13 of the oldest computer games that every gamer should know

Call all gamers!Did you know that the video game industry is worth $ 100? a billion??

You shouldn’t be surprised to hear that. Almost two-thirds of American households have members of homes who play games on a regular basis. If you get to this article, you’re probably one of them!

I have something to say about the hot new video games. But have you ever considered traveling the path of memory and playing old computer games? What you couldn’t leave as a child, teenager, or even a grown-up adult?

Even if covered with a layer of dust, some of these may remain on the game shelves.

Let’s highlight some old favorites that we miss together and still hold a place in our hearts, without any further effort!

  1. Empire era— All of them!

Get Lenovo up and running and get ready to take control of the world for hours!

Empire era, And many of its sequels, were reliable PC games for many PC gamers. These real-time strategy games have a fun element of urgency that requires you to age in the game beyond your competitors, use their resources and skills to basically wipe out and declare victory. There is.

In addition to these fun one-on-one or two-to-two (or four-to-one options are plentiful), you can play campaigns that allow you to explore the map and complete various quests.

The· age The series also allows you to link and play with others online so you can test your skills with your friends.

  1. Pajamas Sam

Pajamas Sam It was a great 90’s game for kids. It happened to resonate with teens and adults.

It was the perfect combination of adventures, mysteries, and puzzles that all happened during the night. But at Sam’s credible cape, his fear of darkness disappeared, leaving only courage and wisdom. He navigated a fun imaginary world with funny characters and missions.

original Pajamas Sam Is my favorite, but the game was very popular and was followed by three more iterations.

  1. Freddy fish

Speaking of adventure and puzzle solving. .. ..

Freddy fish And his fellow Luther does some research, but under the sea. Five games have been created for the entire series, but it’s fair for the third install. The case where the shell of a snail was stolen..

When Freddy and Luther attend the festival, they discover that the snail shell, which marks the beginning of the festival, has been stolen. Of course, only they can figure out who stole it and why.

Put it in the player’s queue. Can you find the culprit and transfer responsibility from Lutheran’s innocent uncle?

  1. original Sims

I’ve acknowledged, Sims Is a common name at this point. They have released an incredible number of series and a myriad of expansion packs that allow you to be creative up to n degrees.

Still, Sims It was revolutionary when it first came out. It has allowed you to create a world of your dreams, or nightmares. Maybe you will prosper Avatar, achieve all their career goals, get married and have children. Or perhaps you turned it in the other direction and left your sim unhappy, poor, and single until burned at the stake in the kitchen.

Yeah, it was a bit morbid, but it was made Sims It’s very fun. There were many choices in life!

  1. Diablo

DiabloThe dark and moody game released in 1996 was another popular old computer game that ended up spitting out three versions of itself. The addictive role-playing aspect of the game has made many PC gamers obsessed with one series release and another.

To In addition to being a role-playing game Diablo It was also what you call a hack and slash game. If you haven’t heard that expression, today is your lucky day.

Hack and slash means the main character. .. .. Hack and slash. They work with a weapon-based melee system, holding weapons in their hands and fighting frequently. Weapons are exchangeable just like enemies.

  1. Resident Evil

Japanese video game series, Resident EvilWas one of the first of its kind: the story of humans vs. zombies.

In this game, you played different roles of different humans with a single mission of surviving at all costs by merging zombies. What are the reasons for zombies and other such monsters? A pharmaceutical company called Umbrella Corporation.

If you’ve ever wanted to play apocalyptic gameplay, this long-loved series is for you.

  1. Fate

When Fate, We are back in focus in the early 1990s.

This first person shooter will take you to the body of an unnamed spaceship. In a nutshell, the game focuses on hell vs. earth, but much deeper than that. There is a little Mars, a lot of fighting, and a casual demon invasion.

Not a big deal! Step into the body of your mysterious soldier and start killing.

  1. fall out

Here’s another apocalyptic game that takes place after fallout.

This role-playing game puts you on the character who sees everything. People who survived in the vault.Survivors outside The number of vaults and severe radiation damage. Cows with two or huge udders.

With the help of other surviving vault dwellers, it is your mission to sort out the dominant wreckage and create another world for yourself.

  1. earthquake

This FPS (which you should now know as a first person shooter) tracks the ranger from dimension to dimension. Here you’ll find teleportation, fighting humans, magical ruins, invasion of the Earth, and more. All of these are great and exciting video game qualities.

Get ready for longer stints in this game as the game consists of 30 maps (levels) in the course of 4 episodes.Each episode represents its own dimension, so you certainly won’t get bored of anything earthquake Must be provided.

  1. The Curse of Monkey Island 3

This 90’s computer game is an adventure waiting to happen!The third in a series Monkey island Games, and definitely the ones that stole the hearts of many.

Become a pirate aspirant and unleash the curse that plagues your love. In the meantime, avoid other not-so-good pirates (including Buccaneers and smugglers) and watch out for your enemy, Captain Lucuck.

  1. SimCity 2000

There is Sims, And there is SimCity 2000, It gives you the opportunity to build your dream city.

Sounds easy, but there are some important things to keep in mind when building the world. From county ordinances and land surveys to water collection SimCity Forcibly Conscious Author. If you don’t follow certain rules and guidelines, your city will collapse.

  1. Oregon Trail

This computer game was so much fun that I hardly remember that it was educational to launch! It taught players what the reality of life would look like to pioneers in the 19th century. And here is a hint. It wasn’t always easy and attractive.

Your goal as a wagon leader is to take the Oregon Trail to guide your crew from Missouri to Willamette Valley, Oregon. It involves everything from hunting to dying from many causes.

Your mission is to arrive with as many party members as possible and with the cash and belongings you have. The health of the crew is also important. How about the fare?

  1. Where is Carmen Sandiego in the world?

Can you find one of the most elusive thieves in the world? Test your mystery-solving wisdom in this fun game from the 80’s. Where is Carmen Sandiego in the world? And if you ever couldn’t guess, Carmen Sandiego is your culprit!

Finding Carmen and her Henchman gang requires wisdom about you. You need to complete a series of missions to meet Carmen’s collusion. Use your detective skills to edit clues to find the next thief and serve Carmen Sandiego, who will eventually issue an arrest warrant.

Which old computer games do you dust off?

All of these proven PC games have classic reasons.

You may not have played it recently, but it still resonates. Regain the fun and nostalgia that only these old computer games can instill.Whether you tried to build the world with SimCity Or domination of the whole world Empire era, You probably had a close relationship with at least some of this list.

I feel like playing a fun computer game, so I’ll catch it later.When solving the mystery of the missing snail Freddy fishGo back to our website and see other fun memorable trips you can take!

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Alice Cervantes

13 of the Best Old Computer Games Every Gamer Should Know

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