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  • The 1982 Brazilian class is considered by many to be the best team ever.
  • They didn’t win the trophy, but they definitely surprised the Spanish world
  • Coach Telesantana died today 15 years ago

Brazil advanced to Spain undefeated in 19 games in 1982, scoring 46 goals and scoring only 10 goals in the process. The sequence included 10 consecutive victories, defeating England in London, France in Paris and West Germany in Stuttgart within seven days.

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  • Left wingback junior releases samba truck, Povo Feliz (Happy people), it was better known Voa, Canalinho (Fly, Canary-Yellow), just before the global final with composer Memeco and Nonodo Jacarezinho. It was a big hit in Brazil.
  • For the first time, Brazil has included overseas-based players in its World Cup team. Falcao in Rome and Dirceu in Atletico Madrid. Julinho Botello (Fiorentina), Evaristo de Macedo (Barcelona), Dino Sani, Mazzola (AC Milan), Canario (Real Madrid) were previously excluded.

Careca KO

Careca did not play for Brazil for 1982, but by the time Teresantana nominated Spain for 1982, the 21-year-old sensation meteorologically positioned them as their first choice striker. Established in. The last two. Later, when a Guarani player suffered a thigh injury during training and was excluded from the tournament, a disaster occurred three days before it began.

Brazil had a nine-day break between the last match of the first group stage with New Zealand and the first match of the second group stage with Argentina.


Brazil 2-1 Soviet Union
Brazil 4-1 Scotland
Brazil 4-0 New Zealand
Argentina 1-3 Brazil
Italy 3-2 Brazil


“As soon as he came in, things changed dramatically,” explained Falcao, the appointment of Telê Santana. “Play for Seleson It’s been a lot of fun. He wanted us to play intuitively rather than systematically. He urged Fullback to attack. He didn’t want a central midfielder who only knew how to stop his opponent – ​​he wanted a midfielder who knew what to do with the ball. He gave us the freedom to try what we wanted. He always wanted us to show a spectacular show. “

“I want to lose playing beautiful football rather than win terrible play,” Tele said famously. Brazil may not have conquered Spain in 1982, but it has declined as one of the most beloved XIs in history.

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He arrived at the World Cup known as the “Vespaciano Bomb” and the “Cannon” and was charged as the most difficult player to shoot in the sport. Edel responded to its reputation with a ferocious volley against the Soviet Union and by threatening the life of Crossbar against Argentina, giving it a new nickname of “Exocet” after a French missile. The Mercury Left also believed in his Monica with a palace tip against Scotland, one of the most delicate goals the tournament has seen.


Mozart on the grass, the predecessor of Andrea Pirlo and Xavi, the composer’s extraordinary “Eighth King of Rome”, Falcao is one of the most cerebral midfielders and best passers-by in history. .. He also scored three goals in five games in Spain. This includes a great equalizer that lost to Italy 3-2.


It seems that it wasn’t cheating in 1982 that there was a person who was supposed to be one of the best No. 10 in history with a No. 6 shirt. In Spain, juniors – fighters, leaders, ball roads – were extraordinary and scored a great one-on-one goal against Argentina. -Using Zico, the two cores of myriad spell bindings Seleson attack.


Another man whose astronomical ability believed in his position. Leandro and Junior have arguably formed the best fullback pairing in football history. Lubronegro With flamengo Canalinho Brazil.


Very unique in terms of appearance, personality and play, the “Doctor” was an immeasurably elegant playmaker. With a trademark headband, nearly 6 feet 4 inches, he surgically slices open defense with a through ball, hypnotizes his opponent with a feint, and is probably the largest backheel index in football history. He was able to hit the bullseye with his right boots – from anywhere, right Rinat Dasayev?


Arguably the largest and certainly the most thrilling midfield god in football history. Ziko was the best electric shock in the soil of Iberia. Like Johan Cruyff in Germany in 1974, his exhibition was worthy of money.

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  • At Socrates’ World Cup debut, he scored a 2-1 victory over the Soviet Union at the 1982 Spanish Curtain Razor with the Brazilian captain. His brother Lai defeated Russia 2-0 in the 1994 USA Curtain Razor in his World Cup debut, scoring with the Brazilian captain.
  • Brazil, the only country to participate in all 21 World Cups, has only scored at least two goals in every game in one edition. Spain 1982.
  • Telê Santana led São Paulo to conquer a series of Intercontinental Cups. Barcelona and AC Milan. Tonino Selezo, Kafu, Lai and Muller caused the upset of Ronald Koeman, Pep Guardiola, Michael Laudrup, Hristo Stoichkov and Barcelona in 1992, followed by Franco Baresi, Paolo Maldini and Marcel Desailly. Jean-Pierre Papin sank AC Milan. Year.

Zico finished the tournament (4 and 4) with eight goals and assists, more than any other player. This was followed by Pierre Littbarski and Paolo Rossi (7).

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“Brazil in 1982 was one of the most amazing national teams ever. Junior, Falcao, Socrates, Edder, Ziko … a lot of amazing talents are playing together. It was a really great team. . “
Pep Guardiola

“Maradona was there, but Ziko was sensational. You couldn’t even get close enough to defile him.”
Graeme Souness To be the best player he has ever faced

“Brazil had an incredible team. They had great players, they seemed to be playing telepathically, they had such creative ideas, they could improvise, they were good at telepathy. There was a coach. “
Cesar Luis Menotti

“Touch, one-two, dribble … they had an incredible number of classes. They didn’t seem to score regular goals. I don’t know if they were the best team ever. But I have never played soccer like them. “
Alan Rough

“While dealing with football as a player, coach and journalist, I didn’t know any other team. No matter how well they played, I didn’t get any criticism. There’s always something. But there’s always something. No one said a word to us because we played really beautiful football. “

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1982 FIFA World Cup ™-News-Tele and his gods in 1982 1982 FIFA World Cup ™-News-Tele and his gods in 1982

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