15 Best James Bond Opening Action Scene

All James Bond films follow about the same proven formula. A cold open action set that reintroduces 007 to movie fans, a beautifully animated title sequence set as the theme song by modern pop sensation, a ridiculous plan where a huge villain begins, Bond to stop it Sent to, and he falls in love with an exchangeable Bond girl along the way.

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The opening action scene has always been one of the most fun elements of Bond movies and provides viewers with early signs of what kind of Bond movie it is: good, not so good, dark. , Stupid things and so on. The opening of the best Bond movie has endured the test of time.

Updated by Colin McCormick on October 24, 2021. I have no time to die It continues the tradition of starting the latest Bond Adventure in one fell swoop. Daniel Craig’s final outing as 007 features one of the franchise’s longest opening sequences filled with some great action moments. But in such a long-running series, there are plenty of amazing openers that Bond fans should consider to bring the thrill and excitement they expect from a movie kick-off.

007 / Your Eyes Only (1981)

Bond encountered many memorable villains in the process of his film, Brofeld is 007’s most iconic villain.. The two faced each other many times, Only in your eyes He seemed ready to move out of the character and took him out in the opening scene.

The sequence addresses Tracy Bond’s death by Brofeld before the mastermind attempts to kill 007 with a remote-controlled helicopter. Bond controls it and can use it to pick up Brofeld before dropping it into the chimney. It’s a bit ridiculous, but it’s impressive to fill the main enemy in the first scene.

007 / Moonraker (1979)

James Bond was pushed out of the plane by Jaws of Moonlaker

Bond movie opening sequences usually feature villains or feature Bond in the middle of a mission. Moon Laker You can achieve both with a great pre-credit sequence.

It starts with the Space Shuttle, which is transported by plane just for the shuttle to be hijacked, and blows away plans in the process. The movie is then cut into Bond and helps the hostages of the plane villains leading to the thrilling skydiving action scene. To make it even better, the opening also sees the return of Jaws, one of the best Bond Henchmans.

007 / No Time to Die (2021)

NS I have no time to die It has established itself as the longest Bond movie ever, so The longest opening in the Bond series.. The sequence begins with an anxious flashback of encountering Madeline’s childhood masked man and covers a lot of material.

The scene then catches up with Bond and Madeline enjoying life together, and only the past returns to annoy them. There are some great stunt sequences to revive a car full of gadgets and at the same time start the movie with emotional notes.

007 Living Daylights (1987)

James Bond on the Phone-Alive Daylight

It was Timothy Dalton’s turn to take on the role after Roger Moore resigned as Bond after a long tenure. Dalton’s Bond, who has been unfairly overlooked, received an impressive opening played for his new face as Bond.

The scene features training exercises in which agents only try to infiltrate the base and start picking up agents, only villains with real guns. It looks like each agent could be the next bond to be killed. This will eventually bring Dalton to show off his more gloomy take on the character when taking out the villain.

Tomorrow Never Dice (1997)

Tomorrow Never Dice Fighter James Bond

Pierce Brosnan’s Bond films always seem to embrace the wild style of 90’s action films, and Tomorrow Never Dice meets that bill. It’s a thrilling opening scene where Bond has to monitor and get involved in a large arms deal.

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Explosions and shootouts are fun, but the best aspect of the sequence is that Bond steals a fighter and does a dogfight while fighting the villain sitting behind him in the cockpit. When Bond releases the man directly into an enemy jet, it ends brilliantly.

007 / From Russia with Love (1963)

James Bond in the opening scene of

The long-standing tradition of the Bond franchise pre-titled action scene began with the second entry in the series. From Russia with loveThe mysterious assassin begins with a lean 3-minute sequence of stalking Bond.

The portrayal of Robert Shaw of Red Grant, who will become Bond’s murderer after all these years, still stands among the most memorable Henchmans in the 007 story.

