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11 Tips for Selling Your Home At Great Prices In Winter

The lush foliage fades to a dull shade and the air gets colder, but despite the winter, you are motivated to sell your home.

If you are in the northeastern four seasons climate, you may face about Sales activity decreased by 66% From November to January, due to the small number of off-season buyers, according to seasonal data from the National Association of Real Estate Agents.

Increased rainfall and the inability to improve certain homes, such as roof repairs, can also create hurdles.

However, there are advantages to selling homes in the winter. Fewer signs of sale from your neighbor means you have the opportunity to pay close attention to the buyer.

And the house hunter who booked the show is unlikely to be a tire kicker. In fact, they may be skipping their turkey supper or holiday shopping to see your home!

So accept against grain and follow these 10 tips for selling your home in the winter. Even if you come to the snow or darkness at 4 pm, you can still attract strong offers.

1. Stick to the cozy spirit of seasonal decoration

Selling near holidays poses a staging challenge, as many people exhibit seasonal decorations. Your first question would be: Can you decorate this year or do you need to rush down seasonal items?

Top Chattanooga, Tennessee, Real Estate Agents Sarah Broggdon It’s a good idea to keep your decorations elegant and neutral in nature and not overdo the holiday cheers.

However, she emphasizes that certain cozy elements with seasonal decorations and lights can actually add a positive look to your space.

In fact, 65% of top agents Right touch of holiday cheers The decoration helps to actually attract the buyer.

Follow the tips below to get the right balance.

  • Leave a simple indoor and outdoor holiday light for a cozy touch and be sure to turn it on before displaying.
  • Please refrain from flashy blast decorations and large over-the-top decorations.
  • Clean up Obviously religious item.
  • Check your holiday decorations inside Match Your usual decoration to avoid design conflicts.
  • choose Holiday tree It fits your space so the room doesn’t feel crowded or small.

2. Hire an agent who does not take a vacation every winter

Due to the tendency for home sales to be slow in winter, many realtors take the opportunity to go on vacation and take long breaks during the winter. However, with few buyers shopping, it’s even more important to have good agents nearby. Now is the time to double your marketing efforts and maximize the exposure of your agent’s expert property list.

Fortunately, companies like HomeLight Find a real estate agent It’s easy even in winter. Please tell us a little about your sales needs Provides referrals for up to 3 people Top real estate agents Actively acquire customers and keep an eye on gas in your market.

Buyers are more motivated to buy in the winter, so when comparing similar sales at other times, they actually pay a small premium price.

3. Set the price of your home for the winter market

When selling in the winter, be careful not to underestimate your property. In many cases, winter buyers are individuals who have changed jobs, Additional tax incentives By the end of the year. In any case, they may be willing to make a strong offer to secure the home they want in time.

“Buyers are more motivated to buy in the winter, so when you compare similar sales at other times, you’re actually paying a small premium price,” says Brogdon.

You can start with a simple home value check from HomeLight Home Value Estimator.. Enter your address and give us some details, such as the amount of work your home needs and the type of home you are selling. We will provide you with an immediate quote for your home price within 2 minutes.

Follow up with your realtor and your home value quote Comparative market analysis, This takes into account the selling price of comparable properties nearby, recent upgrades, location aspects such as school districts, and whether your home is on a quiet street or on a busy street.

Blogdon adds that, as the market suggests, she always advocates home pricing and trusts your real estate expert in how to properly price your home.

A house for sale in winter.
Source: (NeONBRAND / Unsplash)

4. Create the charm of winter curbs

Don’t trust the charm of curbs when selling a home, even during the winter.Nearly 95% of top agents have excellent curb appeal Higher selling price.. These projects show that we have improved the look and performed maintenance during the colder months.

  • Clean up the landscaping, remove any remaining leaves from the lawn and window wells, and clean the brushes around the house.
  • Clean the gutters to avoid the formation of icicles.Knock down the small icicles formed by Telescopic roof rake And drop Roof melt tablet Thaw the remaining ice. Talk to an expert about large icicles that are more than an inch wide and more than a foot long.
  • Add winter-resistant plants like these Evergreen shrub If you need additional dimensions and colors.

5. Adjust your marketing strategy

Selling a home in the winter may require a different marketing strategy than you normally do in the spring and summer.

For one, try taking a picture of the list before the leaves fall from the tree, before the snow blanket covers the grass, and before setting up the annual Christmas tree and other decorations.

“These elements can often date the photos in your listing. If your home isn’t selling super fast, these seasonal aspects of the photos will be disappointing to the buyer. It can be a pleasure, “says Brogdon.

Winter is also the perfect time to show off everything Energy efficiency Features that your home may have to offer.

