20% off sale: Mindfulness kit, life story e-course reproduction, etc.

Yo everyone! As spring approaches, a new beginning and a time of rebirth, I decided to offer two life-changing products at 20% off for a limited time. I also offer all the inspirational shirts at the same discount. Because the uplifting message helps you and the people around you feel the best and the best when you and the people around you strive for positive change.

What is offered?

The sale includes:

  • Little Buddha Mindfulness Kit
  • My bestseller Recreate Your Life Story eCourse
  • 4 shirts in different colors and styles

In a little more detail …

About Tiny Buddha’s Mindfulness Kit

I created this kit because I suffered from anxiety most of my life and it didn’t help much to ease the idea of ​​racing, such as practicing mindfulness. Still, I don’t always have time to practice yoga classes or long meditations, so with the help of some tools and techniques that make it fun, easy and fun, have a hearty moment throughout the day. I learned to incorporate it.

The kit contains a variety of products and practices that help bring more peace, calm and relaxation to everyday life.

The collection contains three lavender products.

  • Relaxing pillow spray (To help you fall asleep faster and sleep deeper)
  • Soothing bath & shower gel (To spin the bathtub in a comfortable and calm cocoon)
  • Calming essential oil roll-on (Helps to relieve stress naturally anytime, anywhere)

and again:

  • Lychee flower scented candle (To improve mood and enhance meditation practice)
  • Daily Mindfulness Practice Guide (To help you make a pocket of peace throughout the day)
  • 3 Free Digital Bonus Guides For a quiet and stress-free day

If you’ve been frustrated, nervous, overwhelmed, or anxious lately, this careful self-care kit tool and technique can help relieve stress.

Or, if someone you know is spreading too thinly or feeling maximum stress, this may be the perfect gift to help relieve their tension and pain.

Kits usually sell for $ 45 and are now available for $ 36. Learn more about.

About Recreate Your Life Storye Course

I created this course because I wanted to share what helped me change my life after years of depression, bulimia nervosa, and self-loathing. ⠀

I clearly remember when I lost my way and felt despair, like a victim or a failure. I couldn’t imagine being excited about my life or being proud of myself. ⠀

Then one day I came across a quote that changed everything for me:

“Life is 10% of what happens to you and 90% of the way you react to it.”

At that time, I realized that I didn’t have to be defined by what I experienced and what I did accordingly. Instead, I was able to focus on what I was trying to do next, which moved my story from pain and shame to healing and pride.

My life could be defined by my next choice, and my next choice didn’t have to look like the previous one. And not only did my future not have to look like my past, but I was able to change my past and my own perspective. I was able to literally rewrite my story through the power of perspective and portray myself as a hero, not as a victim or villain. ⠀

That is all about this course. It’s about choosing to look at yourself and your life through a more empowering lens so that you can regain your reins and live the story you want to live from this point on.

It’s about despair, replacing self-judgment with self-compassion, and taking a new path that excites you as a proud person.

This self-study course blends self-help and cinema for a fun and creative approach to change, and includes four value-packed modules, each featuring.

  • Written introduction to the core concept of the module
  • Quiz and workbook for introspection and self-discovery
  • Expert video interview
  • Video from me sharing my relevant life experience
  • Three movie case studies, analyzing the heroes we know and love from the movies
  • Episodes 4-6 from Tiny Buddha contributors who have already taken these steps

This course usually sells for $ 97, but is now available for $ 77.60. For more information, please apply here.

About shirts

The above two designs and the other two are all available in multiple colors and sizes for T-shirts, V-neck, tank tops, hoodies and sweatshirts.

My personal favorite is the “Peace, Love, Music” shirt, which is also the most popular.

Click on this shirt to see all shirt options.

— —

My friends, I hope you enjoy the product. Also, if you have already tried the kit or course, please let us know what you think. Sharing feedback not only supports me and my work, but also helps me learn, grow and improve.

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