15 shows to watch while waiting for Mindhunter Season 3

When David fincher was decided Transaction to make Mank, A new film about writing a classic film by Herman J. Mankywitz, Citizen KaneIt was thrilling that he returned to the media.After all, it’s been 6 years Gone girl, And Mank It will be available to a much larger audience than Rosamund Pike Thriller. Netflix..

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But it has also come at the expense of the third season Mind hunter.. The true crime series, created by Joe Penhall with Fincher as the producer, was put into hibernation indefinitely, minimizing the chances of it actually coming back someday. If they decide to get the ball back, it won’t return to the third season for a while. These are 15 shows to fill the gap in between.

Updated on January 4, 2021 by Kristen Palamara: It’s still unclear if mindhunters will get a continuation of the third season, but a fascinating and intense show that delves into the real-life story of a crime profiler who began studying the psychology behind serial killers in the 1970s. Continues as. Two profilers will understand why they kill people by interviewing characters based on real-life serial killers and studying crimes in the hope of solving and possibly preventing future crimes. will do. While fans are waiting in anticipation of that third season, we’ve added a few more shows to help fill in the void left by the extended pauses of mindhunters.

15 Unsolved mystery

Unsolved Mystery Robert Stack

Unsolved mysteryIn both the original 1980s show and the restart of Netflix, the host delves into an unsolved mystery as it describes the case and where it’s in the process of being resolved at that time.

The show includes reenactments and interviews with people who were or knew of the victims of the crime in some way. This is a fascinating show about real-life crime, and the original show helped solve some mysteries.

14 Welcome to Ozark

Welcome to Ozark Jason Bateman and Laura Linney

Welcome to Ozark Following a normal family thrown into the world of crime when Marty (Jason Bateman) offered money laundering for a drug trafficker to save his life after his business partner ruined the cartel I will.

He moves his family to Ozark, where they can hide and try to repay their cartel debt, while at the same time fighting other people in the criminal world and keeping their families safe. It looks like it’s burning the crime landscape violently and slowly.

13 Prodigal son

Prodigal son He follows the successful criminal psychologist Malcolm Bright, with a psychological conspiracy at the heart of helping local police resolve crimes and catch criminals.

Like Holden, he puts himself in his job, even if it may be unhealthy for him. Mind hunterAnd the show’s twist is that his father is a convicted serial killer and is in jail.Similar to Hannibal Malcolm visits his father in jail and tries to keep solving the murder crime.

12 Barry

Barry It’s a dramatic yet comedy show centered around a hitman who has an existential crisis and decides to become an actor instead.

The show delves into how and why Barry first became a hitman, and the psychological impact it had on him from the time he fought in the military until he returned and continued to kill. Barry considers his life as a hitman and tries to get out of the game over and over again, but always seems to be pulled back.

11 Manhunt: Unabomber

Manhunt: Unabomber Very similar to Mind hunter It follows the true story behind Unabomber’s Manhunt, who sent various bombs by mail and killed several people.

The miniseries focus on the FBI profiler responsible for the case where he began using new technology in his search, and like Holden and Bill, he was initially fired for a unique and unfamiliar idea. However, he finally succeeded in finding him and arrested Unabomber.

Ten wire

One side made Mind hunter What was special was the ability to focus on the FBI’s systemic failure. If you are attracted to the dire system that society is implementing, wire is Must-see..

It also deals with elements of family life, such as the Tench subplot. Mind hunter..Moreover, watching one of the best TV series ever during a new TV series is never painful Mind hunter Season.

9 Road to the murderer

many Mind hunter It feels right taken from the FBI’s early behavioral science research crime and investigation records.If this realism is the most attractive aspect of Mind hunter, Then fans should look to Road to the murderer..

As another Netflix series Road to the murderer A true crime documentary.It features disastrous footage and tons of transcripts and a feel of the piece Mind hunter..

8 Cyc

on Mind hunter, Agent Ford (pictured by Jonathan Groff) is a bit off the path of trial and error in federal investigations. He has his own methodology, which can often lead to arrogance and trouble for him.

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This DNA Cyc, Which function Shawn Spencer Shake the detective at the Santa Barbara police station. He has his own beat and fits the prototype that Ford currently occupies.

7 Law and order

Law and order Chris Noth and Jerry Orbach

on the other hand Cyc When it comes to professional shows, I’m definitely a comedy enthusiast. Mind hunter Definitely cold and dramatic. For a series of steps to fill the gap, Law and order An excellent choice.

There are many bingeable episodes that can lead to that Dick Wolf’s countless spin-offs..How much time to consider Mind hunter It may be gone, but this may be the wisest option.

6 Gree

This may seem ridiculous.What possibilities Gree Probably in common with Mind hunter??Well, there is one main element, his name is Jonathan Groff, Baby!

None Mind hunter, Glof fans are taking to get their entry To the unknown And Hamilton, Both at Disney Plus.But he also plays Jesse St. James Gree!! If it’s a glob fix that fans are looking for, Gree Meet those needs.

Five Hannibal

Shows about serial killers are always popular and there’s a lot to be drawn to in the absence Mind hunter.. Dexter It may not satisfy the fans Hannibal It’s only grown in popularity since that conclusion.

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One of Hannibal Lecter’s most acclaimed depictions, Hannibal Providing fans with a lot of creepy and anxious behavior that created the Edmund Kemper scene Mind hunter I’m very crazy about it.

Four Incredible

Incredible Is a mini-series on a series of dark crimes in the Northwestern United States. It’s an incredibly tragic series, but it’s very compelling, with a surprising amount of rich performances by caliber actors from Merit Weaver, Caitlin Diver, and Toni Collette.

Incredible Also available on Netflix.There is a good chance that the streaming service will recommend it to those who have finished watching it. Mind hunter..

3 Night

Night of John Turturro and Riz Ahmed

Moved from Netflix to HBO Night Will be another great show to watch Binge while waiting for the new season Mind hunter.. Sure, it’s only eight episodes, but it’s completely fascinating.

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Starring John Turturro and Riz Ahmed, Night Just as you are fascinated by the crime in question, you are fascinated by the failure of the case.Detective on Mind hunter You may be engaged in this concept of justice.

2 Tower on the sand

Tower on the sand Is different from Mind hunter In the sense that he is more interested in innovative politicians than the best FBI agents. But both feature the worst people you can imagine (including Kevin Spacey).

Why fans may like Tower on the sand Fincher’s pedigree is also in the entire series.His shooting style is fascinating and it’s available at card,Also.

1 True detective

Finally, True detective Will be the perfect watch for fans of Mind hunterThat is, the first season starring Matthew McConaughey And Woody Harrelson..

It starring a pair of flawed investigators who are doing their best to solve vicious and mysterious crimes. It focuses on their family life in parallel with the central banquet of murders.It’s completely married Mind hunter And that’s a lot of elements of sycophancy and serial murder!

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