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£ 150 off Google Super Camera Smartphone

Google’s latest flagship phone, the Pixel 5, is now available for just £ 449. It’s £ 150 cheaper than it was when it went on sale a few months ago.

At this low price, the Pixel 5 is even cheaper than its more affordable alternative, the Pixel 4a 5G. Given that the former has a larger battery, as well as a higher resolution and a faster 90Hz display, it doesn’t take much time to guess which is the better option at this time.

Action: Pixel 5 (opened – unused) costs only £ 449 £ 599

Like all previous Pixel smartphones, the main selling point of the Pixel 5 is the camera’s capabilities. On paper, there’s a 12.2MP wide sensor and a 16MP ultra wide sensor on the back of the device, which I don’t hear much (hardware upgrades are quite late in this division), but inside it, the Pixel 5 You can throw away photos with undeniable flare.

Shots taken with the Pixel 5 are bright and punchy, and even with a fairly modest sensor, they have a natural bokeh effect that pops the subject. Google’s nightsight mode is back again, allowing the Pixel 5 to absorb an amazing amount of color in the dark.

Like Apple’s iPhone 12 series, the Pixel 5 is Google’s first flagship device with 5G compatibility. If you already have a 5G-enabled SIM, you’ll have instant and fast access (if you have 5G coverage nearby).

The 90Hz refresh rate for mobile phones may seem a bit slower than the 120Hz option on the Galaxy S21 series, but it’s still much faster than the 60Hz standard used on most smartphones. If you’re upgrading from an older phone, you’ll notice the change right away.

Action: Pixel 5 (opened – unused) costs only £ 449 £ 599

For less than £ 500, it’s almost impossible to find a smartphone with comparable camera performance that also has 5G capabilities. So if you’re looking for an affordable upgrade, the £ 449 Pixel 5 is for you.

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£ 150 off Google Super Camera Smartphone £ 150 off Google Super Camera Smartphone

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