13 Things That Don’t Make Meaning About Pitch Perfect Trilogy

The journey from Beca Mitchell’s exile to The Bella Twins was a well-told story for each. pitch perfect movie. Baden Velas couldn’t get off to a great start, but after learning how to work together to get the best out of each, they became an unstoppable group with strong friendships.

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As they spent more time together, they got closer and even the closed Beka could even open comfortably. Their sisterhood is the most important relationship in the trilogy, even between many jokes about Jessica and Ashley’s position within the group. But through all the laughter and a cappella competition, some details of the entire trilogy are meaningless.

Updated by Amanda Bruce on July 26, 2021: It’s been many years Pitch perfect 3 Hit theaters, fans still want more. Part of that is the result of wanting to solve some of the unanswered questions from the trilogy. Part of that is the desire to spend more time with the fun characters in the movie. No matter how fun BelAZ’s cover and sisterhood are, fans still leave a lot of confusion at some plot points.

13 Other Velas do not participate in USO tours

Pitch Perfect 2 Box Office

It has been revealed Baden Velas Group Taking a USO tour to compete for a chance to record an album means being the “original” Velas of the trilogy.Reunited person Pitch perfect 3 Should be the closest in the group. It’s sweet, but it’s a bit strange that Stacy hesitates to be unable to attend and Emily is invited as a retrofit.

Pitch perfect 2After all, it shows that there are dozens of ex-Bellas who are willing to play just by wearing a hat. Emily is also leading a new Velas while preparing for law school. It is strange that there is no argument that other Velas are joining them.

12 Chloe takes a class in Russian literature

Chloe in Pitch Perfect 3

All movies Lots of fun performances, But they are full of continuity errors. One of them is Chloe’s career path. Her choice of what she chooses to pursue doesn’t make much sense.

of Pitch perfect 2It turns out that Chloe is not completely ready to move from Velas. She deliberately failed many Russian literature classes to delay her graduation. It has never been taken up why she is taking classes in Russian literature and, more importantly, why it is preventing her graduation. It doesn’t make any sense after Chloe says she wants to be a kindergarten teacher or dancer. Neither needs that class.of Pitch perfect 3But she became a veterinary assistant, she would have needed additional school education anyway!

11 Aubrey claims to hate acting

Aubrey in Pitch Perfect 2

Aubrey is Bella, who invested most in running and winning the contest in the first movie. In the second movie, despite graduating, she came back to help Velas find their sound. She implies she’s missing out on playing with them, and she even comes back for their big finish at international competitions.

of Pitch perfect 3, Aubrey throws another Velas and the audience for the loop. She revealed that she was relieved when Beka won the competition because she hated the pressure of performance, not the whole Velas. It’s true that Aubrey didn’t cope with the pressure well in previous films, but the loosening on stage in the final mashup of the first movie seems to indicate that she hates performance altogether. It doesn’t look like, but the opposite is true.

Ten Pitch Perfect 3 is a part-action movie

pitch perfect When Pitch perfect 2 About Baden Bella’s desire to win the a cappella tournament.in the meantime Pitch perfect 3 Part of the story is included in the movie, and another part of the movie makes it look like an action movie. Amy’s father, Fergus, owns a large boat and kidnaps Velas to get Amy to meet him.

While Beka leads Velas on the cover of Britney Spears’ Toxic, Amy uses a variety of karate skills to defeat her father’s guards and rush around the boat. The tone of the third article doesn’t work with the other two, and the storyline feels out of place.

9 Amy’s back story

Pitch perfect 3 By revealing her history with her father, she gives a new perspective to Amy’s life. But this story doesn’t match what the audience already knows about Amy’s past. Earlier films never completely mislead the plot about Amy and Fergus, but they are not realistic in the context of the first two films.

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The joke that you don’t want to do aerobic exercise pitch perfect It doesn’t make much sense if she grew up in martial arts. It gives Amy more insight into the past, but the subplot was too isolated from the rest of the storyline in the trilogy.

8 Lily / ester continuity

Pitch Perfect 3 Brittany Snow Anna Kendrick Anna Camp Hailee Steinfeld Chrissie Fit Hana Mayley

of pitch perfect, Lily introduces herself as Lily. Nevertheless, Pitch Perfect 3, She introduces herself to Velas as Esther. Her identity matters, but it’s not the only continuity issue that characters face. Throughout the first movie, Lily is a low speaker and always whispers.

