10 Best Hockey Movies (By IMDb)

Watching National Hockey League games is a favorite pastime for many. However, when your favorite team isn’t playing, or when the league is in the off-season, you may find it difficult to gain a share of ice hockey content.

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Fortunately, there’s no shortage of great hockey movies to watch, many of which are now available for streaming. Whether it’s goals or fights, the Olympics or pee, old school or new, hockey enthusiasts have the perfect movie for you. According to IMDb, these are the top ten.

Updated by Jake Quran on October 27, 2021: The NHL is back in full swing and the playoffs are a long way off, but the team is fighting everything they have to work towards the Stanley Cup Finals. The best hockey movies are a great way for fans to get involved in the sport, even when their favorite team isn’t playing. Hockey movies are full of inspiring stories, and the best will surely get viewers in the spirit of supporting their team!

Ten Leboys II (1998)-6.2

Two players from Leboys II giving fist bumps

The sequel to the 1997 movie, Leboys II It has many of the same casts as the original. In this movie, the hockey team travels to France to compete in a tournament, and antiques occur naturally. The film presents many hilarious moments, primarily due to the immaturity of the team members, and the diverse personalities keep the film interesting.

I have a lot of laughter Leboys II Is also a great hockey movie, with a good sequence of sports and fun to watch.

9 Mighty Dax (1992)-6.6

Mighty Dax

A movie that introduces most millennials to ice hockey sports and Disney sports Mighty Dax Star Emilio Estevez (((Breakfast club). that’s why After being arrested for drunk driving, Minnesota’s self-centered lawyer, Gordon Bombay, was sentenced to community service in the form of leading a youth hockey team.

In addition to providing early roles to stars such as Joshua Jackson, Margaret Morrow, and Elden Henson, the film has two sequels (currently all streaming on HBO), an anime series, and an Anaheim-based NHL expansion team. Was born.The film features a flawed Bombay growing to take care of these children and the heart behind it. Mighty Dax Is part of what makes it one The best sports movie for kids Not only for adults, but for fun.

8 Leboy (1997)-6.7

Leboy players are staring in shock

Leboy Since 1997, I’ve been following an amateur hockey team and a man playing with it. Older players are often incredibly immature, which is part of what contributes to the comedy of this movie. There are many subplots that include players and their childish antiques.

The film features frowning humor today, but with a lot of heart on the other side, it’s become a classic among many fans 24 years later.Some will rank it among the more popular ones But still a hilarious sports comedy..

7 Mystery, Alaska (1999)-6.7

Not the Alaskan noir fiction that the title might suggest Mystery, Alaska Follow an amateur hockey team in Mystery, a fictional little Alaskan town, engrossed in pond hockey games played by locals every Saturday.

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When the team was given a lifelong opportunity after being selected for the NHL’s New York Rangers television exhibition game, the town was so excited that the town’s security officer and team veteran John Beebe (Russell Crowe) He’s still good at stringing his skates, or when it’s time to hang them and let the coaching take over.

6 We quarrel (2011)-6.8

A hockey movie focused on Enforcer, continue Tells an inappropriate comedy story by Doug Glatt (Seann William Scott). He participated in a minor league hockey game and easily won the battle against the players of the opposing team who were angry at the crowd.

Despite having little experience in skating and hockey, Doug is a talented but problematic young star (Marc-Andre Grondin) from a local team coach (Kim Coates). Comedy is fun and entertaining, but it clearly has a lot of passion behind it, which contributes to the heart of the film.

Five Slap Shot (1977)-7.3

Is considered one of The best comedy movie of the 70’s, Slap shot It’s a classic.that I’m following Charlestown Chiefs, a fictional minor league hockey team led by player-coach Reggie Dunlop (Paul Newman). Dunlop unleashes a new weapon in the league, the Hanson Brothers, when he discovers that his poorly performing team is due to disband at the end of the season.

The brothers messed up the league with a dirty and violent playing style, and the chief could beat the team’s junk on the ice, even if he couldn’t beat the team on the scoreboard. I noticed.Newman still calls Slap shot It’s one of his favorite movies to date, but don’t think the joke is politically correct.

Four Indian Horse (2017)-7.3

A loved one at film festivals across Canada, Indian horse Explore disturbing issues that other hockey movies don’t dare to touch. The story follows the life of Saul, an indigenous Canadian boy who grew up in a corrupt, racist and abusive Indian housing school system in Canada.

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Throughout his life, Saul deals with soul-breaking racism and abuse. Suffering from life-threatening alcoholism, Saul does not prevent the hardships he endures from making him a great hockey player or finding meaning and happiness in serious situations.

3 Miracle (2004) -7.5

miracle Tells the true story of Ragtag’s team of American college hockey players who took over the Soviet Union team, which was considered the greatest upset and most important game in American hockey history, during the height of the 1980 Olympic Cold War. increase.

The story of team coach Herb Brooks (Kurt Russell), which will be quoted for weeks, is enough to inspire those who have been rejected before. Brooks was the last player to be cut from the 1960 American team and the only American team to win a gold medal so far, but he had a dream for 20 years and finally achieved it as a head coach. .. The story is very exciting, has been featured several times, One of the best HBO sports documentaries..

2 Legend № 17 (2013)-7.5

It’s a Russian movie that has never enjoyed its release in North America, and most readers will never hear or see it. Legendary number 17.. The story, which has won several prestigious Russian film awards, traces the life and career of one of the greatest players in Soviet hockey history, Valeri Kharlamov (Danila Kozlovsky).

Though considered small as a professional player, Harlamov made up for his lack of size with extraordinary speed, intelligence, creativity and stick skills, winning two Soviet League MVP awards and two CSKA Moscow. Harlamov also won his country’s Olympic gold medal in 1972 and 1976 and played for the 1980 Olympic team.

1 Rocket (2005) -7.6

Maurice "rocket" Richard skates on a puck while being chased by an opponent's player

A true story based on Maurice “Rocket” Richard’s biography, this biography shows the struggle a hockey player had to experience to move up to his position. Richard played for the Montreal Canadiens and, along with many other players, believed that French-Canadian hockey players were not treated as well as English-Canadian players.

Abuse led to widespread conflict with the NHL President. The film is a fascinating view of the life of one of the most famous hockey players in history and his impact on the game.

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