10 Best Monologues from Martin Scorsese Movies

Martin Scorsese’s films have many repetitive metaphors, from Catholic guilt to needle-dropping soundtracks to the inevitable pitfalls of criminal life. Scorsese’s films are first character studies and then stories. In many of his films, Scorsese concludes his character with a soliloquy that verbalizes their internal struggle.

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Scorsese is known for his monologue cinematic presentations. It is usually played by one of his leading actors, Robert De Niro and Leonardo DiCaprio, but may also be played by other actors such as Jack Nicholson and Joe Pesci.

Ten Product of my environment (departure)

The Departed Jack Nicholson

The Good fellas-Weird narration deceased Delivered by Jack Nicholson’s Irish mob boss Frank Costello. Nicholson talks about the opening of the movie with an unwieldy soliloquy. “I don’t want to be a product of my environment. I want to make my environment my product.”

This narration instantly establishes Costello’s desire for power. It will eventually be his downfall when it becomes clear that he is the FBI informant (whity bulger, the character’s real-life inspiration).

9 Are you so good at this $ 10? (Mean Street)

Robert De Niro on Mean Streets

Scorsese’s breakout movie Mean Street Contrast Harvey Keitel’s repentant mafia Charlie with his young and wild friend Johnny Boy, played by Robert De Niro. When Johnny Boy faces one of his many creditors, he offers him $ 10 insultingly and gives a long speech that fully summarizes his reckless lifestyle.

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“I’m borrowing money from everyone left and right everywhere in this neighborhood. I never repay them.” Johnny Boy ignited his $ 10 and his creditors furiously he Rush to. Charlie dismantles it, but to be honest, the irresponsible Johnny Boy still feels the need to pull out his gun.

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8 It will happen (Irishman)

Scorsese’s Netflix Crime Epic Framing Story Irishman look De Niro mob hitman Frank Sheeran A trip to a wedding with his fellow Russell, played by Joe Pesci. Along the way, Russell entrusts Frank to kill his best friend Jimmy Hoffa.

Russell, in an unforgettable solitude provided by the destructively subdued Pesi, essentially tells Frank that the murder of his friend is happening, whether he takes on the job or not. Occur. Either way, he goes. “

7 How Las Vegas Works (Casino)

Scorsese and writer Nicholas Pileggi follow up Victory success Good fellas In another vast mafia story, casino.. De Niro plays Gambler expert Ace Rothstein. Ace Rothstein explains the gloomy interior of Las Vegas with a captivating narration.

According to Rothstein, “In Las Vegas, everyone needs to watch over others. The dealer is watching over the player because the player is trying to beat the casino. Boxman is watching over the dealer. The man on the floor is watching the man in the box. The pit boss is watching the floor man. The shift boss is watching the pit boss. The casino manager is watching the shift boss. I am watching the casino manager. And the sky. Eyes are looking at us all. “

6 Dr. Corey explains twist (Shutter Island)

Shutter Island Teddy Daniels

At the climax of Scorsese’s psychological thriller jewels Shutter Island, Leonardo DiCaprio’s disturbed US Marshals went to the lighthouse, where he thinks his partner was taken. So Dr. Corey of Ben Kingsley explains the twist in a long confession.

It can be difficult to uncover this kind of commentary-based twist, but thanks to Kingsley’s soliloquy ability, it will land. Shutter Island.. Dr. Corey explains that he is not a Marshal. He is the “most dangerous patient” of the facility involved in complex psychological experiments. He killed his manic-depressive wife after she drowned all the children.

Five Rupert Pupkin’s Act (King of Comedy)

Robert De Niro, the stand-up act of King of Comedy.

One of Scorsese’s most underrated films, King of comedyIs a bitter satire of celebrity worship starring De Niro as a comedian struggling to kidnap a famous late-night host and get the opportunity to act in the air.

At the finale of King of comedy, Rupert Pupkin takes over Jerry Langford ShowTell all his jokes and, surprisingly, kill with a live audience. At the classic “15-minute fame” moment, Rupert enjoys a momentary stint above before being taken to jail.

Four Henry Hill Breaks the Fourth Wall in Court (Goodfellas)

Good Fellows Henry Hill Court

Ray Liotta’s Henry Hill Talk to the audience all the time Good fellas In narration format. After a tense helicopter sequence, Scorsese’s cool musicless finale culminates in yelling at all his friends to protect Henry from returning to prison.

In court, Henry speaks directly to the camera and briefly explains how the Mafia lifestyle seduced him and why it all collapsed.

3 I’m not leaving F ****** (Wolf of Wall Street)

DiCaprio has one of his most hilarious performances The Wolf of Wall Street, Scorsese stock broker Jordan Belfort’s pitch-black comedy biography. He plays several monologues in the film, usually as a peller for office floor employees.

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In the middle of the movie, he offers what appears to be a farewell greeting when he resigns to follow a federal investigation. In the middle of his speech, he decides to stay (at great legal risk) and says, “I’m not going to leave!”

2 I became a candidate (Raging Bull)

Robert De Niro looking in the mirror for the final shot of Raging Bull.

De Niro’s final “I could have been a competitor” monologue has several layers Raging Bull: this is De Niro as Jake LaMotta Marlon Brando spoofing as Terry Malloy Waterfront..

This scene offers the perfect heartfelt ending to the tragic story of turning from an angry middleweight boxer to a nightclub entertainer. Ramotta decided to talk to himself in the mirror after driving away everyone who loved him.

1 Do you talk to me? (Taxi driver)

Best Unscripted Movie Scene Taxi Driver Mirror

To emphasize the isolation of Travis Taxi driver..These monologues are diary entries that are primarily narrated. à la Robert Bresson’s Country priest’s diary.. Travis’s diary charts his psychology and captures “bad thoughts” in his head.

But Travis’s most famous soliloquy is delivered to himself in the mirror: “Do you talk to me?” This scene shows that Travis is so lonely and he is soliloquy. I am. He is practicing to pull a gun at someone on the street.according to Business Insider, This wonderful scene was improvised by Deniro.

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