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It’s December 15th. KinjaDeals offers the top 10 deals of the day.Buy new TCL 50 “LED 4K smart TV..Score Apple Watch SE For your favorite aunt.And be creative with your cooking Instant pot duo nova..

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You see, we’re all at home and should be left for the next few weeks. You know it, I know it — and Best Buy knows it too.this 50 inch TCLLED 4K smart TV costs only $ 250 So you can snuggle up to your couch right now with your favorite shows, movies, or selected consoles.

Being a smart TV, it has built-in access to Netflix and all other popular streaming options.This price is a $ 120 discount and is cheaper than you can find it Target And even Amazon.. Don’t pass by!

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No, it’s not an iPad, but Amazon does Fire Kids Edition Tablet..

As you can see in the image, they are wrapped in a thick rubber shell / convertible stand to help protect them from dents and drops. Still, kids will find a way to break almost anything, and Amazon is ready there too. Each Kids Edition tablet comes with a two-year warranty, so if your child still solves the problem, you’ll get a free replacement.

The Amazon Marketplace offers a variety of games, apps, books, and streaming services, and Kids Edition comes with a convenient bonus for a one-year subscription to Amazon FreeTime Unlimited. The gate-off service offers a wealth of content for kids within a colorful launcher, and you can choose to pay monthly at the end of the year.

Amazon is knocking now $ 30 off 7-inch tablet Or $ 40 Off 8-inch HD TabletIt’s an ideal time to bring one (or more) of these durable devices to your family. Grab them in blue, purple and pink.

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Like my lovely wife put it elegantly Her review of Gizmodo, ” View SE It works like a high-end smartwatch without a high-end price tag. Uses an optical heart rate sensor with a Series 5 processor Series 6, Some people Apple Watch SE If you’re still playing Apple Watch 3 or earlier, buy this year.For some reason Apple is still selling Series 3 (However, except for Series 4 or Series 5), technical experts speculate that it will not be supported for much longer.And with 44mm Apple Watch SE Now Available for $ 250 With Space Gray (down from $ 309), the choice of which model to buy is clear. By comparison, the “larger” Series 3 models are 2mm smaller and cost just $ 30 less.

It’s $ 179 cheaper than a comparable-sized Series 6, so Apple’s Other We are confident that Watch, released this year, will have the latest software updates in the coming years. However, there is one caveat to this offer. Only the Space Gray 44mm option has been reduced by $ 59. So if you want to rock the silver aluminum case, the gold model isn’t for sale, but you still have to pay the discounted price of $ 280. As myself with the Space Gray Apple Watch, I have to say, there’s nothing that doesn’t match, and A few The color (look at you, rose gold), historical evidence suggests that Space Gray has been here for a long time. The silver and gold Apple Watch SE models are available in a small 40mm form factor for $ 250. A small wrist goes up!

As Victoria says, the Apple Watch SE buys the Series 3 and even the Series 6, which I whimsically and stupidly pre-ordered in September.

Unless advanced forward-looking health monitoring is a top priority, or you really like an always-on display, you should get a Watch SE. I promise you won’t feel fooled. If you’re not sure if you like a smartwatch enough to drop $ 400, the Watch SE is definitely the way to go. Don’t look at the $ 200 Series 3.. Don’t think for kids as the cheapest watches also don’t support the family setup feature that seems to be the best. Series 3 was a great smartwatch, but that time has passed. We are grateful for the service and wish you a happy life.

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Baby, Star Wars is back.I mean, I never went where I thought, but people seem to care about it again thanks to it Mandalorian Second season.To celebrate this opportunity, this is really a great deal: Microsoft Store is now EA Star Wars Game Bundle Available for $ 40 for the Xbox console.Included in the package Star Wars Squadron, Jedi: Corrupted Order,and Battlefront 2.. Squadron It retails for $ 40 on its own and was just launched a few months ago, so it’s like getting two free games when you buy it. Or it’s like getting each game for $ 13. Whichever method you calculate, it’s a solid deal in three games that are a fun addition to the long line of Star Wars games.

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Mortal Kombat 11 Released about a year and a half ago, in true fighting game fashion, there is already a third individual retail release of the latest entry in the legendary series.

Just released with a new console, Mortal Kombat 11 Ultimate The core game is bundled with all the bonus add-on characters released so far, including a staggering number of guest pop culture characters (Kalactor?), From Jokers and Spawns to Robocop and John Rambo.

Of course you get too MK In addition to legends such as Subzero and Scorpion, in addition to an array of other old and new fighters, the game has an array of visual enhancements to take advantage of the new hardware.Currently Amazon has both Playstation 5 And Xbox (Series X / S and One) $ 20 off version from full list price.

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If you’re tired of dealing with a clogged kitchen sink, now is the time to grab a trash can-especially if you have a holiday feast on the horizon. Waste King is one of the leading brands in this area and is currently offered by Amazon. Up to 64% off garbage disposal..

Now you can get 1/3 HP1900RPM model For just $ 33, you can save a lot of money from the list price of $ 90. Or 1/2 HP2600RPM version For only $ 2.There is also $ 69 3/4 HP model Or $ 84 for 1HP version If you need more slice and dice power and they collectively have a 4.5 star rating of stars from over 9,000 Amazon customers.

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I don’t have much to say about Instant pot duo Nova has never been told, but the 7-in-1 pressure cooker $ 60 This is only $ 10 higher than the lowest price of $ 50! With the push of a button, you can save and cook your favorite dishes. In addition, three cute colors are available to match other decorations in the kitchen. Grab it before it’s gone.

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If you already feel the effects of winter before your skin actually comes here, don’t feel sick, everyone else is suffering too.I suggest a tube Elta MD Face Moisturizer From the Derm store.This luxury item is free $ 35 Contains Vitamin C, niacinamide, and hyaluronic acid to penetrate and keep the skin smooth, no matter how harsh wintery winds. What are you waiting for

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Give a gorgeous gift to a friend who is crazy about hair. Harry Josh Pro Dryer.. Only $262 With promotion code HJPT25, You can easily dry your hair with an ionized blow dryer. There are 12 thermal, velocity and ion settings for any texture, including straight, wave, curly and natural. Also, because it’s lightweight, you don’t feel like you’re lifting a few dumbbells just by drying your hair and trying to add volume. Most beauty salons are closed these days, so it seems like a big investment. Grab it before it’s gone!

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Adam and Eve want to help you make the season a little more enjoyable. From $ 4 Grab some extra merchandise To pack socks for you and your loved ones this holiday season.There’s something from everyone and don’t spend more than $ 10 on the code Bonus 50.

A lot of Atmosphere decorated with candy cane For about $ 10, they will surely put you on the prank list.Butt …. if you’re in a vehicle, lots of items like this Eurtide Loot sparks ($ 7) brings all the Christmas cheers. And in the case of Solo Santa Shower straw car ($ 10) is here to ring your bell.

The standard shipping cost is $ 8 for all orders.

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