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Gods, soldiers, heroes, bandicoot.

eBay has introduced a new discount code that allows you to get 15% off the price of many products, including a wealth of options for video games such as the Nintendo Switch Lite bundle.

The code itself is “Present 15“Enter at checkout. As always, there are some restrictions. First you have to spend £ 15 or more and you can’t save more than £ 60 on the code. Above £ 400, the limit Will be set and you will not be able to save money from that point on.

Still, it’s a big discount and could be even better for Nectar members. If you have a Nectar card linked to your eBay account, the code “NECTAR20“I need a big 20% ​​discount. If you want to know how to do that, check this link. You can’t use both codes for the same purchase. You can’t use either one. Excuse me. I will.

Wherever they are sold, we have outlined some of the best offers just below for you to check out.And for clarity, I’ve listed the prices below, assuming you’ve entered Present 15 code. After all, why don’t you do that?

Nintendo switch

Xbox One / Series X / S

PS4 / PS5

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There are some solid games here, to say the least. Miles Morales, Hyrule Warriors, and Crash Bandicoot are just a few of the good reviews here, but many others have become staples of old and new consoles. Or, there’s always Cyberpunk 2077. It will be released shortly and looks ready to be a big deal in some way.

If you want to buy holiday gifts or enjoy shopping, you’ll find even more deals and discounts. Check this page to see where your Xbox Series X / S is still in stock, or browse to the full trading hub. Jelly deals Twitter For all the fastest information about deals everywhere!


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