$ 20,000 Witch Painting-Blue News Article

You’re in luck if the wall has a place to fully accommodate the game-inspired artwork.

Cook and Becker
We sell prints of paintings called No Gods Nor Masters.
The witcher 3.. The words are: “‘No Godsnor Masters’ is the official The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt artwork created in collaboration with CD PROJEKT RED, where Geralt of Rivia enters a forest full of creatures from The Witcher’s world while Ciri floats. Shows in the center chasing the Wild Hunt. And if you want to flip a coin to The Witcher and have a $ 20,000 hole in your pocket, you’re in luck because you can buy the original art. The details are as follows.

This painting is by the famous Dutch painter Chris Berens and is best known for his depictions of different world themes. Strongly influenced by Dutch masters such as Vermeer, Rembrandt and Jeronims Bosch, and academic artists such as Ingress and Bouguereau, his art is surprisingly surreal and captivating, but still typical. Is modern.

The painting “No God or Master” is 86 x 60 cm / 34 x 24 inches and is sold by Cook and Becker in the art gallery. ( Limited edition museum-grade art print reproductions of the same size and smaller size are also available. All prints come with an artist-signed certificate of authenticity, but prints ordered before September 16, 2021 are also hand-signed by the artist.

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