10 most active game forums

10 most popular video game forums

Over the years, online gaming forums have become an important part of the Internet for gamers. A place where gamers can get together and discuss all the games about their favorite video games, including walkthroughs, tips, and guides.

Video game forums are on the rise and there are multiple spots for people to interact with other gamers. Below is a comprehensive list of the most active video game forums on the internet today.

1. IGN


IGN’s Video Game Forum is a high-quality, modern forum organized by game platforms such as PlayStation, Xbox, and Nintendo. A game forum community that every gamer can hope for.



GameSpot is one of the active video game forums with some interesting topics created by users. It covers a wide range of topics, from games to politics, all of which are quality articles.



GameFAQs are a simple yet timeless design. It is the number one source of detailed game walkthroughs and has a collaborative and close community to discuss all kinds of video games.



Reddit’s r / gameing subreddit is a place for gamers to share their knowledge, setup, and other game-related fun. As of 2018, r / gaming subscribers have grown to 20 million.



JoyFreak is one of the new gaming forums, but its friendly user base and activity have grown since its inception in 2018. This is the most modern looking game forum with a section to discuss all your favorite video games and game platforms. There is also a game marketplace for selling, buying, or trading game accounts, items, and everything else.


MMORPG (Massively Multiplayer Online Roleplaying Game) has a huge fan base, and this game forum has enthusiastic fans. It provides convenient links to buy, play and pre-order games that are easily accessible. This site has huge stats with millions of posts and thousands of threads.

7. Latest games


The GamingLatest community has a friendly user base that allows content creators to share their work with other gamers. A place for gamers to discuss video games, share content, and receive valuable feedback.

8. Steam


Steam’s reputation has grown dramatically over the last few years, giving users access to hundreds of forums specific to each game hosted on Steam. Others can share game guides, FAQs, and mods tutorials on the Steam forums.

9. Giant Bomb

Giant Bomb Gaming Forum.jpg

Giant Bomb has a sleek and clean design with thousands of forum posts. The community is enthusiastically discussing the release of the most anticipated games for gamers and future speculation about various game franchises.

10. Minecraft forum


The Minecraft Forum is a place for all enthusiastic fans to get together and discuss Minecraft. Its design represents the game and there are hundreds of topics about the wide range of mods and skins used in the game.

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