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Cage Warriors returned to San Diego to meet all the expectations we had after their first success.

Magical moment in Cage Warriors 130Came in the hands of Damon WilsonProduced a stunning 11 second knockout Theodore Macca, Extends his undefeated record to (3-0).

2 appearances, 2 victories

In August, Wilson returned to the cage for the first time in three and a half years, endangering everything and becoming a full-time fighter. He finished early in the second round after returning home. John Batner To raise his hand for the second time in his career Cage Warriors 126..

Wilson told MMA Sucka why he spent so long away from the competition. “My layoff was basically a focus of time and energy on my work. I was an independent contractor working for a company traveling to a storm-stricken area. Layoff was a daunting task and was out of balance with the fight game. I enjoyed my work but wanted to train instead every day. I’m good enough to fight full time I saved money.

If I wanted to run with this, I had to fight with all my might, so I pulled my camper to San Diego and became a full-time fighter. At this point in my life, as a professional athlete, it’s unbelievable to be able to compete with all the adversities I’ve faced throughout my career. “

Wilson is impressed with his latest performance and the risks have certainly been rewarded so far. “”I am very happy with the knockout. It’s an ideal scenario whenever you can win and get in and out of an uninjured cage. Great people attending events and tuning around the world with Fight Pass want a violent type of entertainment and are happy to offer it. “

Potential record

Unofficially confirmed, Wilson may have achieved the fastest finish in Cage Warriors history with an 11-second knockout. Before the battle, Wilson dug himself up in hopes of breaking the record.

“It’s a bit interesting about the record, but two weeks ago I was talking to my buddies about the possibility of ending this fight soon, and he said he would go to the Cage Warriors’ fastest featherweight KO. I told him to look up Connor’s fastest KO, probably because he has a record. His fastest was around 1:30 and I could probably get it done sooner. I said I could, but to be honest, 11 seconds surprised me myself. I say my right hand was cracking behind the scenes during the warm-up. “

Cage Warriors has provided Wilson with a platform to develop skills and get his career back on track. “”Cage Warriors was an absolute blessing. I couldn’t ask for any more opportunities. The exposure they can provide to athletes, coupled with the professionalism of the entire company, was a great experience. The Humphreys atmosphere is electrical, and the “nomadic” army is a big part of it. It has a party-like atmosphere and seems to be active in that environment. “

Returning in February?

Cage Warriors is expected to return to San Francisco in February, but Wilson could come back unless he gets a big call. “”Of course, I have a strong urge to get back there. I couldn’t completely remove all the darkness from my system, but it should be enough to keep me on vacation. I haven’t been in the competition for a while so I was able to catch up a bit, but I think the next Cage Warriors event in the US will be in February 2022. Enjoyed the training, enjoying the whole process at this point I have a career so I will continue to work on my skills and be prepared when it’s time to go again. “

2 weeks left Dana White Contender SeriesIf that happens, it will be difficult for Wilson to turn down the opportunity. “”As I said, I think February is the next event, so for now it’s in my head, but no one knows if it could change. There’s a lot of ambiguity in fight games, so I’m always lean, mean, and dangerous. I love wearing yellow gloves, but if the Contender series happens to call me, I’m happy to wear those gloves and represent the Cage Warriors family. “

Wilson celebrated his victory in a wonderful style and was very grateful to everyone who supported him. “”As always, I celebrated the cheeseburger and whiskey. I probably had too many couples in each, which is to be expected. Many friends and family have been blessed to travel from all over the country to support me. After all, my favorite with this ride is to provide a good excuse for everyone to get together and have a good time. Looking at it that way, to be honest, it’s easier. A big thank you to all who supported me through this trip. “

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11 seconds requires all Damon Wilson 11 seconds requires all Damon Wilson

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