15 Best NES Horror Games

  • To address the most notable NES horror games, this list also includes games released for NES and notable unauthorized NES games.
  • “Fear” is usually a horror measurement stick, but this list also includes horror-themed games that aren’t necessarily meant to be scary.

15. Chiller

This unlicensed NES port for ambiguous arcade games was only spoken in quiet whispers of the 80’s and 90’s (when spoken at all). It was one of the most controversial games of the time, and to be honest, none of the versions of this game have any real benefits other than impact.

Still, there’s something to say about how shocking this game is. NES version of essentially torture porn movies, Chiller You will be asked to torture various (possibly innocent) victims and some monsters using the early light gun mechanics. Difficult to defend as a game, but proves that the humble and family-friendly NES has been able to create the bloody and bloody horror experience of the 80’s most notable impact and Shrock festival. doing.

Friday the 13th NES Horror

14. Friday the 13th

Yes included Friday the 13th On our list Worst NES game, But as I said in me Title retrospective exhibition, Friday the 13thNS You can always brag about the unusual distinction that it is actually a pretty scary true NES horror game in itself.

Like the movie on which it is based Friday the 13thNES games are never completely convinced of where Jason is (except for certain moments) and never completely convinced that he will be able to survive his next encounter with Jason. Is based. The music is also pretty good (if it’s incredibly repetitive).

Chaos NES Dr. Horror

13. Dr. Chaos

I have hardly heard anyone talking Dr. Chaos These days, this is clearly an ambiguous title, and it’s pretty surprising given that there were definitely lots of great ideas ahead of the times.

The actual horror of this game is as simple as it gets (it’s a very “innocent” game in that respect), but the real star here is the variety of gameplay. Dr. Chaos Combining platforms, puzzles, and even early survival horror elements, which don’t always work, usually form a fascinating, bizarre beast.

15 Best NES Horror Games

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