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RAW’s Monday Live Post TLC Edition featured a fallout from Sunday’s pay-per-view at the Six Holiday Street Fight Main Event, attracting an average of 16.91 million viewers on the USA Network. Daily show buzz.. This is up from 1,527,000 viewers at the TLC Go Home Show last week.

This week’s show has 18.41 million viewers in the first hour (1-1,627 million last week) and 1,701 million viewers in the second hour (2-1.512,000 last week). ), 1,531,000 viewers in the last hour (30,000-14.41 million last week).

RAW rose from 31st place last week in cable TV viewership to 22nd behind ESPN’s NFL Monday Night Football, Monday Night Kickoff, Rachel Maddow Show, Sports Center Late, Tucker Carlson Tonight, The Five and Hannity. I was ranked in. Last Word, Special Report, Lead Out, Deadline: White House, 11 Hours, All-in, Quomo Prime Time, Holiday Baking Champion, Anderson Cooper 360, Ingraham Angle, Situation Room, Erin Burnett Outfront, Beat, 3:00 pm CNN Newsroom.

WWE ranked fourth in the cable top 150 that night, with an average demographic rating of 0.53 for ages 18-49, up from 0.41 in seventh place last week. The NFL game on ESPN between the Bengals and Steelers broke through the night with Cable Top 150 and received a 3.38 rating on major 18-49 demographics. The Bengals vs. Steelers game also surpassed cable TV nights with 12,721 million viewers.

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12/21 WWE RAW Evaluation Report 12/21 WWE RAW Evaluation Report

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