12 minutes, artistic escape and last stop delayed in 2021

Publisher Annapurna Interactive has three games for its 2020 release: 12 minutes, Artistic escape And end point— It won’t happen by the end of the year, and we’ll be in 2021.

If you need a review, 12 minutes A top-down interactive thriller starring Willem Dafoe, James McAvoy, and Daisy Ridley voice actors, talking about a couple stuck in a 12-minute time loop when a hitman comes to the door.

Artistic escapeMeanwhile, is a musical platformer originally intended as a release game for Xbox One X in 2017, and will be released on PC as well.Finally end point Came from Virginia The developer’s Variable State was last seen at last year’s X019 event. The event was said to be a story “focused on secret life, ties, and how to find magic in everyday life.”

The publisher says that all three games “come together all year round” and “almost polished at this point,” so it’s time to wait for them to be released on the Xbox Series X. Hope it doesn’t cost | S, Xbox One, PC.

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