15 Best Family Guy Episodes According to IMDb

Over the past few years, the anime comedy genre has become some of the best parts of television with shows such as: Bojack Horseman And Rick & Morty. But long before them, there was Seth MacFarlane’s dark comedy. Family guy..

The racy and sometimes offensive series was once considered one of the most beloved and edgy anime comedies.Therefore, to remind everyone of the reason Family guy Once such a success, IMDb has a ranking of some of the best episodes here. To accurately rank this list, episodes with the same rating are ranked by guest ranking.

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Updated March 5, 2021 by Scoot Allan: The series has been canceled twice since its broadcast in 1999, but Family Guy has been redesigned in 20 and 21 seasons. This just proves that the long-running adult animation series still has a dedicated fan base that adjusts weekly to catch new episodes. Also, with the recent addition of Family Guy to Disney’s Star Content Update (International Market), there are more ways to go back to the previous season to enjoy some of the best episodes in the series. Let’s take a look at some of IMDb’s most acclaimed episodes to give fans a good starting point for celebrating Seth MacFarlane’s hit series, Family Guy.

15 Blue Harvest-(8.2)

A crossover between Family Guy and Star Wars at Blue Harvest.

Family guy Enjoyed some of the popular ones Star Wars Franchise when the sixth season begins with a two-part hilarious recreation Episode IV: New Hope.. The episode was titled “Blue Harvest” in honor of the tentative title of the original movie.

The success of “Blue Harvest” eventually led to a subsequent re-story of the original trilogy, Laugh, fuzzball Although the trilogy, the first episode, has the highest rating for a reason and is higher than the rest of the reimagination Star Wars Trilogy.

14 Road to the Arctic-(8.3)

Family Guy Brian and Stuwi vs Santa Claus

9th season Family guy Features Another adventure for Brian and Stevie In their fan’s favorite series of road trips / musical episodes, the pair The quest to kill Santa Claus On the “Road to the North Pole”.

In this episode, not only was the dark view of Santa’s workshop that fans wouldn’t immediately forget, but also some interesting and worrisome moments. Brian and Stewi took over Christmas and tried to deliver presents around the world with little success.

13 Petaldo-(8.3)

Peter holding the Bible in his hand at church in Family Guy's Petaldo episode

This fourth season episode may not be the most sensitive, but that aspect of the show extends far beyond just this one instance and is less accepted in many other situations. In this episode, Peter is undergoing an IQ test to show that he can be classified as a mentally handicapped person. This is the fact that I realized that I could use it to successfully avoid things I couldn’t do before. However, his life soon fell into turmoil after Royce was badly burned and his children were taken to child protection services.

Despite the issues presented by the plot, the episode has received very high overall ratings from both critics and fans.

12 Road to Rhode Island-(8.3)

Family Guy Brian and Stevie "Road to Rhode Island."

The first episode featuring Brian and Stuwi’s solo adventure was called “Rhode to Rhode Island” and aired in the second season. Brian volunteered to pick up Stevie from Royce’s parents after the therapist suggested taking some time to address the issue of abandonment from his mother.

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Of course, things soon collapsed, forcing Brian and Stuwee to find their own way back to Kuahog, addressing Brian’s remaining problems surrounding his mother. The side story of Peter and Royce’s marriage counseling video has also been added as a comedy to the episode, making it even higher than the other episodes.

11 Death is AB ****-(8.3)

Peter does anything to get out of bill payments, and in two episodes of the season he goes to the point of claiming he’s dead to get out of hospital bills. But like everything in life, there are consequences and death appears at Peter’s door to reap him.

So Death chases Peter, He trips and hurts his ankle. Peter understands that this means that everyone is immortal and that turmoil occurs in Kuahog.To set things up correctly, Peter must take over the job of death and kill the cast of Dawson’s Creek.. The episode emphasizes that the show was always able to do its best. It is to show that humanity is ridiculous when given the right motives.

Ten Da Boom-(8.3)

Family Guy appears "Da boom"

Just a few days before the new Millennium begins Family guy Released a unique year 2000 end-of-life episode. After the nuclear Armageddon outbreak, and in search of food, Griffin establishes a new Quahog around the Twinkie plant.

But their little mutant paradise is soon ruined by Peter. Like all self-proclaimed great leaders, Peter quickly starves for power and begins making guns at the expense of everything else. Really interesting and still very relevant today, the episodes made the show soaring in popularity.

9 Yug Irimuff-(8.4)

11th season Family guy We featured a twisted time travel adventure episode, “Yug Ylimaf,” revealing that Brian is using Stevie’s time machine to impress the woman he brought back from the bar.