Winter buyers More motivated Save energy bills in cold weather through sustainable practices. Therefore, if your home has a well-insulated attic space or smart thermostat, be sure to call it when you sell your property.

Finally, work with realtors to enhance digital marketing. Promote your home on Facebook and Instagram Also Host a virtual open house.. These efforts help to catch buyers scrolling the internet, spending more time indoors for their perfect home.

A person who bake cookies while selling a house in winter.
Source: (Kari Shea / Unsplash)

6. Face the cold in a warm and cozy space

Raise the thermostat by another two notches before showing. Ideally Somewhere between 68 and 72 degrees. Instruct the screening agent how to light the fireplace and create a warm and comfortable space that will make buyers want to stay.

Brogdon said he would add some cozy elements to the decoration of your home Soft pillow When Throw a blanket In the living room, you can add homely aesthetics. She also recommends baking some cookies before the show to create a wonderful aroma that is immediately recognizable.

7. Plan your project a few months in advance

If you know you’re going to list your home in the winter, think ahead of time which project is best for you before you’re at risk outside.

Before you list, try some outdoor paint fixes in the fall.Don’t forget to paint often will not dry In a frozen state.

In addition, fix the roof and replace the external bulbs as needed, Pressure cleaning Your leaning forward, pouch, and Replace the old one Or rusty hardware on your door long before winter comes.

8. Clear passage for safe entrance

Keep your driveway for the duration of showing your home, Sidewalk No slippery leaves, snow or ice. After using a shovel or snowplow Apply salt For proper measurements, especially in areas that still appear to be frozen.

If it’s snowing on a day with multiple shows, make sure you don’t delay snow removal between views so that each buyer has a clear aisle. Be sure to keep the outdoor lights on, as the early sunsets in winter make it more likely that buyers will see your home when it’s dark outside.I recommend adding Brogdon as well Landscaping light Along your aisle.

The last thing you want is for the buyer to get injured in the property.

9. Avoid damage to the floor

During the winter season, rainfall increases and front doors are often messed up. Use the following tips to address this issue.

  • Offer Shoe cover For when potential buyers come to see the house. You can buy a pack of 100 for about $ 12.
  • Place sturdy entrance mats both on the outside and inside of the front door.
  • Please consider adding Umbrella stand Also Coat hook To give individuals looking at your home a clean space to leave their wet items.

Even with these elements in place, perspective buyers can leave unwanted salt residues and water on the flooring. In that case, it is recommended that the guide of the professional cleaning service Merry Maids vacuum the salt as soon as possible.

Then for wooden or tile floors Spray on the affected area With a mixture of 1/3 cup of distilled white vinegar and 1 gallon of water. Leave the solution for 5 minutes and then clean it with a microfiber mop or cloth to prevent further damage to the floor. (However, be careful not to use vinegar on the stone floor to avoid damage from permanent etching).

10. Keep up with winter maintenance

Winter may not be the best time to do a major home renovation, but there are some small home improvements that are suitable for winter and can make a difference in the sale of your home. Brogdon has seduced buyers by offering some great, simple and cost-effective tasks that sellers can tackle in the winter.

  • Replace draft Weatherstripping Around your outer door.
  • Seal around the window To reduce air leaks.
  • Ask an HVAC expert to have the furnace repaired to ensure that everything is working properly.
  • Add insulation as needed to ensure a warm and cozy atmosphere in the space.

According to EnergyStar 9 out of 10 Insulation is inadequate in the United States. Sealing air leaks and adding insulation are two of the most cost-effective ways to improve the energy efficiency of your home.

Home coffee for sale.
Source: (Jordan Sanchez / Unsplash)

11. Do not go outboard with the scent

You may want to create a scent of pine or warm spices in your home for the charm of winter, but sometimes this kind of scent can overwhelm the buyer.

Especially in winter, when it is difficult to deflate and feel fresh, it is important not to overdo it with a strong scent.

If you can’t open the window for dinner last night and let the air out, use baking soda or a citrus-scented cleaner to neutralize the odor. Also, don’t forget to put out the trash before the screening.

Keep your home Simple scent.. There is only one scent in the house and it will not be overwhelming.

Consider brewing freshly brewed coffee before the screening. This subtle, familiar and cozy scent makes the buyer feel at home in your space.

Let’s start the winter sale!

Hopefully these top 10 tips for selling your home in the winter have turned out to be encouraging, helpful and motivating. Think ahead, adjust the curb charm and holiday decorations, and keep in mind the additional precipitation challenges that winter can bring. Selling a home in cold weather can be rewarding.

Header image source: (Adrianna Kaczmarek / Unsplash)

11 Tips for Selling Your Home At Great Prices In Winter 11 Tips for Selling Your Home At Great Prices In Winter

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