The world is not enough (1999)

James Bond in the opening scene of World Is Not The World Is Not Enough

After British oil king Sir Robert King was killed in an explosion at MI6 headquarters This world is not enough, Bond chases the assassin across the Thames on a speedboat loaded with gadgets by Q.

The chase ends at the Millennium Dome. There Bond offers assassin protection in exchange for her cooperation, but she refuses and commits suicide by blasting a hot-air balloon.

Thunderball (1965)

James Bond in the Thunderball opening scene

Following the funeral of the late Bond villain, Colonel Jack Buber Thunderball, Bond arrives at a country house, where he reveals that Buber’s widow is actually a disguised villain.

These kinds of surprises capture the spirit of the Bond franchise, and to conclude it all, 007 escapes from the scene with a fun and ridiculous jetpack.

Specter (2015)

James Bond walks the Specter Day of the Dead parade.

generally, Specter I was terribly disappointed. It was a bloated, disjointed film that broke the structure of Bond’s franchise in an attempt to catch up with the hot new movie world trends.

But it had a spectacular opening sequence. It saw Bond perform an unauthorized mission in Mexico City during the Day of the Dead celebration. The scene includes a collapsing building and a helicopter spinning out of control over a crowd.

The Man with the Golden Gun (1974)

Opening scene of a man with a golden gun

There aren’t many great opening sequences from Bond movies that don’t feature Bond himself, James bond man with golden gun It’s like a rule exception. Instead of opening in 007 on a mission James bond man with golden gun Begins with the elusive assassin Scaramanga training to kill 007.

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The scene culminates in a duel between Skala Manga and his trainer, beautifully foreseeing the climax duel between Skala Manga and Bond.

Goldfinger (1964)

James Bond in the Goldfinger opening scene

It checks it Gold finger You’ll have one of the biggest opening action sequences in the Bond franchise because it’s arguably the best Bond movie of all, or at least the most perfect example. Familiar formula of Bond series.. The pre-titled action scene encapsulates what makes Bond movies so much fun.

Sean Connery’s 007 emerges from the ocean with a duck on his head, plants explosives at the Drug Lab, takes off his wetsuit, and shows a more discreet white tuxedo than ever before.

Casino Royale (2006)

James Bond in the opening scene of Casino Royale

First big set piece Casino Royal — — Daniel Craig’s first outing as Bond And arguably his best is parkour chase, but it doesn’t even show up in some scenes in the movie.

The opening sequence is Bond’s origin story, detailing how he was licensed for murder and given double O status by MI6, with black-and-white filming and fierce fighting choreography. Establishes a refreshing, gritty tone.

007 Skyfall (2012)

007 Skyfall opening scene

Bond almost dies in the opening scene Skyfall..In fact, if you go with real physics, he should actually Die in the scene. Motorcycle chase takes 007 to the roof of a moving train, where he fights the bad guys and Moneypenny tries to get a clear shot from a distance with a sniper rifle.

When she triggers, the round she fires hits Bond, rushing him towards the water below, allowing the bad guys to escape with a cruel fateful twist.

GoldenEye (1995)

James Bond in the Golden Eye opening scene

Opening action scene Golden Eye Introduced Pierce Brosnan’s Bond to the world with a flashback set in the mid-1980s. 007 infiltrates the Soviet chemical weapons facility with his partner 006. He appears to have been killed during the mission, but turned out to be a bad guy in reality.

The best result of this sequence is a bungee jump from Contradam. This is considered by some circles to be the largest movie stunt ever performed.

The Spy Who Loved Me (1977)

The opening parachute jump of

The easiest and most amazing opening set piece in Bond’s history 007 The Spy Who Loved MeRoger Moore’s 007 is engaged in the pursuit of skiing by Soviet spies at the top of an Austrian mountain.

One of the most breathtaking stunts ever shown in the movie, Bond counts from the top of a giant ice cliff and free fall before deploying his iconic Union Jack parachute. Glide a hundred feet.

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