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$ 100 Off This Golf GPS Wristband-Thanks to Australia’s Golf’s huge savings, you can get high quality products at great prices

$ 100 Off This Golf GPS Wristband

For only $ 149.99, this deal is almost stealing. This BB5 wristband works like a GPS watch, but with less restrictions, slimmer and lighter weight. It takes up less space on the golfer’s wrist and provides a digital ticker tape-style readout that can be viewed in bright sunlight. It weighs only 1.23 ounces, so you won’t have to worry about it while wearing it.

A bright 20×5 dot LED display shows the distance to the front, center and back of the green and is preloaded with over 37,000 courses. It automatically recognizes the course and hole you are standing on, so you don’t have to mess with it at all.

It also measures your shot distance for you, has a step counter, tells you the time, and is water resistant. Another thing we really like is that the rubber wristbands are replaceable and come in 7 colors. With just four buttons for simplicity and smoothness, it looks futuristic.

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Moreover, unlike some Best golf GPS watch, There are no subscriptions to buy. In GPS mode, the rechargeable battery lasts for over 20 days as a watch and in golf mode for 10 hours. So you can easily play the full round of 18 holes twice before charging with the included USB charger. Bands are available in white, pink, teal, orange, lime and navy.

Originally debuted six years ago, the technology continues today.Our editors still rate it as one The best GolfBuddy rangefinder It looks unique and fashionable, and other golfers will probably ask you to look better. It will also be a great holiday gift.

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$ 100 Off This Golf GPS Wristband $ 100 Off This Golf GPS Wristband

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