20 best horror movies of 2020

This article is part of us 2020 rewind.. Follow while exploring the best and most interesting movies, shows, performances and more of this very bizarre year. In this entry, we carefully step into the shadows to find the best horror movie of 2020.

There is some arguing that horror movies aren’t needed in these years when every day is a nightmare to some extent, but it’s advisable to need more horror. Like all movies, they offer releases outside of our real-day pain, and some use those real-world pressure points to intensify horror, but they are encouraging fiction. It remains. If you could get a little away from the news and instead settle on the story of monsters, demons, microbes, murderers, aliens, revenge, and very big cocks, why not?

Before getting into the list, there are some caveats. Some films were officially released in 2020, but we’ve included them previously based on the 2019 Film Festival run, so we won’t add them again below. However, all five — Come to dad, Special ordinary, Funeral collection, Pool,and Summon darkness — Worth your time. This year’s list only includes movies (including streaming) released in the United States in 2020.

Also, I had to limit this list to 20 titles, but think of the following as a combination of honorable mentions, orchids, and hot trash (but which one is to you) Let me decide): After midnight, Amulet, Anteberum, Beach house, Becky, Blood Quantum, Color out of space, Dig deep, Whimsical, Gretel & Hansel, Hunter hunter, Impetigoa, Invisible Man, Kindred, La Llorona, Love and monsters, Monstram, Scare me, siren, Sputnik, Triggered

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20. Deep Blue Sea 3

I know what you’re thinking — “Rob, you lost your terrible heart by putting a video killer shark movie directly on the best list of the year.” Fair, but here I am Please listen Deep blue sea 3 It’s definitely worth including in this list. Although you can’t touch the original and pretend that Part 2 doesn’t exist, this DTV effort is an interesting story of super-predatory sharks and the people they eat. It’s a lot of fun, and sometimes surprising, but it makes good use of the floating island locale and deserves to be acknowledged for delivering far more than the DTV sequel normally manages. Spin and get past suspicious CG effects and enjoy a wet and wild ride. It can be rented.

19. Snow Hollow Wolf

Wolf in the snow

It’s not half of this list, but it’s made up of horror films that are also comedy to some extent, and includes a follow-up to writer / director Jim Cummings. Thunder Road (2018). He paves the way for genre fares with his latest story about a small town cop confronting his father’s death, his own angry problems, and a barbaric murderer who may be a werewolf. The film applies genre metaphors and character beats in unexpected ways to dig out bold and offensive laughter from situations that can be bloody at any time. It’s a nasty but interesting view of the monsters in all of us. Some of them are more greedy for their appetite than others. It can be rented.

18. Human lessons

Human lessons

Ray Shue’s nifty little slasher is confident enough in the story to avoid over-tilting towards Meta, but nevertheless Tragedy girl And so on. The story follows a group of killer teens who are familiar with horror movies and their metaphors (being with them rather than chasing the final girls), and they use that knowledge to comment on the killings and improve. To do. It’s fun without any discomfort, and kills and set pieces provide enough thrill to guide the viewer to their violent conclusions. (read My review.. ) You can stream and rent with Amazon Prime.

17. Duke! (UK)

Become a duke

First of all — this is a terrible title and should not be changed from the original title. Boys in the forest.. But no matter what you call it, rest assured that this movie is a very entertaining Scottish thread about a teenager on a camping expedition involved in a masked murderer. It’s a fun removal of class distinction, full of imaginative death and killer jokes. It’s even more interesting that it’s all found by four talking young Scottish people who completely ignore authority and good behavior.Consider some unclean formulations of Hot fuzz And Attack the block, And you will have an idea of ​​what tones and energies to expect. (read My review.. ) You can stream with Amazon Prime.

16. Sea Fever (UK)

Sea Fever

This little Irish thriller hit the screen in the middle of a pandemic. This wasn’t as appropriate for talking about previously undiscovered infectious diseases in the form of living organisms.The setting of a trawler out at sea gives a sense of isolation to fear and adds John Carpenter’s bullying, as delusions, violence, and death are commonplace. Thing In the atmosphere of a movie. It’s a smart, science-oriented approach that adds thrills, fears, and plea to humanity in the face of imminent death, and its effects are nifty and eye-catching. Wink Wink. (read My review.. ) You can stream and rent it on Hulu.

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20 best horror movies of 2020

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