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The situation in the free agent class in 2021 has changed dramatically since 2019. Many of the top players who were expected to be free agents have signed long-term extensions with their current team.Such players are included Lebron James, Janis Adetokumpo, Anthony Davis, Damian Lillard, Paul George, Bradley beal, Rudy Gobert, Draymond green,and CJ McCollum..

Currently, 10 teams are projected to generate at least $ 20 million in cap space. Recently, names such as Antentokounmpo and Gobert have been removed from the board, so not many players deserve the maximum contract. For this reason, some of these capspace teams can make a lot of money through trading or by re-signing a free agent if there are no players interested. The lack of available talent is a big payday for top players in free agents.

The top free agents and extension qualified players in the 2018 draft class who have the potential to win the largest contracts are:

Leonard is the best player set to become a free agent If he refuses the contract option At the end of the season. He can re-sign with the Clippers for a new five-year maximum contract, as it may all be formal. Based on a $ 112.4 million salary cap forecast, he starts at $ 39.3 million. Paul George, A total of $ 176.3 million over four years. Yes, candidates like the Mavericks, Heat, or his ex-Raptors may be able to chase him, but now none of these teams are enough to give him the maximum salary. It is not expected to generate a large cap space. Look for someone from Los Angeles to stay in the Clippers for a long time, unless things go awry.

Jrue Holiday, Milwaukee Bucks

Holidays are subject to extension, so it is very likely that you will avoid the 2021 free agent. When players are traded, they usually have a 6-month trade limit that limits the player to 3 years (including the current season) and a 5% raise in the extension of the new team. This means that Holiday can only sign a two-year extension currently worth $ 54.1 million, but it’s actually a one-year extension as his $ 26 million base player option is replaced by a $ 26.4 million base salary. I’m sorry. Due to the short season, its trade restrictions have been cut in half. According to ESPN’s Bobby Marks From February 26, 2021 Holidays can be extended with Bucks for $ 135 million over four years. A contract with an average salary of $ 33.75 million, which pays him $ 37.4 million at the age of 35, may be enough to convince him to skip free agents on holidays.

Victor Oladipo, Indiana Pacers

Three seasons away from the lonely All-NBA season, Oladipo is probably the best unlimited free agent who can change teams next summer. After breaking the quadriceps muscle in 2018-19, it took a year to recover, but it has returned to its original state one year later. If he didn’t get that injury, he could be the very easy biggest player. The strong season of the healthy 2020-21 season can persuade the cap space team to offer the maximum or near. There was speculation that he would like to participate in the Miami Heat. The Miami Heat was able to generate $ 24 to $ 27 million in cap space while maintaining caps. Duncan Robinson.. Once Antetokounmpo is off board, Heat will be able to offer over $ 100 million in a competitive four-year offer. He could also extend with the Pacers on a four-year, $ 112.9 million contract, but it’s unclear if either side is interested in it.

John Collins, Atlanta Hawks

Collins believes he is the biggest player and he reportedly stuck to that belief. Hawks declined four-year extension worth $ 90 million.. He should definitely receive over $ 100 million in offers next offseason, and the maximum amount other teams can offer him over four years is $ 120.8 million.Hawks will be capped out for the foreseeable future they have now Bogdan Bogdanovich And Clint Capela Lockup, and Trae Young Probably the biggest extension next summer. Some teams like Bulls, Heat, Knicks, Thunder and Spurs all throw him the biggest offer sheets and hope the Hawks don’t match. The Hawks have no alternative to him next summer unless they deal with Collins this season. Even if they think $ 120 million is too much for Collins, you don’t have to pay him at least $ 158 million for a maximum five-year contract player: Idris Adebayo And De’Aaron Fox received.

Luka Doncic, Dallas Mavericks

The first free agent agreement in 2021 could be extended by up to five years between Doncic and the Dallas Mavericks. It’s currently estimated at $ 163 million, but if he wins an MVP this season or next season, or an All-NBA honor this season, his total salary will be $ 195.6 million. May reach. Look for Doncic to get the highest salary.

Lonzo Ball, New Orleans Pelican

Like Collins, the ball may have much higher values ​​than his current team. Currently, a contract of up to five years is out of the question, but could another team offer him $ 120.8 million in four years without making a big leap this season? The ball proved he was a very good player in the NBA, but he was the biggest to teams like the Knicks, Bulls, Mavericks, Thunder, and Raptors because he could be an All-Star and All-Defensive Guard. You can have the Mavericks sign. Offer sheet. This may also be necessary to get the Pelican to let him go. Ideally, the pelican may want to keep the ball at about $ 20 million. This is comparable to an annual salary. Malcolm Brogdon And Fred VanVleet..Brandon Ingram’s maximum salary and probably Zion Williamson From 2023 to 24, pelicans can be placed deep in luxury tax.

Trae Young, Atlanta Hawks

The question with Young is not whether he deserves the biggest deal, but whether he can qualify for a $ 195.6 million designated rookie extension like Doncic. He needs to earn the All-NBA honor in 2021-22 or both 2020-21 and 2021-22 to qualify. The Hawks seem to have to play off, and combining another powerful stat season with the All-Star appearance may be enough to convince voters to at least put him in the upcoming third team, the All-NBA. Hmm. Like Doncic, his extension with the Hawks should be one of the first agreements in the 2021 free agent.

Shai Gilgeous-Alexander, Oklahoma City Thunder

Gildias-Alexander may not be as attractive as Doncic or Young, but he may be the best player to follow them in the 2018 draft. Even if he hasn’t been named an All-Star this season, Thunder clearly has a future. Expect to sign a maximum extension with provisions to earn a designated rookie maximum if Thunder meets the criteria for next season.

Deandre Ayton, Phoenix Suns

Eighton needs to win at least a $ 100 million extension in the next offseason of Sands.The sun already has Devin Booker Locked up and by the time Paul’s contract ends in 2022, they’ll be with Eighton Mical Bridge A lucrative contract. He has the opportunity to prove that he is the biggest player of the season, Chris Paul It may help to expand it.

Jaren Jackson, Memphis Grizzlies

Jackson Jr. may only make a few all-star games in his career, but he’s definitely one of the foundations of the Grizzlies. Ja Morant.. The Grizzlies have one of the cleanest cap sheets with little money guaranteed in 2022-23, when Jackson’s extension begins. Except for the big leap this season, Jackson Jr. may not be offered the full maximum deal in the next offseason, but it should be close.

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10 players most likely to sign the biggest deal in 2021 10 players most likely to sign the biggest deal in 2021

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