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– Tonight’s special edition of MLW Fusion has been branded as Filthy Island. The night commentators are Tom Lawlor and Dan Lambert. They start running out of cards, and Lambert says he thinks having a Low Ki at the main event will ruin ticket sales and PPV purchases.

– The ring has no rope and is held in the backyard (known as von Erik Lund). The Aztec Jungle Fight commentators are Rich Bocchini and Saint Laurent.

*** Match # 1: Dominique Galini defeated Mauna Loa in a naked strangle.

– Los Sparks is a promotion to challenge Alexander Hammerstone in the MLW National Openweight Championship. Also, after a break, a video ad on will air (perhaps the revival of Lucha Underground in MLW?) Richard Holliday and Alexander Hammerstone attacked the area saying they weren’t really impressed with Hawaii. I am. There is a video package of rivals between Saviovega and Promociones Dorado.

*** Match # 2: Kevin Kuh defeated Zenshi with the dragon Suplex.

– After Von Erich sent a video promotion and Ross said he wished he was there to help his brother Low Ki, Marshall knew he would do something to join the match tonight. So I decided to crash the party. The MLW underground will be back next week in place of Fusion. March 3 Jordan Oliver challenges Jacob Fatu for the MLW World Heavyweight Championship, and Rothparks defends the MLW World Tag Team title against Contra (Simon Gotch & Daibari). March 31st will be the MLW Never Say Never PPV event.

*** Match # 3: Milmuertes defeated Saviovega in the Aztec Jungle Fight. The battle began after Muertes attacked Vega from behind. The match fought in the dark while in the “jungle”, after which the video feed was lost. The video feed recovered as he continued the brawl after the next match, but a propaganda video from Joseph Samael he said he would give an example when Jordan Oliver was publicly executed. Muertes knocked out Vega with a clover, so the match returns to the end in the third. Salina de la Renta tells him to finish his work, then he locks him in and begins digging a grave.

– Alicia Atuto interviews TJP about his feelings for Bukudao after losing to Los Parks a few weeks ago. He says that in the last six years, his trophy case has become something that only some people can dream of. He says he’s like LeBron James because he wins and helps up-and-coming players no matter what team they belong to. TJP says BuKu will drop the ball when it’s time to win. He ends up saying he’s not a bully.

*** Match # 4: Rocky Romero defeated Gringo Loco.

– I see Tom Lawlor trying to get support from Richard Holiday and Alexander Hammerstone, but Holiday doesn’t take that into account because of the trash everywhere. He considers the land to be a dump, but Hammerstone is intrigued by the spam on the catering table.

– PWI Top 10 Candidates for This Week’s MLW World Heavyweight Title.
10 Jordan Oliver
# 9 Calvin Tank Man
# 8 Myron Reed
# 7 Milmu Eltes
# 6 Richard Holiday
# 5 Mads Krügger
# 4 Low Ki
# 3 Lio Rush
# 2 Tom Lawlor
# 1 Alexander Hammerstone

*** Match # 5: Low Ki defeated King Mo in a sleeper hold to win the King of the Knockouts 2 match. After the match, Team Filthy attacked LowKi, but when Von Erichs arrived and the show was over, there was a brawl around.

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2/17/21 MLW Fusion-Filthy Island Report 2/17/21 MLW Fusion-Filthy Island Report

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