10 most catchy Christmas villain songs ranked

In most musicals, villain songs are often a catchy and thrilling highlight for a large audience. And just because it’s a holiday doesn’t mean that evil takes a Christmas holiday. on the contrary, Some of the most classic Christmas movies It has a number of incredibly evil villains.

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Whether they are a stop motion masterpiece from Rankin / Bass and its iconic Christmas song Or even with full-stage show tunes, there’s no shortage of festive demons at this time of the year. It can be said by a variety of malicious people, from the simple ones that dislike the sweet sounds of the season’s saccharin to the complex ones of the indescribable hatred of human selfishness.

Ten “I hate people” (Scrooge)

Scrooge Albert Finney

The song is the least humble, but the lyrics are absolutely dripping with an evil tasty brand Only Ebenezer Scrooge was able to dispense with this take Christmas carol.. Albert Finney’s old stingy incarnation may be a bit overkill, but it’s undeniable that he’s a nasty old man who isn’t ashamed of it.

What makes this song work is Scrooge’s open and misanthropic view of humanity as a whole, not just those who are annoyed or disgusted by Scrooge. Not only is he a typical greedy character, he is a character who has turned his back on the world completely.

9 “Bent Man” (Baves of Toyland)

Burnaby starring in Toyland's MGM Babes

Animated adaptation of MGM Toyland girl Although it may fly under the radar of many fans, Barnaby the Crooked Man’s take includes not only great songs, but also Christopher Plummer’s impressive performances.

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The number of the greatest villains is characterized by the characters in question laying out their evil plans through songs, but Burnaby and his candlestick backup singer later he left the world. We take it one step further by adding how disastrous the plan to make the part of. But the greatest strength of this song is how absolutely it goes while Plummer explains his ectenia of evil deeds.

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8 “Link By Link” (Christmas Carol: Musical)

Jason Alexander plays Jacob Marley at Christmas Carols

He’s not technically a production villain, but Jacob Marley has a somewhat villain reputation. If fans need further proof of that statement, all they need to do is listen to the “link by link”. In Marley’s evil warning, he lists various evil acts that led him to imprison in chains.

Jason Alexander has done a spectacular job in this dark comic performance, with both Murray’s remorse and creep factor brilliantly accentuated. The effects of ghosts may be a bit old, but the spirit is still alive.

7 “Scrooge” (Muppet’s Christmas Carol)

Michael Caine Scouring as Scrooge of Muppet Christmas Carroll

Mappet Christmas Carol Already loaded on the edge with some seriously great songs Although it’s a soundtrack, if there was an ideal way to introduce Scrooge to your audience, that’s it. For some reason, when others sing about Scrooge’s character, it works better than letting Scrooge sing for himself. This is especially true if most people are made of fur or felt.

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Apart from the cast members of Muppet, this song is well written at both lyrical and musical levels. It gives Scrooge’s persona, reputation, and background to why it exists, and all Michael Caine has to do is look intimidating.

6 “The King no longer has a toy store” (Santa Claus comes to town)

Burger Meister Meister Burger seen in Santa Claus comes to town

It may be a bit cheating by including the same song as another song, but the way Bergermeister Meisterberger mocked this song only enhances its nasty nature.Some songs are intended to show horrific acts of evil and hatred, but then there’s this crap Santa is coming to the city, a The origin story movie of the beloved Santa Claus..

On paper, Begermeister is simply a corrupt politician who uses his power to make toys illegal. Sounds ridiculous at first, but while dictating to his sidekick, when it is shown by his almost brave attitude, it becomes as comedy as it is cruel.

Five “We are sneaky” (Magoo’s Christmas carol)

Plunderer's song at Mr. Magoo's Christmas carol

The only worse thing than singing about robbing a child of a toy is singing about selling the stolen property of a dead man. This amazingly catchy number, also known as “The Plunderer’s March” Magoo’s Christmas Carol It is virtually guaranteed to get caught in the head.

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Sung by a London low-life quartet that attacked Scrooge’s property, it’s just a hymn about how sneaky they and their actions are. The crime may not be rewarded, but it certainly comes with some memorable musical accompaniment.

Four “There is rubbing” (Jack Frost)

Kubra Claus with an iron hand in Jack Frost

Jack frost Musical Rankin / Bass Christmas Special With a theme song that is as underrated as a really underrated villain. Kubra Klaus has the strange position of being “the king of all Cossacks”, but “no more can be the king of Cossacks”, so this song shows an interesting dichotomy. Sometimes he’s proud, sometimes he’s openly dissatisfied with it, but “there’s friction.”

Curiously, this represents a double-edged sword that is a musical villain. Sometimes it’s fun and sometimes the top is lonely. At least he leaves the viewer with a snappy song of signature.

3 “Oogie Boogie Song” (Nightmare Before Christmas)

Oogie Boogie’s song is not only one of the best Christmas villains, but also one of the most underrated Disney numbers. Composed by Danny Elfman and played by Broadway Ken Page, this eerie swing hit is arguably one of the highlights. Nightmare Before Christmas..

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Songs about the various ways to torture Santa Claus shouldn’t be as catchy as this, but they still work in a way that only something from Tim Burton’s heart can do. There is no doubt that Christmas is not the last time fans hear boogie songs.

2 “Snowmizer / Heatmiser” (a year without Santa Claus)

Mizer Brothers

Only Heatmiser may be considered the villain of the pair, but their shared song is a catchy and unforgettable equivalent. And thanks to TikTok, it’s the fact that it won’t change until the New Year. It definitely helps that the main element that the viewer remembers about the character is this iconic track.

But whether you like white Christmas or green Christmas, the theme of Miser Brothers is as symbolic and memorable as “Rudolf the Red-Nosed Reindeer” and “Frosty the Snowman.” Let Rankin / Bass make another musical hit.

1 “You are a mean person, Mr. Grinch” (How Grinch stole Christmas)

Given the fact that the Grinch is likely to be one of the first villains introduced to most fans, his iconic song must follow the same logic. One of the things that never changes in any Grinch movie, whether Karlov, Carrie or Cumberbatch, is the iconic song with lyrics by Dr. Seuss himself.

The grinch is as relevant to the song as he is green, and having him without it would have lost virtually half of his character. There is no doubt that everyone has a favorite version, but the original song is always the basis for judging his nominal meaning.

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