19% off reading pillows, stop Doomscrolling and read a book before bedtime

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ZOEMO Rest Reading Pillow $ 72 | Amazon

You know that you have to stop scrolling on your phone before you go to bed.Would you like to motivate yourself to start a reading habit with a new one instead before it’s time to turn off? ZOEMO Rest Reading Pillow today?

from now $ 72, This big boy should be 26.5 inches high and high enough to sit upright comfortably. It even has a removable neck pillow and handle up over the full piece for your convenience.

I’ve been keeping an eye on reading pillows lately, but I can’t exaggerate how important it is to get a pillow big enough for it to be effective. It completely defeats the purpose.

Most color options have this 19% discount, but I personally Gray option of this maple leaf pattern..There is also Star-shaped option..

Also available in plain blue, brown and gray! Unfortunately, the black version has a list price of $ 90.

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