15 Most Evil Christmas Movie Villains, Ranking

Christmas is the time to give, laugh, joy, and unite. It is a season when people get together and experience the peace and goodwill of the earth. At least that would be true if there weren’t a few specific individuals trying to mess up Carol by dimming the lights of the trees.

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Whether it’s a stingy boss who doesn’t receive the Christmas message or a literal monster who manipulates celebrations, Christmas has a strange amount of villains at such a wonderful time. But which Christmas criminals and villains stand out from the most popular holiday movies?

Updated on December 13, 2021 by Zach Gass:’It’s a cheerful and fun season, but some of the villains in these Christmas movies seem to have missed a note. Many of these bad guys have a little more tenacity about them because they are such a salient feature in holiday movies. Some just want to do a little prank, while others wake up on Christmas morning, remembering the murder. They can be a combination of men, monsters, and the two, whether they deserve a spiritual redemption or not, and continue to make rival vacations difficult each year.

15 Mayor Maywho-How the Grinch stole Christmas (2000)

Mayor of Grinch reading anyone's book

It’s not difficult to make a crooked politician a villain, but it does require some skill Surpasses Jim Carrey’s grinch In terms of meaning. Still, the green ghouls that live on Mount Clanpit are open to his general unkindness, but Mayor May in Hooville is another kind of wickedness. He prefers a more unruly approach to his wrongdoing.

Underneath that smile and pleasing appearance lives the heart of the real monster of the movie. If flashbacks are believed, it’s actually the mayor who inspired the Grinch to hate everything in the celebration, and the point tragically driven home by his “Christmas shaving gift.”

14 Abominable Snow Monster-Rudolf Red-nosed Reindeer (1964)

Bumble the abominable snow monster with the red-nosed reindeer Rudolph

Bumble may escape in a slightly wiggle room after his champer is removed, but that doesn’t mean he’s not scary before the end of the movie. To quote the snowman Sam, “He’s mean, nasty, and hates everything related to Christmas.” That logic alone should qualify him as the movie’s greatest villain.

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Of course, like many Rankin / Bass bad guys, he was redeemed and became one of the good guys. After being tamed by the eccentric Yukon Cornelius, he goes from abominable to adorable incredibly fast.

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13 Clark Griswald-National Lampoon Vacation (1989)

He may be the star of the show, and he may be one of the weirdest characters in the Christmas movie medium, but Clark Griswald Definitely a villain Christmas holidays.. He is blinded by his ambition to make the perfect Christmas for the Grizzwold family, so despite his good intentions, he cannot see how much damage he is doing.

His motives may not necessarily be evil, but there are certain turning points in the film where he begins to do damage from dope. From the verbal abuse of his cousin to his complete destruction of his neighbor’s property, it’s hard to call Clark a good man. And that’s all before his famous Christmas collapse.

12 Gremlins-Gremlins (1984)

Gremlin group, one wearing earmuffs and the other wearing a hat

With the exception of the stripes, the gremlins that invade the town of Kingston Falls are not evil in nature, but their mischief is accompanied by healthy malice. “Prank” is probably the best word used to describe them. That is, until they send a poor old woman jumping out of the window in an electric wheelchair.

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They have no plans to ruin Christmas or kidnap Santa Claus, but their act of destroying wontons is definitely enough to remove the cheerfulness from anyone’s happy holidays. But at least they are enjoying it.

11 11 Maestro Forte-Beauty and the Beast: Fascinating Christmas (1997)

Menacing Forte from Christmas of Beauty and the Beast

Regarding villain qualifications Immortal Tim Curry speaks out You will definitely increase your evil rating by a factor of 10. Beauty and the Beast: Enchanted Christmas It may not be as praiseworthy as its predecessor, but there is one of the most interesting and underrated Disney villains.

It’s hard to make the pipe organ look menacing, but Disney did a great job with this member of the fascinating castle. Another interesting path to the story is that one of the characters wants to stay under the spell. By keeping the beast away from love, he maintains his power over his broken heart. In addition, there are many famous musicians who want to be one with the instrument.

Ten Scut Farkus-Christmas Story (1983)

Cut out the farkus Christmas story that brings the worst students back to school in the movie

“So help God, he had yellow eyes!” It’s a terrible creep of a bully. Christmas story It is one of the largest of the many thorns on the side of the Ralphy Parker. His crimes may be young and unpleasant in their offer and scale, but what makes him so sneaky is the friendliness of his bullying.

Hundreds of thousands of people dealt with bullies during their school days, and many hoped they could have gotten half of Ralphy’s revenge. Falx snorts lovingly, and viewers can’t help but cheer for Ralfi every year when he sees Ralfi beat his bully in the season.

