11 Best Android Casual Games of 2020

Casual is a fairly elastic definition. Thousands of games may appear in this list, but at the same time, you can claim that all games in this list belong to other lists. The classification method is difficult.

I’ll explain it briefly, but I hope it’s relatively indisputable. We also deliberately ignored the new mutant genre of hyper-casual games, as they tend to be featured in Droid Gamers.

You guys are too knowledgeable.

Finding the perfect game genre for a television or movie franchise can be very satisfying. Spongebob: Krusty Cook-Off is the perfect casual game for SpongeBob SquarePants. As Krabs expands his cynical catering empire across bikini bottoms, he can close orders 24 hours a day at an ever-growing variety of restaurants. There is a difficulty issue that you can play for free, but it will explode until you hit the wall.

Pokemon Cafe Mix is ​​a casual puzzle game that allows you to inject originality into a timeless matching format. The game presents you with a large pile of Pokemon heads that you have to swirl and shuffle. In the meantime, you need to serve the Pokemon coming into your cafe with the help of other Pokemon who work for you and lend you their magical powers. It’s cute and surprisingly fun.

The original Fruit Ninja, released 10 years ago, pushed developer Halfbrick into the successful stratosphere, so there wasn’t even a need to create and capitalize a sequel. until now. Fruit Ninja 2 features all the chopping actions of the first game, plus real-time multiplayer, customizable ninja, a wide variety of modes and mini-games, and several different locations, everything you expect. It is.

A matching puzzle game based on Harry Potter? What is this, 2009? It may not sound like the most exciting concept, but fortunately both Harry Potter and casual games are timeless. This well-made, world-famous casual game includes movie characters, backgrounds, music, spell unlocking and upgrading, card collection, attending events, and generally You will be fascinated by the warm and cozy Harry Potter.

For this year’s Trolls World Tour, Trolls Pop is a colorful bubble shooter where you can unlock levels, earn rewards, collect trolls and more. It’s a solid casual game, but part of its appeal must be attributed to the presence of life-affirming, music-loving trolls. Poppies, brunch, DJ skis, etc. are all available as playable characters, all of which bring their own magical powers. You need to have a stone heart so you don’t like it.

As a gaming community, we love merging things. There are hundreds of games built on the premise of sliding one thing into another and combining them, but EverMerge is almost the best. This ultra-casual world builder will see you merging buildings to create larger buildings, creating people to others, creating shrubs to create fruit trees. There’s a bit of resource management here, but EverMerge is essentially a self-hypnosis exercise in the best possible way.

Clusterduck is a stylish and irreverent fusion genre that combines ducks to create genetic mutations, developed as a result of an internal PikPok game jam involving non-gaming employees. Some of these are dead ends, while others are ducks with swords in their heads. Evolutionarily speaking, it’s almost the same as winning the lottery.

Funko Pop! Dolls open up a niche for expressing pop culture figures in adorable, child-friendly ways. Funko Pop! Blitz takes that basic idea and turns it into a match-3 game. But decisively, the gameplay is more or less a sideshow. The real fun is collecting virtual Funko Pop! Characters from various franchises such as Jurassic Park, Shrek, and US offices. In addition, new packs are constantly being added.

You will never be surprised by the variety of golf as the basis for a wide variety of casual games. Some people, like Golf Clash, are just golf, while others, like Golf Peaks, are completely different from golf. Golf Sky is classified as the second camp. It sees you launch golf balls into the air and steer them around the asteroid. It’s far from perfect, but no other Play Store is as good as it is.

Tree Men Games, a developer who has established itself as a top developer in the stylish isometric chase game PAKO, has taken the series in a more casual and playful direction with PAKO Caravan. Like a snake vehicle, you’ll connect rows of caravans to steer a series of colorful stages. There are 100 missions, 15 levels, tricks, missions, leaderboards and more to complete, all for free.

Fancade by developer Martin Magni is a completely unique proposal. A virtual arcade consisting of dozens of mini-games created within the app itself. The tool is available to everyone. In short, new mini-games are constantly emerging, all lavishly represented by clean, smooth pixel art.

The 11 Best Android Casual Games of 2020

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