10 types of PlayStation games have become movies and TV shows

Horizon Forbidden West-Will it be a good movie? (Photo: Sony)

Sony is overdriving their game’s live-action adaptation, and Uncharted and The Last Of Us are just the beginning.

It doesn’t have to be said that video game movies are always terrible. There are 27 years of movies to prove that fact, but for some reason Hollywood hasn’t stopped making them.

It’s hard to be optimistic Uncharted with Tom Holland will be better than usual, but it turns out that it’s just one of Sony’s 10 new projects in progress.

Another thing we certainly know is the adaptation of The Last Of Us to HBO TV. This may be good, at least because the original writer is involved.

Sony has also talked about the Slyracoon anime series in the past, but it has already been downgraded from the movie after the 2016 Ratchet & Clank movie failed to brighten the movie screen.

At some point, there should have been a Twisted Metal television series as well. This seems like a unique choice given that the franchise has been dormant for years and was only popular in the United States, but I haven’t heard anything since last year. It was announced that it was canceled.

The other six games are a mystery, and MediaPost reports reveal that three out of ten are movies and seven are TV shows.

The attempt to guess what others are is when you look at the most successful Sony games and see which ones work out as movies and shows (judging from most adaptations, we already have Producer, who may be thinking more about the problem than most movies).

Days Gone seems to be a relatively inexpensive concept that works easily as a TV show, but Horizon Zero Dawn and God Of War are likely to require a movie-style budget.

It’s really anyone’s guess, as the distinction may no longer be important when you have a show that looks as good as a Mandalorian. But we want a big budget Ape Escape movie.

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10 different PlayStation games are being made into movies or TV shows

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