At the end of the first movie, she speaks aloud at an average volume and continues to use a louder voice. However, Lily returns to using a soft voice in the next two films. At the end of the third movie, she speaks out again, revealing that her name is Esther and Satan has left her body.

7 Chloe’s node voice

Chrissie Fit, Brittany Snow, Hailee Steinfeld, Anna Kendrick, Pitch Perfect 3

Baden Velas faces a devastating blow when Chloe reveals that he has a node. When BelAZ lost the competition, Chloe decided to have surgery to get rid of them. However, as Velas returns to competition, Chloe needs to change the way he uses his voice.

After making a new arrangement, Chloe’s voice becomes very deep, enough to hit the bass.During the competition pitch perfect, Chloe’s deep voice is emphasized. However, in the following films, Chloe’s deeper voice is not referenced again. The drama surrounding the storyline has leveled off given that it didn’t last.

6 Relationship between Beka and her parents

Beka wears headphones on a pitch perfect computer

Coming to Baden University, Beka wasn’t excited to spend time with her father. Beka didn’t spend much time with him until he got rid of many of his friends. Things have gotten worse between Becca and her father since Dr. Mitchell left Becca’s mother to become a “step monster.”

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But then pitch perfect, Dr. Mitchell disappeared from the movie and there is no mention of him. Moreover, it is not clear what Beka had with her mother. Beka never mentions keeping in touch with either of her parents.

Five Pitch Perfect 2 World Championship

Pitch Perfect 2 Flula Borg

With the exception of Baden Velas and Das Sound Machine, all groups in the World Champion Competition will direct the journey “in any way you want.” This song makes it easy for viewers to experience multiple performances seamlessly and the taste of each group. This song may be popular, but it’s not feasible for every group to choose to play it.Series like Gree Show the viewer how difficult it is for one group if another group has the exact same setlist.

It’s understood that Barden Bellas and Das Sound Machine didn’t need to include the song because they didn’t use “Any Way You Want It” in the set. It was interesting to see how the judges responded to almost every a cappella group playing the same song.

Four announcer

John Smith and Gail Abernathy-McKadden filled the silence between performances with lots of chatter and commentary. They have always said a lot about any group. Their role in the first two films was relatively far from the other protagonists.

of Pitch perfect 3, John and Gale are in charge of a documentary about Velas and are chasing them. But what doesn’t make sense about them is that they speak during the performance. Anyone listening to a cappella competitions or wanting to hear the performers will not be interested in hearing John and Gale talk about the singing group.

3 Jessica and Ashley

For the trilogy about sisterhood, Jessica and Ashley certainly got the short end of the stick. The girls have been enthusiastic about auditioning the a cappella group among Stacy, Cynthia Rhodes and many others since the first film. Jessica and Ashley have been hired to participate in the Baden Belaz, but they can’t have the same focus that other BelAZs receive.

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of Pitch perfect 2Beka admits that she doesn’t know which is Jessica and which is Ashley.of Pitch perfect 3, They directly state in the conversation that no one could see them. Although they appear to be remembered in the content of the group, Jessica and Ashley tend to be franchise background jokes. Dennis was the only Baden Bella who was treated worse than Jessica and Ashley. Dennis appeared only in the first movie and was subsequently forgotten in the next two movies.

2 Disappearance of Benji and Bumper

Benji and bumpers didn’t have to appear in Pitch Perfect 3, However, they may have mentioned what happened.When the boys were last seen, it seemed that Benji and Emily were about to start a relationship, and the bumper wanted to join. voice While continuing the relationship with Amy.

but, Pitch Perfect 3, Amy briefly states that she and the bumper broke up, and no one mentions Benji. Jesse Swanson received more acknowledgments for parting with Beka. Why did Becca and Jesse break up? Beka cites long-distance relationships as a reason-and Jesse now lives in California with her new girlfriend and their cat.

1 The type of solo artist is Beca

pitch perfect He introduced Beka’s talent for mashing up songs with the mix he played for Jesse and the composition of the songs he created for Velas.of Pitch perfect 2The film emphasized how anyone can use a computer to unleash Becca’s greatest talent. As a musician, the music producer wanted to hear something original from Beka.

However, Beka couldn’t do it herself and worked with Emily to create the original song. Pitch perfect 3 He emphasized Beka’s singing voice as a point of interest for DJ Khaled’s music producer Theo. DJ Khaled and Theo share their interest in Beca as a musician by listening to her singing voice and how to play on the soundboard. However, the film does not delve into what type of artist Beka will be as a solo act.

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