He inadvertently flipped the timeline when he tried to rewind a gauge that covered his track and warned Stewie of using the time machine. This led to many comedy moments in episodes that struggled to fix the timeline, including an unforgettable reverse battle between Peter and his longtime rival Arnie the Giant Chicken. I did.

8 Meet Quagmires-(8.4)

In another episode of death, Peter goes back in time to experience a single lifestyle.Like almost every time travel story, everything goes wrong quickly and Peter finds himself in the future with Royce. Married to Quagmaia Peter is married to Molly Ringwald.

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Soon, Peter realizes that this is not the life he wants and goes back to his past, albeit a few times, to set things right. Overall, this episode was fun and full of 80’s references, and Quagmire strangely became fond of change.

7 Lois Kills Stewie-(8.4)

Family guy It always works really well in the season opener. Few were as impressive as Season 6. “Lois Kills Stewie” is the second part of the season opener, set after Stewie kills Lois and puts Peter in the frame. In this episode, Royce returns and Stevie becomes the tyranny of the world. Lois recognizes that only she can kill Stuwee, and that a spectacular shootout in the Oval Office continues. However, Royce could not kill his son and was shot by Peter instead.

At the end of the episode, Stewie revealed that it was just a computer simulation. This is too much of Brian’s regret that fictitious viewers may be angry with this episode. Importantly, Royce really shines in this episode. She is removed from the usual persistent housewife role and becomes a spectacular action star.

6 Stewie kills Royce-(8.4)

The gag running throughout the show is Stevie’s obsession with killing Royce. In the first episode of Season 6, he finally understands it correctly and shoots Royce on the crew’s ship. A year after her death, everyone seems to be doing well.

However, after it became clear that Royce had a large amount of life insurance, everyone became suspicious of Peter. Stewie then mistakenly accuses Peter and is brought to justice. However, shortly before being sentenced to life imprisonment, Royce appears in court and is ready to take revenge on Stevie.

Five Simpson Guy-(8.4)

a month of Sundays, The simpsons And Family guy It was the two most popular anime shows on TV, and there was often a bit of competition between the two.Therefore, it was a big surprise to the fans that the two shows had a crossover episode for the opening. Family guy13th season. In the episode, Griffin is with The Simpsons after the car was stolen.

After it became clear that Pawtucket Beer was an imitation of Duff Beer, the drama continued, and the two companies went to court judged by Fred Flintson, the former father of the anime comedy.After all, with Peter Homer goes into battle This eventually forces a friendly split between the two. Very self-aware of the unique differences between the two shows and the strengths of each, this episode was an overall success and one of the most memorable of the shows easily.

Four PTV-(8.6)

Family guy

Family guyThe greatest success of is the ability to be very aware of the ridiculousness of itself and the industry to which it belongs. There is no episode that better illustrates this as a Season 4 “PTV”. After the FCC took drastic steps against television shows following an Emmy wardrobe malfunction, Peter decided to create his own uncensored television network.

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But things quickly went too far, and Royce forced the FCC to shut down the network. The FCC begins censoring everyone in Qua hog.One of the easiest episodes of the show’s most entertaining, “PTV” was also a slight jab. Family guyRelationships with the FCC are often difficult.

3 And it was few-(8.6)

When James Woods wasn’t as sociable as today’s Paria, Kuahog residents were invited to a dinner party at his mansion in the premiere episode of Season 9.

But as dinner guests are increasingly killed, the episode quickly turns into a compelling mystery. Clearly derived from Agatha Christie’s novel, And no one is gone, This episode was a fun take in the genre “whodunit”.

2 Return to pilot-(8.8)

Family guy Dramatically changed from the first season And in season 10, Brian and Stevie have traveled back in time to the 1999 pilot episode. But after Brian warned Brian in the past about 9/11, the future will change dramatically.

After that, Stewie and Brian are forced to return consistently to fix the future, which, of course, requires a few trials. Overall, this is a really good meta-episode, and it’s also easily one of the best time travel TV episodes ever.

1 Road to the Multiverse-(9.1)

One of the best parts of Family guy It was a Stewie and Brian “Road to” adventure.. In the first episode of Season 8, Stewie and Brian travel to various alternative universes. There, at least one thing has changed in society. They even go to the cheerful yet controversial Disney version.

Eventually, they end up in a universe where humans follow dogs, and Brian becomes obsessed with a new universe, destroying their space travel equipment. Fortunately, they were saved by other Brian and Stewi.The episode was smart, funny, and strangely insightful Family guy And it’s easy to understand why it’s the best of the show.

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