10 of the best war movies ever, according to Letterboxd

The horror of war is depicted innumerably on the big screen. Several carefully selected films have been recognized and widely appreciated in a meaningful way that portrays some of the most dreadful aspects of human history.

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From a jarring classic like Schindler’s List Shedding tears works as follows Grave of the firefly,fan Letterbox We chose and rated the best war movie ever. These films often give a glimpse of the brutality of war, bring them to the forefront, and serve as an important reminder of some of the worst things people can do.

Ten War and Peace (1966) – 4.3

Image of Andrey and Natasha dancing in war and peace

Director Sergei Bondalk does the justice of Leo Tolstoy’s 1869 novel in a spectacular way in the 1966 film series of the same name. War and peace.. Released four times in two years, it records the epic story of Countess Natasha Rostova and Count Pierre Bezhof and their experiences during the Great Patriotic War of 1812.

7 hours adaptation, 120,000 cast members, 5 years of production, expensive real uniforms ( RogerEbert.com). It’s an intimate portrayal of a love story and a spectacular reenactment of Napoleon’s historic battle-a must-see for movie fans who enjoy epic movies.

9 War and Cranes Are Flying (1957) – 4.3

The relentless brutality of war is highlighted in the tragic way of director Mikhail Kalatozov. The crane is flying.. Boris and Veronica’s two lovers are forced to separate and cannot rendezvous. The malice on the battlefield is emphasized only by the protagonist’s longing for his lover, which is exacerbated when she meets her brother.

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It’s a tragic love story that indiscriminately tackles controversial themes such as patriotism and duty. The bold anti-war message is still true, and viewers will not immediately forget the striking image from the forefront of the film.

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8 Paths of Glory (1957) – 4.3

Kirk Douglas on the Road of Assault

In many cases, Best World War I movie, Director Stanley Kubrick Road of glory This is one of his first attempts in this genre. It revolves around the abuse of three scapegoats and the struggle for commanding offers to deal with the absurdity of military machinery.

This miserable and frustrating movie conveys the message of anti-war in an unpleasant way. The stunning framing of each event Kubrick unfolds continues to engross you while viewers helplessly wait for their dark conclusions. It’s a movie that doesn’t hesitate to criticize the greedy careerists of the army by showing the horrifying things they’ll do for their work.

7 Human Female II: The Road to Eternity (1959) – 4.3

II-A trench full of soldiers on the road to eternity.

Picked up from the first part of the event, Road to eternity An incredible continuation of Masaki Kobayashi’s increasingly tragic story of Kaji. Human condition.. The protagonist, thrown into the center of the army away from his mundane work, witnesses atrocities he has never seen before.

His suspicions about the front line are evidenced by seeing soldiers doing terrible things to each other. Viewers cannot blame Kaji for being as repulsive and frightened when he realizes that things are getting worse. This movie sets the stage for the final battle that the audience is probably afraid to watch.

6 Apocalypse Now (1979) – 4.4

Kilgore points to the wave of Apocalypse Now

Francis Ford Coppola’s masterpiece, Apocalypse NowPush the audience into the horrifying heights of the Vietnam War. It is pinned to the mysterious mission of assassinating Colonel Greenberet, but more can be accomplished along the way.

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This movie depicts the dire situation of Vietnam at that time, and at the same time, it is an inward journey. It shows viewers how war can transform people and juxtapose the beautiful landscapes of the country with the eerie. It is the atrocities often committed at the forefront and the shocking portrayals of individuals that can be forever transformed by their terrifying role.

Five Grave of the Firefly (1988) – 4.4

People who have seen Grave of the firefly I know it has The most emotional ending in a Ghibli movie.. Director Isao Takahata brings Akiyuki Nosaka’s short story of the same name to life through an unforgettable movie.

A beautifully animated film that follows the story of Seita and Setuko, who faced increasingly difficult situations during World War II. The heartwarming relationship between them is in stark contrast to the chaos they continue to encounter from one town to the next. Viewers will find that no matter how many times they look, they are likely to sob before reaching a disastrous conclusion.

Four Schindler’s List (1993) – 4.4

Girl in red coat walking on Schindler's List.

Schindler’s List Is one of Steven Spielberg’s best historical epic.. The acclaimed film focuses on Oskar Schindler’s actions during World War II. He made tireless efforts to save the Jews employed in the factory.

Controversial films can also present the horror of the Holocaust in a truly disturbing way, while at the same time cleverly portraying the more intimate experience between the characters. The iconic “girl in red” scene is immediately apparent to those who have never seen the movie completely. It’s an essential view for anyone ready to see that dire part of history without compromise.

3 Human Female I: Human Female (1959) – 4.4

Kaji and his wife of I-No Greater Love.

An extraordinary trilogy directed by Masaki Kobayashi, Human conditionIt begins in a desolate POW camp in Manchuria. There is no great loveKaji, the main character of Kaji, is quietly struggling as a useful supervisor in a futile attempt to avoid becoming yet another loyal soldier. Of course, when a group of determined prisoners plan their escape, things don’t go his way.

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The meaninglessness of Kaji’s efforts to implement more humane practices in prisons is portrayed in a straightforward and defeative way. It may just be the beginning of the protagonist’s worries, but the audience already understands how bad his life is going to be.

2 Human Jojo III: Human Joman (1961) – 4.5

Two soldiers hiding in the grass of Human Human III: Soldier's Prayer.

Soldier prayer This is the last movie of the anti-war masterpiece directed by Masaki Kobayashi. Human condition.. This movie Best ever by Letterboxd Fans, watch Kaji finally reach the forefront and quickly reveal that he is defeated. Determined to escape the horrific war, he rushed through Manchuria and led a group of petrified men.

Despite the already terrible images and events depicted in the first part, the final movie still manages to surpass everything that has happened so far. It’s hard to even imagine how Kaji pushes when he’s experiencing a series of horrifying things. The film brilliantly concludes the trilogy by etching the last foot of Kaji’s tough journey into their hearts.

1 Come And See (1985) – 4.6

Come see

Elem Klimov’s astonishing portrayal of Belarus’ war experience uses the perspective of a young teenager, Freiora, who is holding his head when he decides to join the resistance.Increasingly traumatic events Come see Deploying around him, he has little time to deal with one loss before facing another.

The film perfectly captures the feeling of despair that the protagonist feels when he begins to better understand what war is. The cruelty, bloodshed, and loss depicted in the film are almost painful to accept, especially given the innocence and stolen youth that Flyora represents.

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