9 Grinch-How the Grinch stole Christmas (1966)

One of the first villains that many were introduced to as children was the infamous Christmas ruiner, the Grinch. He may not be as violent as Falx, but people speak when you are a notorious and reputed bitter old woman stealing the voice of a Christmas and Frankenstein monster.

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He has a termite on his smile, a spider on his soul, and a heart that is two sizes too small. The grinch is a Christmas antithesis in almost every respect. He wins his spot by the eccentric length he goes to steal the entire vacation.

8 Wet Bandit-Home Alone (1990)

Harry Lime and Marve Merchants have proven to be as dangerous as robbers of other cultivars, but there is no chance to compete with Kevin McCallister and his booby trap arsenal. It’s hard to believe that these guys tried tango again with him.

Joe Pesci and Daniel Stern sell these roles and, when thrown into Kevin’s traps and pranks, offer a great pair of performances to make the movie even more cheerful.

7 Burger Meister Meister Burger-Santa Claus Is Comin’to City (1970)

The Grinch tried to steal Christmas, but Burger Meister Meister Burger used his power position to outlaw gifts. He even declares toys illegal, immoral, and even illegal, and declares that anyone with a toy in his possession will be arrested and thrown into a dungeon. I will tell you a harsh story.

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Given that the toy duck has crippled a man for the rest of his life, it’s easy to understand the attitude of Meisterberger. Still, his image of setting fire to a pile of toys is truly chilling. Thankfully, Kris Kringle came to save the day.

6 Winterbolt-Christmas of Rudolph and Frosty in July (1979)

If they were to empower Salman against ice, snow, and blizzards, they would get a winter bolt. With a snake, a sled pulled by a pet dragon, and an icy attitude, he is one of the biggest villains that stop-motion filmmakers could have devised.

Winterbolt not only steals Frosty the Snowman’s hat, but also tries to steal Santa’s work, but also puts Rudolph in the frame of theft. He is an ominous wizard who trembles in one or more ways to those who enjoy Christmas. He is also one of the few Rankin / Bass characters killed on the screen, which is also pretty creepy.

Five Oogie Boogie-Nightmare Before Christmas (1993)

Well, well, well, what are we here? Everyone’s favorite bug bag, Oogie Boogie. This jazz-singing creep is a troublemaker living in Halloweentown, but he’s on our list for trying to torture Santa Claus while Jack Skellington is on vacation.

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It’s not a big evil, but the fact that he ties Santa up, puts it on a roulette wheel, and then tries to immerse him and Sally in a boiling acid tub puts him on our list. Enough. If you try to murder Santa, you will definitely be at the top of the prank list.

Four Ebenezer Scrouge-Christmas Carol

Arguably the most famous Christmas villain in history, but perhaps the least powerful, Ebenezer Scrooge is one of the easiest and most evil, depending on who is portraying him.Most actors play Scrooge as a cold and indifferent old stingy, but there are several versions that make him a proud villain. Christmas carol.

Alastair Sim made him bitter and ruthless, George C. Scott made him cruel, and Sir Patrick Stewart made him sneaky and ominous, but all the evil that needed to save him. I made it a soul. Perhaps that makes his last redemption even more meaningful.

3 Mr. Potter-It’s a wonderful life (1946)

Getting a page from Ebenezer Scrooge’s business plan is It’s a wonderful life. Scrooge was driven by greed, while Potter was driven by power, the power that ruled the town of Bedford Falls. It is in his quest to sniff out the Baliei Savings and Loan Company that his actions drive George Baliei to almost kill him.

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He doesn’t try to steal Christmas, but he tries to rob the entire town and drive its population into poverty. He is on the list just because his lack of empathy and compassion makes him so evil.

2 Santa Claus-Killing Santa (2005)

Killing santa

No one has seen anyone not expecting Santa’s version to appear among the villains of the Christmas movie The murder of Santa. It’s a cheesy horror movie, but it features a crazy, murderous, demonic version of Santa Claus, played by professional wrestler Bill Goldberg. The plot is deadlocked, but the stunts by the famous WWE star are worth a look.

In this twisted story, Santa is actually a demon deceived by angels for thousands of years of good deeds. But at the end of the millennium, he soon returns to destroying the hall. This is one aspect of Kringle that most people are not accustomed to seeing during the holidays.

1 Krampus-Krampus (2015)

him”Shadow of St. Nicholas“But perhaps a more accurate idea of ​​Krampus is like anti-Cross. Just as Santa begins to cheer for Christmas, Krampus will take and spread the horrors of the holidays. With the help of an army of festive friends, he sets out to punish mischief. Non-believers in the 2015 movie of Michale Doherty.

Krampus and his nasty gangsters win the top spot to be the antithesis of everything the holidays represent. The Christmas devil is what happens when hope is gone, robs us of our happy holidays and replaces it with the “cheer” of his own brand.

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