12 interesting facts you didn’t know about Pedro Alonso (Berlin)

Berlin’s death made Part 2 Money Heist It’s difficult for most fans because he looked like the most essential character on the show. But he’s back in the third and fourth seasons of the show through flashbacks and was still great, so I can’t review the show without mentioning him.

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All of his love for Berlin is due to the legendary Spanish actor Pedro Alonso, whose character depictions have been praised by many, including his co-stars. Alonso has been on the screen for over 20 years and is highly regarded in many Spanish works, La Casa de Papel Made him an international star.

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Updated December 12, 2021 by Kaley Bank: When it comes to money heist, there are many attractive and dynamic characters. Especially prominent was Berlin, the leader of the controversial robbery. His unpredictable and malicious nature has made robbery extremely complex and dangerous to everyone involved. He certainly made the series more interesting, but the main reason fans were attracted to his character was because of Pedro Alonso’s great skills and talent. Many fans are angry that he has been killed, but may be pleased to find that they have not yet seen the end of Berlin.

His early acting career

Pedro Gonzalez Alonso is from Vigo Pontevedra, a town in Galicia, Spain. His native language is Galician, where he did most of his early work, but he also speaks Catalan, Spanish and English. His multilingualism has played a major role in advancing his career.His first appearance on television was a 1997 Spanish show All men are the same, He played Raul’s role in five episodes.

He graduated from the Royal Theater Academy in Madrid in 1992 and played his first role in a short Spanish television film. Habits Three years later, it hasn’t disappeared from the screen since then. He has since appeared in popular Spanish films, including Ramon’s role in the 2011 film. Where is Felicidade?..

He played a big role before the money heist

Diego Marchia at Gran Hotel

Before Netflix takes over delivery La Casa de Papel In 2017, the crime drama aired on Antena 3. Its main Spanish audience was familiar with Pedro Alonso. Alonso was famous for his role as Diego Murchia or Adrian Bella Serande in the historical drama. Gran Hotel..

He also appeared on TV shows Ministry of time, As Lieutenant Cherry, for two episodes. Gran Hotel, Since it aired on Sky in the UK in 2012, Alonso has become famous not only in Europe but also in Latin America.His first major role in previous crime dramas Money Heist I was at a show in Spain Boja Suspicio ((((Under suspicion).

He is also a dancer, writer and painter

Pedro Alonso Dance Skills

Like Andres De Fonollosa, Pedro Alonso is a versatile man who seems to enjoy many artistic disciplines.One of Berlin’s biggest attractions Money Heist It’s his dance moves, they’re not artificial.according to Superstars BioTo boost his acting career, Pedro Alonso took a professional dance class at Teatro de la Danza (dance theater).

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He also likes Pedro Alonso Ochoro as a tag for his work, but is a prolific writer who has many publications under his belt. His biggest hobby, which has also been his professional career, is painting.His painting covers most of him Instagram The profile suggests that he enjoys it almost as much as he does acting.

He doesn’t like berlin

Pedro Alonso as De Phonorossa in Paper House Season 1

when Identity magazine Asked about his opinion about Berlin, Alonso said, “His intentions are bad, his morals are questionable, and he is always leaning to the dark side.” At first he didn’t like the idea of ​​becoming a gangster psychopathic leader who would overthrow the world economy. But he naturally fits in with it, and he has come to love that role.

He also confessed that people love Berlin because he is faithful to his feelings. Pedro did not know that Berlin would die after robbing the Royal Mint, but he was happy when he no longer needed to portray old Berlin.

His last scene at Money Heist

Money Heist Berlin Death

From numerous behind-the-scenes images and videos, fans Money Heist It’s so close that no one will be surprised that an actor leaving the show can be emotional.

Pedro Alonso filmed his last scene without a co-star, but he revealed in an interview Phil Star He was deeply impressed with the last gift he received from his showwriter and best friend Javier Gomez Santander. “When I hear that [the letter came from Gomez Santander], I started crying, “said Alonso. “I absolutely read a small note that broke my heart.” The interview further thanked Alonso for the show, which told him “many memorable situations.” [he] I will never forget “

His most difficult money haste scene

Berlin wears a hat and a black coat while standing in front of the Church of Money Heist.

