10 Best Team-ups on Black Widow MCUs

Black Widow was the third Avengers introduced Marvel Cinematic Universe After Iron Man and Hulk.She was one of the core members of one of the strongest heroes on the planet and eventually became a co-leader with Steve Rogers, but until she made the ultimate sacrifice to Volmir to ensure victory over Thanos. Endgame..

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During her stint at The Avengers (and later in the form of the first part), Natasha teamed up with iconic Marvel heroes such as Captain America, Nick Fury, Okoye, and her on and off sister Irena Velova.

Ten Hawkeye

From the beginning, Hawkeye has always been Black Widow’s greatest ally in the MCU. They made a great pair at the Battle of New York and hinted at their twelfth such experience in off-the-cuff equipment for a mission in Budapest.

Black Widow and Hawkeye have always had a bond with being the only two Avengers with no real psychic powers, but long before they worked together for Fury and Shield.

9 Iron man

Civil Wart Knee Star Quiron Mannatasha Black Widow

Since the debut of Nut’s MCU Iron man 2, She shares Strong friendship with Tony Stark.. They have the same sense of dry humor, so they can come and go whenever they are in the room together.

of Captain America: Civil War, She joined Tony’s side in a debate on the Sokovia Agreement. They both felt that the law was a step in the right direction and that superheroes should be policed ​​(although they turned out to be wrong when Thanos appeared).

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8 Red Guardian

Natasha Romanoff Alexei Jelena hug

Red Skull revealed Avengers: Endgame Nat was “Ivan’s daughter” and even she didn’t know. After Ivan abandoned her and became an undercover agent, she was raised by Alexei Shostakov, played by David Harbor.

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Alexei, well known as the Red Guardian, was the Soviet Union’s answer to Captain America, given one of the many imitation supersoldier sera produced around the world.In Black widow The movie, Nat, reluctantly releases him from prison and can help her and Jelena find the red room.

7 Antman

After Thanos strangled Thanos and drowned the world’s strongest heroes into a half-populated world swayed by their failures, Steve and Nat lost their thoughts on how to bring everyone back.

Scott Lang then arrives at the Avengers headquarters on a “time highst” pitch. The Avengers move across a space-time continuum, collecting Infinity Stones and snapping them with their fingers.Without it Knowledge of Ant-Man and his quantum realmThen Mad Titan may have won forever.

6 Agent Coulson

The Avengers Clark Gregg

Agent Coulson retired from the big screen output of the MCU after the first “death” the Avengers Immediately rethought by the pilot of the movie SHIELD agent), But in Phase 1, he was Nat’s “Chair Man” on many of her SHIELD missions.

When she was first introduced the AvengersCoulson, who is being interrogated while tied to a chair, reveals that there are fighters ready to destroy the entire block if they don’t call and give Nat the phone.

Five Hulk

While Fury handled most of the Avengers recruitment, Nat was the one with the help of the Bruce Banner. She tracked him in Kolkata and persuaded him to join the team and free Hulk for greater benefit.

from Ultron era After that, Nat became a reliable avenger to calm the Hulk and regain the banner. At the end of each battle she approaches the green sneaky man and tells him, “Hey, big man, the sun is really low.”This line was later parodyed Thor: Ragnarok When Thor fails in an attempt to calm Hulk in the middle of a brawl.

Four Okoye

Overall, the battle of Wakanda Avengers: Infinity War Is a messy and enthusiastic set piece, with moments of victory, especially when compared to the battle of its cross-cutting companion Titan. Wanda is trying to keep her vision And Proxima Midnight arrives to kill her.

Proxima says, “He will die alone like you,” while off-screen Natasha says, “She is not alone.” Nat and Okoye work together to annihilate Proxima before approaching Wanda.

3 captain America

Captain America and Black Widow stand on the street.

It may have taken 10 years for Natasha to get her solo movie, but she played a supporting role in Captain America’s post.the Avengers Solo movie.They teamed up to challenge modern hydra Winter Soldier And although they took different sides in the debate on the Sokovia agreement civil war, She finally allowed Cap to escape with Bucky as a personal favor during the airport skirmish.

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In addition to sharing hilarious jokes about Steve’s dating and fighting pop culture references, they are well-matched fighting companions-she often bounces off his shield and takes Henchman out.

2 Jelena Belova

The long-awaited Black widow The movie started with a prologue revealing Natasha’s back story.she AmericanA fake family in the style of Soviet plants during the Cold War. When they were made and had to return to Russia Nat and her “sister” Jelena Belova It was adopted in the red room.

For most of the movie, the pair reunited and stopped the Red Room program. After Nat’s death, Jelena is ready to take over as the new Black Widow.

1 Nick fury

Nick Fury and Black Widow are talking to Iron Man.

On the way home Iron man 2, Black Widow was initially introduced to the MCU audience as Nick Fury’s best friend. She sneaks into Tony Stark’s life under the guise of a Stark Industries employee and watches him at Fury’s orders.

Described by Quentin Beck as “the most delusional person on the planet,” Fury trusts only a handful of people. Nat is one of them.

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