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Let’s get down to some very important ideas: Philadelphia Eagles’16th week loss Dallas Cowboys..

1-Eagles fans can rest assured that the playoffs charade is over

There was some of me who really believed that the Eagles were unlikely to be in the playoffs for the third year in a row.The· New York Giants Lost, Carolina Panthers Leaded early Washington football team, And the Philadelphia Eagles rose 11 points in Dallas.

It was really happening again.

Until otherwise.

The Eagles’ December magic is that the Cowboys run 34-3, officially Eliminate the birds from the playoff pictures they are clearly unsuitable for anyway.

Running the playoffs could have been fun. There is always some excitement in winning the Eagles.

But in a grand plan of things, such results would have done nothing to change the reality that big and meaningful changes are needed in Philadelphia. And now the team doesn’t have a rogue playoff berth to distract them so much.

Frankly, it’s safe to just watch the 2020 Eagles play another match. It was a very fun season.Stink The NFL had to make it worse by changing the 17th week match to golden time... You don’t have to stay up late for that trash!

But at least when it’s done, it’ll be over.

2-I think it’s a pity that the Eagles were the first team to be excluded from one of the worst divisions in NFL history.

Back in the off-season, some members of the Eagles (including Doug Pederson and Brandon Graham) talked about how they have the benefits of continuity. Rivals in their three divisions hired new head coaches ahead of the pandemic-shortened off-season, but the Eagles have started quarterbacks and placed defense coordinators for the same head over the past five seasons. I had a coach.

It turned out that it didn’t really matter. The Eagles became the first NFC East team to be excluded from the playoffs in one of the worst divisions in NFL history. A division that can be clinched with only 6 wins and up to 7 wins.

Given all the quarterback issues and injuries that rivals had to deal with, the Eagles’ futileness seems to be exacerbated.

Pathetic. It’s embarrassing.

3-I think the aggressive incompetence was inadequate

The Eagles attack was the third most common in the NFL, up 17 points against Dallas’ defense, which allowed 29.2 attack points per game. The second lowest point in total allowed by the Cowboys for all seasons.Brandon Allen led only Bengals It got worse at 7 points.

Doug Pederson deserves considerable responsibility for him. It wasn’t a good match from the Eagles head coach. Too often it lacked aggression. There are too many penalties before snapping. Could not adjust to adjustment. In that regard, the Eagles have only scored 13 points in the second half of the last three games combined.

4-I think Jalen Hurts looked like a rookie

To Last week’s edition In this weekly post, I wrote, “The Eagles should move forward with Jalen Hurts.” After Hearts’ struggle against the Cowboys, some quickly stabbed the line in my face.

The Sunday match apparently did nothing to increase Hearts’ stake. But I can’t say I’m feeling dramatically sick about him. He looked like what you expected of a newcomer there.

Don’t get me wrong, I had a lot of worries. A good touch hurt the throw, as reflected in his 54.7% completion rate this season, but repeatability is an issue. The wound was unable to read the field well and was rescued from a clean pocket too often. His maneuverability remains positive, but there are doubts about his possibility of running that much, especially when smashed in this game. Due to the injury, both passcuts covered the ball, with three starts and up to six fumbles.

But the debate to move forward with Hearts, who had a good moment on Sunday, is not about knowing that he is a guy. The Eagles have not made a long-term commitment to him. They can make him a starter next year and understand where to go from there based on his performance.This is certainly a dangerous approach — how Denver Broncos After putting his trust in Drew Lock, he was destined — but there is also the risk of holding Carson Wentz for a long time. If Wentz isn’t moved this offseason, the team could lose value in return and will have to make an extended financial commitment to him as well as next season ($ 15 million in 2022 salary). Is fully guaranteed on the third day of the 2021 league year).

In reality, there is no simple and obvious answer to the Eagles quarterback situation … and that’s a kind of problem!

5-I don’t think Carson Wentz’s struggle is suddenly justified just because Hearts isn’t playing well.

I saw quite a few “See, Wentz wasn’t a problem!” Floating after the game. Well, no, Wentz was still pretty terrible regardless of his surroundings, and there are still serious concerns about his feasibility going forward.

Also, we are not comparing Apples to Apples exactly here. Wentz is a fifth year player who turns 28 in two days. Hearts is a 22-year-old rookie who hasn’t started an NFL game until a few weeks ago. And while Hearts isn’t great, the start of this season’s quarterback was better.

6-I think the defense was exhausted and Jim Schwartz had a hard time getting the most out of it.

If Fletcher Cox, Derek Barnett, and Josh Sweat are missing and the next player sees a meaningful play time, it’s hard to expect shutdown performance.

