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It’s December 11th. KinjaDeals offers the top 10 deals of the day.Upgrade your security system with Arlo Pro 2..A cozy stay in Knit hat (5 packs).. And Mini Holiday Perfume Travel Set From Sephora.

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You see, everyone saw it coming. Last of Us Part II I won this year’s game at the Game Awards last night. Not only that, the Naughty Dog game completely cleaned the house and won seven awards. Other games did not win more than one award. Last year’s biggest winner, Disco Elysium, I pulled only four. It was a straight sweep. Despite the predictability of victory, it does not stop the old discourse machine that started in seconds. YouTube hacks shouted “injustice” to the idea of ​​winning this year’s Best Game Award (who thunked?). The more academic wings of the game have significantly revived criticisms of the crunch culture that led to the creation of the game.There’s a lot to handle, but at least we’re not discussing Cyberpunk 2077 Already. For those who just want to play the game and see if it can withstand the sweep, you can get it on Amazon for over $ 30.

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If you just moved to your apartment Bella’s little air fryer It should be one of the first things to buy after furniture etc.only $ 40 With Black Friday’s early sale, you can flick your wrist to make salmon, mozzarella sticks, french fries, or whatever you want. Doesn’t this look so cute on your countertop?

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Cyberpunk 2077s The launch was interesting, to say the least. It spurred a hot bed of debate and led to some truly psychopathic reactions from its most ardent supporters. On top of that, almost every console has performance issues, from bugs to graphical issues. Despite these shortcomings, so far many players seem to enjoy their time in Night City. If you want to dive in, but are a little behind the topic of bugs, Eneba is currently selling digital keys for the Xbox One version of the game for $ 48.Must use promo code CP20OFFXBOX At checkout to get that discount. This is arguably the cheapest price I’ve seen in a game so far, so it might be a good excuse to dive in.

Disclaimer: We’ve heard complaints about using Eneba links in the past, but please note that redirects to EU region lock products have been resolved by Eneba and Awin affiliate partners.

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I don’t have much to say about Instant pot duo Nova has never been told, but the 7-in-1 pressure cooker $ 60 This is only $ 10 higher than the lowest price of $ 50! With the push of a button, you can save and cook your favorite dishes. In addition, three cute colors are available to match other decorations in the kitchen. Grab it before it’s gone.

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If you’re isolated away from home, or if you need to closely monitor your apartment while you’re on the go, a good security system gives you the peace of mind that everything is safe and healthy. However, that additional security is not cheap. The Arlo security system can run for over $ 400, depending on your configuration. But sometimes there are quite a few deals and you can get some lenses to watch over your humble dwelling at a decent price.Newegg is currently refurbished Arlo Pro Security System It went down from $ 250 to $ 380 with four cameras.

It’s still expensive, but you can get four weatherproof cameras with 720p recording, motion detection, and 7 days of cloud storage. It also works with the Google Assistant, Amazon Alexa, and Apple Homekit, so you can work with all other smart home gizmos without any problems.

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We’re firmly on the December holidays, so gifts come to mind, especially if you send them to your loved ones rather than looking directly at them. Saving money is an important factor again this year, so this is an ideal collection to help you get rid of the extra gifts you were thinking of.with this 5-pack knit cap When bundled, you’ll get the perfect winter accessory for men or women for just $ 15.

You can choose from several groups to suit different tastes. You can choose from bright multicolor, dark multicolor, all black, or all charcoal packs. There are also options for pompoms or sleek chunky knits. Made of faux fur, yarn and acrylic, it fits snugly on your head and keeps you warm with any element. They also look so cute and are masters of hiding bad hair days. It’s easy to wash your hands if you want, and there are several options that are suitable for the look of different Eurtides. Beauty at this price you can keep them for yourself or buy bundles for the whole family.

If you’ve read several articles on SideDeal and you like what you see, you’ll get $ 5 a month for free shipping no matter how many you order. Otherwise, it’s a flat rate of $ 8.

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Want to increase your Funko Pop collection? GameStop is now Choose a $ 3 number.. There’s something a little for everyone on the pick.With Pokemon like Pichu Mr. Mime Being there, it’s certainly pretty cute.You have Morty, From Fox Persona 5 Jug head, Def Leppard singer, Liu Kao — Wait, what. Yeah, it’s definitely a Def Leppard singer. In fact, are all members of Def Leppard available as Funko Pop? And Duran Duran? Am I on another planet now? Is there a huge Rephead that wants to commemorate the hair metal band in the form of Funko? You see, I guess for each. I will continue to use Vulpix here.

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Nothing is more classic and comfortable than a hoodie. I have brought those of these champions over the years. My current destination is stolen from my boyfriend. If you’re a loved one like me, it’s time to buy a little more and no one will be left behind in the cold. 40% off Champion Power Blend Fleece Hoodie And get free shipping today.

These are as cozy as they come. Warmth and comfort made with Powerblend fleece is key. Also, since it is not bulky, layering is ideal. The material is also very soft, so the two-layer hood adds the perfect level. And of course, there’s a kangaroo pocket to store light meals for the movie marathon. These champion hoodies are durable and will withstand multiple washes. There are 11 colors, but they sell out quickly at this price, so get what you want right now.

Free shipping on all orders today.

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If you’re confused about how to get a cosmetologist in your life, would I recommend one of Sephora’s perfume sample sets?this Mini Holiday Perfume Travel Set For just $ 25, you can guess what your charming buddies like.

I have been given some of these Sephora sample sets over the years. This is a great way to discover new brands and explore the scents you wanted to try. Best of all, when you’ve finally picked what you want, take the scent certificate to the store and exchange it for a full-sized version. With this set, you will replace the voucher with a full size travel spray or rollerball (0.33 oz / 10 mL). There are several coveted brands in this collection, including Flowerbomb from Viktor & Rolf and one of Chloe’s signature rose tangerines. There are also Yves Saint Laurent, Wai, Replica and Miu Miu. 2020 may have been a garbage year, but at least you can leave it with a nice smell.

Use the code to get free shipping Freeship Order today and it’s guaranteed to arrive by Christmas.

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With all the exciting news from Disney yesterday, we are looking for treats from all franchises.In honor of its goodness at the Disney Store 30% off your entire order..This is more cost and saves more transactions, so if you’re still buying gifts, when you reach $ 100, just use the code and you’ll see those savings (20%) Masu SAVEMORE At check-out.

Marvel will be here for years! All the trailers for the Dinsey Plus show look great and I can’t wait personally Falcon and Winter Soldier. So, while you wait for each of these to be released, feel comfortable and return to this comfortable MCU catalog. Classic heather gray zip-up hoodie..

The snack machine will also start. The announcement of the wonderful Chris Evans, who lends his voice to the Buzz Lightyear series, means that the only acceptable food for Pixar’s doggy turmoil is from Pizza Planet.this Pizza maker You can do just that without fear of a little green man trying to steal a slice.

And of course, there was a lot of Star Wars news.I know there is someone on your list who is a fan this year and this Children’s backpack Adorable and functional at the same time. Loungefly makes something beautiful and durable, and this bag should make no difference.

Just use the free shipping code for orders over $ 75 SHIP MAGIC.

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