20 Jeremih Quotes on Success, Pressure and Goals (2021)

Jeremih Felton, “Jeremih” is an American singer, rapper, songwriter and record producer from Chicago.

His commercial debut single “Birthday Sex” is one of the most popular songs throughout his career. The song peaked at # 4 on the US Billboard Hot 100 chart.

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Here is the best Jeremih quote ever:

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1. “I studied French for four or five years in high school, but I can’t speak French as much as I expected at the time.” – Jeremih

2. “Often, like the title of a song, it’s a small thing that makes a big difference in success.” – Jeremih

3. “Because I’m a percussionist, that’s most of what I know when attacking records. Melodic, knowing the key to making the perfect blend, my first love.” – Jeremih

4. “When I first signed, I was literally picking up a pen and pad. Write a bar in my note, even the entire song. Today I just feel faint. “ – Jeremih

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5. “If they knew they were deaf, would they have signed Def Jam? No.” – Jeremih

6. “I work well under pressure. In fact, I love pressure.” – Jeremih

7. “My competition keeps me moving. Living with my family and son, and Chicago keeps me and my fans humble. That’s what I do my best to tell everyone. That’s why I get to know how to say my name. “ – Jeremih

8. “I’m an owl. I’m done. I’ll probably fall asleep during the time most people wake up. In the first half of the day, you may not catch me.” – Jeremih

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9. “That’s my ultimate goal. Let people say my name correctly.” – Jeremih

10. “Down on Me” can’t show off my true talent. “Birthday sex” was a robot. When I do that, I can’t give you the feelings of this church that I know I can give. “ – Jeremih

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11. “Chicago, we always had it. People just shunned because it’s nothing business from the industry. Everyone from Chi goes to NYC or LA – from R. Kelly Go to Kanye and even Twista. From there everyone is great, but nothing in downtown. “– Jeremih

12. “I’m still listening to Ginuwine. I can still hear Donell Jones.” – Jeremih

13. “I have never had vocal training. No one could say that they helped me to make my voice. It was just like self-training. I was in the studio every night. I keep going to and trying different beats. “ – Jeremih

14. “I want to know how many newborns are named Jeremih after their second album.” – Jeremih

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15. “When you step in front of the microphone, you feel as hellish as you are.” – Jeremih

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16. “When it comes to romance and catering for women, I’m definitely here.” – Jeremih

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17. “I can’t wait until the world accepts Chicago. Not only our talents, but just visiting our city, not too afraid to come there, don’t follow people’s perceptions Please. “-Jeremih

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18. “It took me five years to figure out what I could do with my voice. No autotune-block everything.” – Jeremih

19. “I firmly believe in time. I know that many people don’t believe in time like I do, but I think time will be healed and everything will be clear to me.” – Jeremih

20. “I can’t wait until the world accepts Chicago” – not only our talents, but just visiting our city, not too afraid to come there and not follow people’s perceptions Please. “” – Jeremih


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