10 scary moments from the original Star Wars trilogy

The new LEGO “Star Wars” holiday adventure is a great reminder that this franchise has always been scary.


NS Blood Garrickson ・ Published on October 10, 2021

Description of Star Wars Is a continuous series that delves into the latest Star Wars shows, movies, trailers, and news articles to sanctify the future of the franchise. This entry describes Lego Star Wars: Tellifying Tales, which is currently being streamed on Disney +, and why nothing is new to this very scary franchise. Yes, get ready for spoilers.

Now the secret weapon Star Wars The franchise is a holiday adventure infused with two recent Lego. Last year we celebrated Life Day with Ray.She travels back in time across the franchise, bringing Darth Vader and Kylo Ren together Lego Star Wars: Holiday special.. And now that Halloween is just around the corner, Poe Dameron crashes into Mustafar. Lego Star Wars: Horrible story..

These cartoon franchise parades don’t have as good a business as they do. They are full of deep perspectives and exaggerated quests for scenarios that we have always considered as fans.of Horrible story, Got a much more in-depth investigation of the moment Ben Solo turned on Luke Skywalker, and everything was told through a cracked mirror version Joel Schumacher’s Lost Boys..And yes, there is Bith absolutely jams on the saxophone Like Tim Capello, she’s shirtless and muscular.

Star Wars Horrible Story Big Logo

Writer David Shane And the director Ken Cunningham All the kids are doing what they are doing with Lego and using their imagination to create situations and moments where the actual live-action escape denied them.However Horrible story again, Star Wars It was always a scary place. As a kid, there were some moments when I had to hide under the cover or jump to the fast forward button. This series is very creepy.

We have Halloween season and our # 31DaysOfHorrorLists I wanted to bombard at full speed on the scene and travel through the haunted corn maze that was woven throughout the original trilogy. Below are the 10 most terrifying moments. George Lucas Stick in our eyes. Get rid of the 40-year-old fandom and stare at these shocks from a fresh perspective. Wow. There are some mess here.

10. Darth Vader’s horrifying wounded skull

Darth Vader Skull

This woke me up at night. Darth Vader was already such an intimidating character. He was delighted to force his colleague to suffocate and tore Ben Kenobi, who resigned as if toasting toast.The mystery of who and what happened under the black armor of his universe was always appetizing, but then we NS Empire Strikes Back.. Admiral Piett steps into Vader’s room, undressing and catching him. We witness the thin backside of the Dark Lord’s skull being severely damaged and discolored. When his helmet snaps into place, we hear a wet sucking sound and Piet takes a big bite. Who has never seen this sequence through crossed fingers at some point in life?

9. Cantina Showdown

Star Wars Horrible Story Broken Arm

Luke Skywalker can’t help himself. He is always causing problems wherever he goes. There is something on his face that provokes the discomfort of a particular individual. As a good example, Ponda Boba hates Luke’s appearance and wants the kid to know it.of New hopeWhen Ben Kenobi intervenes to cut down the criminal and cut the poor Ponda Boba’s arm off his shoulder, the child is three seconds away from feeding the walrus. It’s one of the bloodiest moments from the franchise, and Lucas takes the time to point the camera at an accessory leaking to the ground. disgusting.

8. Attic, or stomach Mynocks.

Star Wars Minox

of EmpireHan Solo and Princess Leia are hiding in the fields of the asteroid, unknowingly hiding in the belly of a cosmic insect, while Vader turns to Admiral Piett. Han is pretty smart and kicks back and enjoys a peaceful moment. Then Minoc comes looking for a snack. One such beast puts a sucker’s face in the cockpit of the Millennium Falcon and scares his beloved Jesus outside Leia. The sounds that creatures make are the intersection of barking and screaming, and when I’m in a dark space, they start to resonate with my ears.

7. Torture droid

Star Wars Horrible Story Torture Droid

Torture is not uncommon Star Wars..of Empire, Darth Vader sparks Han Solo. I have no questions. His only concern is to cause pain and arouse curiosity for Luke Skywalker training in the Dagobah Force.of Return of the JediAs C-3PO and R2-D2 pass through Java’s palace, they come across another droid and push it against a hot brand-screaming gonk.Both scenes are awkward and nervous, but do not match the horror that Vader experienced when he invited the IT-O interrogator droid to Princess Leia’s cell. New hope.. Lucas doesn’t dare to show what’s next, but he slowly pushes the camera into the needle of the torture droid.It’s a short burst of Giallo in Italy.. True evil is about to begin.

6. Rancor pit

Jedi Rancor Pit Return

Rancor from Return of the Jedi teeth One of the great movie monsters.. He looks great and is an extraordinary action figure. But remember when you first met him. It was when the gate went up and the pug’s nose sank down. Recall that he devoured Java’s first dancer, then Gamorian Guard, and took the final crunch in the quivering hands of a little piggy. Java’s Rancor Pit is a hell for those who get there, a dungeon with skeletons and few escapes. Only a Jedi with a mighty fastball can survive such an impossible fate.

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10 scary moments from the original Star Wars trilogy

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