  • Grayland Arnold — Undrafted Rookie Free Agent in 2020
  • Marcus Epps — Pickcut for Round 6 of 2019 by the team that drafted him
  • Michael Jake — Undrafted Rookie Free Agent in 2020
  • Genard Avery — It was a healthy scratch many times this year
  • TY McGill — Fringe talent who has been on eight different teams since 2015
  • K’Von Wallace — 4th Round Pick of 2020
  • Raequan Williams — Undrafted Rookie Free Agent in 2020
  • Joe Bachie — Someone you didn’t even notice was on the roster

Still, it’s hard to say that Schwartz made the most of things. It took too long to replace Jacquet with Jalen Mills. Playing a lot of one-on-one defense was clearly not a great plan.

To be honest, when the attack stinks terribly, I’m struggling to be extremely defensive. Eagles are ranked third from the last in defensive spending. Eagles ranks third in offensive spending. The latter unit has not achieved much more.

That doesn’t mean Schwartz can’t criticize. He can And the Eagles may be better off with a defense coordinator. But they can do even worse.

7-I think DeSean Jackson’s return went as expected

He made an outstanding performance with his 81-yard touchdown. It looked like a vintage DJ ax there. And I didn’t see the target in the rest of the game due to injury.

There is no point in playing a 34 year old wide receiver in the 17th week.

8-Brandon Graham thinks reaching 10 bags is one of the best things you can get out of this dire season

It’s pretty sad that the bar is so low, but fans should be working hard to get BLG to pick up at least two sack against Washington.He Pro bowl bid. So get your first double-digit sack in his career. Graham is the best eagle ever deserving it.

I think the 9th-17th week is a must-see game

It cannot be reasonably expected that coaches and players will lose intentionally. They have a career that cares, not what is best for the long-term interests of the franchise. But fans are clearly the most invested in the latter. And you should be rooting for the Eagles to lose.

The idea that the Eagles can build positive momentum in 2021 in the pointless 17th week is BS. I remember when people thought that winning four straight games in 2011 to reach 8-8 would really help the 2012 Eagles. It wasn’t. They went 4-12 and Andy Reid was fired.

Eagles fans should be working hard to help the team lose to Washington. Several reasons:

  • For Eagles, select No. 6 or above and No. 3. 2021 NFL draft With loss. The best position to get studs and reduce the room for error.
  • Instead of providing a division for the Giants vs. Cowboys match winner (starting at 1pm), the Eagles will send Washington to the playoffs with no long-term quarterback answers. I hate the Eagles who won to win Dallas in the postseason.

This is a loss!

10-Eagles are messed up and I think it’s hard to have hope for the future

I’m not trying to be a Debbie Downer here, but that’s just the reality of the Eagles situation. They are confused! They are a bad team with big questions for quarterbacks, head coaches, and general managers. It’s hard to believe the current regime to fix things when they are what caused this turmoil.There is no easy fix on the Eagles horizon Mostly fixed to this same roster in 2021..

The NFL is usually held annually in league games, and in that sense may underestimate the Eagles’ ability to turn things around faster than expected. But what really feels good? Which young player really excites you? Should I believe Roseman will not whine again in the 2021 NFL Draft?

I’m worried that the Eagles’ 2020 struggle may be a radar blip as a sign of an extension of the darkness.

11-I think the Eagles need to clean the house as well as fire the head coach

Pederson’s tone after the Eagles lost to the Cowboys was interesting. He speaks like a head coach who is convinced that his work is safe. Maybe he will really come back. Or maybe it doesn’t mean anything. (This kind of insight is not available anywhere else, everyone.)

Maybe the Eagles are willing to chalk it as “one bad season” for the 2020-winning franchise. Bouncy ball We have recorded three playoff berths in the last four years. Maybe they keep Roseman and Pederson, but some half, such as having John Dorsey hired full-time or having Pederson waive the playcall obligation to hire a real offensive coordinator. Make changes to.

The feeling here is that those attempts are half-hearted measures that are unlikely to bring about meaningful changes.

The Eagles can’t be as simple as “I’ve played the playoffs for the third year in a row, so it’s okay.” Not only hindsight this year, but back in the off-season, it was argued that the team was worse than it looked. They were great in 2017, but had few postseasons in 2018 and 2019.

Jeffrey Lurie can’t get involved in thinking What was..Eagles owners need to understand What is..

And “what is” is a franchise that has been 23-26-1 since winning the Super Bowl LII in a very dark future.

I feel that cleaning Lully’s house is unlikely. But that’s probably the best way for him to go. A new start is needed ahead of such an important off-season.


Wrote some thoughts about Jalen Reagor and many others This week’s snap count article.. Just in case you’re wondering why someone was left behind in this post.

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11 things I think about the Eagles after losing to the Cowboys 11 things I think about the Eagles after losing to the Cowboys

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