15 The most horrifying death of Disney villains

It has always been somewhat widely believed that villains are the best part of many Disney movies. The Lion King For a cheerful duo of Kronk and Izma The emperor’s new ditch..The movie clearly wants the audience to equate with the heroes of their story, but they don’t seem to be able to help make the villains completely compelling and Sometimes even some kind of right.. It is also worth noting that so many of these villains extend to how they achieve their goals.

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Disney movies are obviously for kids, but some of the ways villains end up dying must be said to be a bit scarier and often much more violent than fans initially expected.

Updated by Mark Birrell on October 14, 2021. Disney villains, like Maleficent, often get spectacular entrances sleeping Beauty, But some special will probably get even more memorable exits. The death of the best Disney villains, even in the darkest cases, can never be scary enough to affect the universal quality shared by all animated Disney movies. However, due to the subtle choice of color palette and location, or timely cropping, it can have a lasting impact on the viewer. Even if the more you think about it, the more scary it becomes, each ingenuity is commendable.

Jafar (Jafar’s return)

Jafar's death on Jafar's return

The evil wizard Jafar does not die in the original Aladdin Trapped in a lamp rather than in a movie and often pinged into the desert by a genie, he eventually met his natural destiny in the first sequel to the series. Jafar’s return..

Jafar, like the first movie, was an unrepentant villain in the sequel, about to execute Aladdin in a murderous framing. A hole in the ground around the palace has a surprisingly terrifying end. Of the lava that took him to his lamp, which was finally kicked and destroyed. Jafar screams in horror and perhaps suffering, and as his giant genie swirls like a whirlpool, his body begins to flash as if it were being attacked by electricity. Star Wars..

Ratigan (Olivia’s Great Adventure)

Ratigan dies in Great Mouse Detective

of Olivia’s Great AdventureA world of anthropomorphic animals that reflects the story of the famous Sherlock Holmes, Ratigan is a malicious professor Moriarty fighting the heroic Basil on Baker Street.

After a rather scary and relatively fierce battle with Basil in London’s Big Ben watch, Ratigan loses his composure and unleashes his vicious animal side. When Ratigan appears to have won, the clock rings and a huge vibration rushes Ratigan from end to end, pulling Basil with him into the fog. Thankfully, Basil can grab some of Ratigan’s crashed airships along the way and save himself, but Ratigan isn’t so lucky.

Scroop (Treasure Planet)

Scroop screams as you dive into the Treasure Planet universe

But Treasure Planet Adding a great spin to the classic father / son dynamics between Jim Hawkins and Long John Silver, sincerely not so lucky that the movie’s main enemy, the secondary villain Scoop, isn’t so lucky. Bring goodbye.

With a large insect-like body, Scoop is pretty scary, even when impersonating a crew member who isn’t a murder pirate, but his end is especially scary. His death reflects the death he gave to Mr Arrow when he cut his lifeline. Scoop jumped into Jim, went missing, jumped into space himself, and shouted that he was rushing into the bottomless hole.

Evil Queen (Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs)

The evil queen who dies with Snow White and the seven dwarfs

Evil Queen from Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs Was originally a Disney villain, and she has never been arguably breached in terms of total horror, especially when in the form of her grandmother.

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Her death is just as frightening as she is chased by the dwarfs to the edge of a cliff in a heavy storm, where she is about to roll a huge rock over them. However, a lightning bolt hit her foot, smashing an outcrop of the rock beneath her and plunging her into the rock that immediately followed her. The vulture leer watching says it all.

Luke (Atlantis Lost Empire)

Roke's death at Atlantis the Lost Empire

Rourke is one of Disney’s heels and looks like a typical hero in most movies before it was revealed in Act 3 to be an unscrupulous mercenary. He’s technically bloodless, but he’s dying extraordinarily horribly and vividly for Disney’s villains who are completely on-screen.

He was scratched by a piece of Atlantis material sent for recovery, the reaction spreading throughout his body, turning him into a terrifying crystalline monster, and eventually being shattered by the propellers of his escape ship. ..

Maleficent (Sleeping Beauty)

Maleficent's Death Scene, Prince Phillip, Disney

In a sense, Maleficent is the best villain Disney has ever made. With her cruel aristocratic appearance and her proud attitude, she owns a screen every time she appears. That’s why it’s not really surprising that she has one of the most horrific deaths in Disney animation history.

In this case, the villain burns in the form of a dragon after Philip stabs the true sword deep into his chest and drives her to fate over a cliff.

