivation, not to mention the twisted sense of humor, was decades ahead of its time. Few horror movies are similarly dilapidated.

1 Night of the Living Dead (1968)-7.9

Duein Jones in George Romero's

Today, the idea of ​​zombies and undead has exploded into the Hollywood world. From movies to TV series Zombie movies have grown to be worn out and clichéMany people forget where they came from.

Back in 1968, The late great George A. Romero released what was his debut movie, Zombie night, A horror masterpiece that brought the undead to life for the first time on a big screen. With simple yet effective effects and storytelling, Zombie night It will continue to be the pinnacle of the horror genre for future generations.

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