15 shows to watch if you like Mr. Robot

Robot Sadly it will soon end and you will not be able to follow the story of Elliott and his cyber hacking organization. It was a great show that pushed the boundaries of the television and science fiction genres considerably. Every season, a tremendous amount of twists were offered and the performance was always great.

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It ’s a show that started the career of an actor. Rami Malek.. When the show is over, you may be looking for something new to see.We have put together a list of TV shows that you should definitely check out if you love Robot..

Updated January 4, 2021 by Kristen Palamara. Although Mr. Robot hasn’t been aired for several years, he’s still incredibly popular for his fascinating slow-burning style storytelling and a completely unique approach to compelling stories. Robots overturned viewers’ expectations by thinking of a new era of technology and attachment to material possessions in new and compelling ways, and accurately hiding what’s happening in most of the series. We’ve added five more shows so fans can check out when they’re looking for a great alternative.

15 brain death

brain death It was a short show focused on Washington, DC politicians and people acting overly aggressively and intensifying their political beliefs.

The show also had a social commentary related to America’s current political world, with fascinating storytelling and a mysterious and slow explanation of what was happening.It ’s like a fascinating and unique show. Robot.

14 Mind hunter

Mind hunter Based on the actual work of the crime profiler who coined the term serial killer, the show focuses on some of the first case studies of serial killers and examines the psychology behind what killed them.

Mind hunter Is an intense slow-burn show with stunning cinematography and in-depth commentary on why people are like them. Robot Delve into why people are so absorbed in digital and material life.

13 Silicon valley

But Silicon valley More comedy show Robot, It still works with technology as its central plot, and there are some commentary on how the potential dangers and successes of new technologies can change people.

Most of the series is an exciting view of how the Misfits team creates new and impressive apps. This will give some members of the team fame and I think it’s unstoppable. The obsession with success and the focus of the show’s technology makes the show: Robot.

12 bodyguard

Netflix bodyguard Presents an intertwined plot where the audience, including the protagonist, does not know who they trust. this is, Robot Elliott has proven to be an unreliable narrator and protagonist.

bodyguard It also deals with conspiracies within the government and is a similar intense and unpredictable show. Robot.

11 Hannibal

Mads Mikkelsen eating Hannibal

Hannibal Hannibal Lecter, an iconic psychiatrist, follows a patient during the day, but secretly kills and eats during off-hours.

Detective profiler Will Graham unknowingly interacts with him, and Hannibal is playing trying to resolve the murder he and his team committed. Hannibal A stylish cat and mouse game storyline with extreme results. Robot.

Ten Black mirror

If you are looking for a show at the Trippines stadium Robot If you often adventure, you will definitely want to see Black mirror..Different from Robot In that it is not a traditional series. Each episode is different.

Since this is an anthology show, you’ll get a new and original story about the horror of the Netflix series of technologies that bend the genre. Have you ever wondered what would happen if you could record everything around you with contact lenses? Have you ever wondered what happens to a video game character when you’re not playing the game? Black Mirror answers these questions.

9 Those who are interested

Those who are interested It revolves around the idea of ​​machines that can predict when someone will be involved in or commit a violent crime. The show initially starts with a rather standard procedure. We are following a former CIA agent involved in a secluded technology billionaire who is trying to stop the outbreak of these crimes.

But as the show continues, it digs deeper into the concept and becomes a great conspiracy thriller.In addition, it has a great cast of actors like Taraji P. Henson, Amy Acker, Jim Caviezel, Michael Emerson and more.

8 Orphan black

Orphan black A series of maps featuring the names of actress Tatiana Maslany. The BBC American show continued when Maslanie undertook the difficult task of playing multiple versions of herself. It’s all a show about the life of some clones, including shadow plots, evil companies, and even evil clones.

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It’s a fascinating and quick binge watching. Due to the short season, it doesn’t take long for fans to pass and they definitely won’t regret it. Masslany is a force to be considered in the acting world.

7 Dexter

many people Dexter It went downhill in the second half of the season, but that doesn’t mean it’s not worth seeing at least until the fifth season.

Season 4 is often regarded as the best season for the entire series.Continue Michael C. Hall Character Dexter Morgan working as a blood splash expert in Miami. When he is not working, he is hunting down evil people and killing them. This series is based on the popular book series.

6 Legion

Legion A short-lived FX series based on the Marvel Comics series. However, Legion is different from other Marvel TV shows.The series continues David HallerSchizophrenia with a hidden ability that does not begin to learn who he really is until he falls in love with another patient at a mental hospital named Syd.

He begins to realize that some of what he sees and hears may not be realistic at all. It’s a very trippy show. Robot For those who want to question their reality.

Five Westworld

Westworld A high-concept HBO series about a huge theme park full of realistic machines.

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In the park, there are multiple “worlds” such as samurai and beyond. The main thing they all have in common is that each has a very realistic robot that can do whatever the park guests want to do. But when the robot begins to acquire sensations, it is when the plot actually begins.

Four Homecoming

Homecoming A relatively new Amazon original series starring Julia Roberts In that first season. Roberts played caseworker Heidi Bergman, who helped the soldiers return to normal life.

Eventually, Bergman tries to start his life somewhere new and realizes that something was terribly wrong with her old job. This psychological thriller is very intense and certainly has fans at the edge of their seats. This series is based on a popular podcast of the same name.

3 Twin Peaks

Most mystery shows get at least some inspiration Twin Peaks.. Despite initially broadcasting only two seasons in the 1990s Twin Peaks It is an example of iconic television and storytelling.

The show is all about the strange and dangerous little town of Twin Peaks. Everything seems normal there until Laura Palmer is killed.The investigation is started by Main character In the process, many dark secrets were dug up in the town to discover who killed her. The recent revival of the series aired last year at Showtime.

2 Utopia

Utopia It’s a little-known TV show, but it’s still an incredible TV show. The series revolves around dangerous companies and scientists who can potentially sterilize humanity.

Everyone is competing to discover a graphic novel known as Utopia experiment, Is said to predict epidemics. Fans need to watch the show to find out more, but it’s only two seasons and is highly regarded as one of the greatest television series ever. The US version is currently working on Amazon Studios. The show was originally premiered on Channel 4.

1 Human

Human Another SF series on Channel 4.Starred Gemma Chan Last year was a short break.The concept is a bit similar Westworld It is in that people can bring robots like humanoids home and follow the universe where they can help in their daily lives.

As fans might expect from such a story, having a robot with human-like abilities is not always the best idea. It was a very well written series and had a passionate fan base in its run.

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