Ursula (Little Mermaid)

Ursula's Death Scene, Disney, The Little Mermaid

With an unparalleled voice of Pat Carroll, Ursula really marked a new stage of Disney’s villainy. With her trademark Quip and cunning, she is one of the most interesting characters in the whole canon. She is also dying really horribly. Especially because by that time in the movie she had become a huge figure intended to take control of all the oceans.

When Eric attacks her on a ship, it clearly reminds us that even the brightest and brightest of Disney’s colorful animated films can have that violent moment.

Scar (Lion King)

Scar Death Scene The Lion King

Like many other villains, it’s Scar’s voice actor that makes him stand out as a villain. Jeremy Irons has a certain quality of his voice that is unmatched by most others. Scars are also a particularly ruthless villain, as they can cause their brothers to fall and die in a wildebeest crowd accident.

His death is also a bit scary, as he is eaten up by the very hyenas he relentlessly abused in pursuit of the crown, the scary look of the red and scarred faces of the surrounding fire makes it feel in fact. Graphic death even if it is not displayed in.

Doctor Facilier (Princess and Magic Kiss)

Doctor Facilier Death Scene Princess and Magic Kiss

I have a lot of things I like Princess and the Frog, One of the few traditional animated Disney movies in recent years, including its villains. The terrifying wizard Dr. Facilier is as bad as they come.

Therefore, it is appropriate for him to suffer a particularly horrific fate. In this case, he is dragged into the world of spirits by the spirits he manipulates and uses for his own benefit. Like many other villains on this list, his death is a little scary even for adults.

Clayton (Tarzan)

Clayton Deathscene Tarzan Disney

He doesn’t have Some cunning intelligence of his fellow Disney villains, Clayton is still a formidable entity, and he runs some of his other adversaries for their money. His death is also one of the most horrifying of all the movies released during the Disney Renaissance.

It happens off-screen, but it’s well documented that he uses shadows to hang on some vines. It’s still pretty scary for kids (and some adults in the audience).

Sykes (Oliver & Company)

Sykes Death Scene Oliver New York Kitten Story

The 1980s were pretty difficult for Disney brands, but there were some pretty good movies released during that period, one of which was Oliver & Company..

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Its main villain, Sykes, is the ruler of crime who has decided to get his money back from the moody thief Fagan. His death is also pretty scary because he was able to get hit by the New York City subway. Even for those who are transparently evil and cruel, as he is, it’s a pretty scary way to go.

Gaston (Beauty and the Beast)

Gaston Death Scene Beauty and the Beast Disney

Gaston beauty and the Beast Probably the most arrogant and gorgeous of all Disney villains. After all, he basically has an entire song that sings about how great he is.

Unfortunately for him, it is his arrogance that bothers him and eventually leads to his death when he falls from the parapet of the Beast Castle. It’s a horrifying scene – thinking, as Gaston seems to be doing his most disliked entertainment while he’s falling. His terrifying look, showing that he knows what’s going on and can’t do anything to stop it.

Horned King (Black Coldron)

Horned King Death Scene Black Coldron Disney

Black cauldron It’s like Disney’s canon exile, partly because it’s such a dark movie (and It was even darker in the original draftAlso, the storytelling is a bit unplanned and uneven. But there is no doubt that Horned King is a great villain. Few are recognizable human to him, and this makes him one of those villains who send chills to the viewer’s spine.

His death is also particularly horrifying. He was sucked into a very black cauldron, spent trying to get much of the movie, and became a skeleton before disappearing.

McCreech (The Rescuers of Bianca)

McCreech's death scene rescued under Disney

The Rescuers of Bianca It’s a little hidden jewel. Technically part of the Disney Renaissance, it rarely gets the love of so many peers. It’s a shame because there are pretty good villains in McCreech who take great pleasure in being a sneaky poacher.

Fortunately, he got what actually came to him. At first it was almost eaten by a crocodile, then it plummeted onto a waterfall and died. He finally falls into the fog, but the camera perfectly tracks his long fall. McCreech’s desperate and useless paddling consolidates this as one of the most horrifying Disney villain deaths, as he understands what’s to come.

Fluoro (Bell of Notre Dame)

Notre Dame Disney's Fluoro Death Scene Rickets

From time to time, Disney movies appear, but it looks like they’re actually rewriting the rules of animation. Notre Dame Bell It’s one such movie.It really is the most Artistically and thematically mature Disney movies So far, and that also applies to the death scene of Judge Claude Frollo, the movie’s central villain.

Fans will remember that while the waterspout he was standing on came back to life and was preparing to devour him, he jumped into a river of melted metal and died. It’s a really scary moment and easily one of the best Disney villain deaths.

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