In the fierce action surrounding the first robbery, you would expect his most difficult scene to be the death of Oslo or the death of Moscow, but they weren’t.Pedro Alonso Limited express He found it most difficult to film the scene where Inspector General Murillo entered the Royal Mint to obtain evidence of life.

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Berlin was tasked with maintaining humor, pleasing inspectors, and keeping everything calm and professional. He had so many demands as he confessed that he was “walking a thin line” in an attempt to maintain the mood of the scene. Considering the positive reviews of the first season, he was finally able to be completely successful.

Writers faced great pressure to cut Berlin from the opening show

Money Heist Alvaro Morte and Pedro Alonso

Berlin is taken into account One of the best characters in Money HeistSome fans may be surprised to learn that the writer was facing great pressure to cut him from the show. In the Netflix documentary Money Heist: The Phenomenon, Showrunner Alex Pina told him that someone told him [Berlin] The character’s self-euphoric and self-euphoric tendencies “did not suit the times”, so from the series. “

Pina eventually refused to do so because she believed that Berlin would be a complex and interesting villain. Many fans will agree that the inclusion of Berlin has added a surprising and unexpected twist. In particular, he often turned his back on the crew and sometimes deviated from the original plan. Not only did his actions put other robbery members on his toes, but Berlin also had viewers at the edge of their seats.

Berlin was only killed because the writer thought the show was cancelled

Berlin Money Heist

When it comes to shows Money Heist The writer is not afraid to kill the fan’s favorite character.. Moscow was shot dead by police several times. Nairobi was killed by Gandia for his own personal agenda, and Tokyo was to sacrifice herself to save her friend. Berlin, like Tokyo, died in the hands of police and was another victim.

However, some fans may not have realized that Berlin’s death did not happen if the writer knew that the show would be featured by Netflix ( Limited express). It is believed that the writer decided to give him a spectacular see-off because the show was originally on the verge of cancellation and he played such a major role in the series.

Being a partner and father

Great Hotel Season 1 Cast

Pedro Alonso prefers to keep his mouth closed when asked about his personal life, but his love life is in Berlin (in love with both Palermo and Tatiana). Not in conflict like. I don’t know how long they’re dating, but Pedro Alonso reveals that he has something to do with hypnotherapist Tatiana Jorjevic ( Limited express).

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The name is very funny Money Heist A fan because it resembles what seems to be Berlin’s ex-wife. Alonso also has a 23-year-old daughter called Uriel because of her previous relationship.

His favorite Money Heist co-star

La Casa de Papel Season 2-Alba Flores and Pedro Alonso

Alba Flores (Nairobi) and Ursula Corbello (Tokyo) have nominated Pedro Alonso as their favorite co-star. Bromance with Alvaro Morte also changed the shape of the show, so Alonso’s humor seems to have infected the entire cast.He said in an interview with Identity magazine He loved everyone, but his favorite was Alba Flores, who plays Nairobi.

Alonso and Morte also had a strong bond during the rehearsal. They demanded that Professor and Berlin be brothers, not another man Elle chose on the street. Alonso had to stay with other stars for a long time due to the intense shooting to play in Berlin in the first and second seasons, and they had a short time to do it.

His love for shamanism

Diablo Guardian's El Galego

Shamanism was a fairly controversial religion of ancient times, with believers in a trance-like state, relying on messengers to travel to the spirit world and communicate with spirits, which Alonso experienced first hand (). Cadena 3).

Many shamanistic practices have been studied and explored around the world, and Pedro Alonso Lanacion He visited the shrine while in Mexico and performed his own ritual. He received the Berlin script and Money Heist cast. He likes to explore historical religions, and shamanism may be his number one choice.

Pedro Alonso appears in Money Heist spin-off

This is the final episode of Money Heist Fans released in December 2021 will be pleased to know that they don’t have to say goodbye to all robbery members. Just a few days after the last episode, Netflix has announced a spin-off It will star Pedro Alonso and will focus entirely on Berlin.

Since the series will be released in 2023, the writer may have already incorporated some ideas into his work as to where he wants the story to be (especially questions about the characters he needs to answer). Because there were still some). In the future, familiar faces may appear.

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