100 billion hours spent watching game content on YouTube in 2020

Over 100 billion hours spent watching game content on YouTube this year using Minecraft

Leading as the most watched game. YouTube Culture and Trends The annual game report, and the company, revealed that viewers watched over 100 billion hours of game content on the site. This is equivalent to a trip to Neptune and 475,000 round trips. This makes 2020 YouTube Gaming the biggest year ever.“YouTube gaming will celebrate its biggest year in history in 2020. With total play time of 100 billion hours and more than 40 million active gaming channels,” said Ryan Watt, head of global gaming on YouTube. ..

Of these 100 billion hours, Minecraft was one of the most watched games, with over 210 billion views. That’s more than double the 75 billion views of Roblox, the second-watched game in 2020. Garena Free Fire, Grand Theft Auto V and Fortnite came in third, fourth and fifth with 72, 7 and 67 billion respectively.

YouTube also revealed the top 10 creators of this year’s game views. FGTeeV, Jelly, Flamingo, Robin Hood Gamer, ItsFunnneh, LazarBeam, Slogo, Mikecrack, Arab Games Network, Vegetta777. According to YouTube, more than 80,000 content creators have 100,000 subscribers, more than 1000 creators have reached 5 million subscribers, and more than 350 creators have 10 million channels. The number of registrants has been exceeded.

Best Video Game Story of 2020

“I’ve also seen game creators give back in an incredible way this year,” Watt said. “The gaming community has always been out to help when needed. This year, many YouTube game creators and partnership tournaments have raised awareness and funding for several reasons.”

This will be hosted by YouTube Gaming, with Jacksepticeye raising over $ 660,000 in 12 hours for COVID-19 relief efforts and CouRage raising over $ 500,000 during the CDC Foundation’s 12-hour charity stream. Many tournaments raise funds for organizations such as the Call of Duty Endowment. , World Health Organization, and United Children’s Fund.

“And last week, game theorists Matt Patt and Stephanie Patrick hosted a 10-hour charity live stream event to benefit St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital,” Watt said. “They tripled their goals and raised $ 3 million with the help of other large creators and gamers such as Markiplier, The Game Grumps, and Mr. Beast.”For more information on YouTube Gaming 2020, see our blog posts that categorize the most popular and most watched videos.

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