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20 small fleet truck drivers honored at NASTC Nashville rally

20 truck drivers National Light Truck Company Association Annual Meeting November 4, 5 and 6 at Omni Hotel in Nashville.

this. The winners of this year and the companies they promote are:

  • Ishmael Hamilton, Atlantic Coast Carrier
  • Donna Haire, Barnes Transportation Services, Inc.
  • Randy Leyhe, BGB Trucking, Inc.
  • Jorge Huerta, Blue Collar Express
  • Danny Branden, BM Transport, Inc.
  • Jack Pate, Daggett Track Line
  • James Brazeal, Double VV Inc.
  • Mark Luke, Estamp Rovision
  • Keith Lester, Five Star Trucking, Inc.
  • James Ceasar, Fleeman Carriers, Inc.
  • Dale Hepp, Heding Truck Service
  • Randy Hinds, Hull Transport
  • Dofort Harris, JD & Billy Hines Trucking, Inc.
  • Russ Hamann, Karl’s Transport, Inc.
  • Mike Bollin, PTI Dedicated Service, LLC
  • Danny Rutherford, Jr., QLF Transportation, Inc.
  • Raymond Barthle, Schwende, Inc.
  • Justin Johnson, Sweet Rides Logistics
  • Daymon Raue, Triple R Trucking, LLC
  • Glen Sheets, Zentner Transportation, Inc.

Honorable drivers will receive Driver of the Year shields, custom jackets, and gifts provided by NASTC and its affiliates. They will be honored at the Driver of the Year Awards luncheon that concludes the conference.

The conference will also nominate this year’s Small Fleet Champ. The contest was announced by our sister magazine, Overdrive. The fleet of semi-finalists is:

  • Dewitt Transportation, Marion, Illinois
  • Hoewing Trucking, Missouri Canton
  • Professional transportation service, White City, Oregon
  • Silver Creek Transportation, Henderson, Kentucky
  • Soza Trucking, Atwater, CA
  • STS delivery service, Columbia Station, Ohio
  • Surprise truck, New London, Wisconsin
  • Triple R track, Nebraska Decatur
  • Woods Transportation, Monroe, Wisconsin

20 small fleet truck drivers honored at NASTC Nashville rally 20 small fleet truck drivers honored at NASTC Nashville rally

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