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Coconut Creek, Florida – Strength & Conditioning Coach Jeremy Fedrk Expects Kayla HarrisonIf she commits to £ 145, her performance will be even better.

Harrison (9-0), who is currently fighting for £ 155, made his featherweight debut this November when he stopped court kneeling in the second round at Invicta FC 43.

She is the 2019 PFL Women’s Lightweight Champion A pleasant surprise at her comfortAdmits she has the advantage of size and strength when competing for £ 145.

And Fedoruk agrees.

“Needless to say, (Harrison) is a great athlete and very disciplined. I can tell her a few things. She does it 20 times and finishes it perfectly every time,” Fedoruk recently said. I told MMA Junkie. “But for her, really watch and keep working. Keep her on schedule, and she’s fine. 145 is clearly where she ends – the writing is on the wall, but , She’s great in 55 years. She’ll be even better in 45 years, and the rest you’ll see soon. “

Fedork explained that despite Harrison having to drop an extra £ 10 to hit the featherweight mark, she doesn’t have much to change in preparation.

“The important thing is to monitor the volume during the camp,” Fedrk said. “Everyone suffers injuries and bruises. Minimize injuries and bruises, keep them fresh, monitor calorie intake, monitor what they are eating, and cut a little earlier if necessary. start.”

After making a one-time featherweight debut with Invicta FC at the end of 2020, Harrison has returned to light weight for the 2021 PFL season. She picked up the TKO for the first round of Mariana Morais in the first battle. She will face Cindy Dandowa at the 2021 PFL6 Main Event on June 25th for another $ 1 million.

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£ 145 Kayla Harrison will be her best ever version £ 145 Kayla Harrison will be her best ever version

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