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2016 Honda Accord Brake Pads and Rotors Buying Guide

2016 Honda Accord Brake Pad Shopping? Use this purchasing guide to find the right rotors and brake pads to protect your vehicle. Drive safely and stop when you need it by comfortably performing this important preventive maintenance task in your garage.

Which brake pads do you need?
Brake pads come in a variety of sizes and materials, so carefully compare your options and buy the right type. The dimensions need to match the original 2016 Accord brake pads, so use the free VIN lookup tool online or go to a trusted auto parts store to find the parts you need.
Compare ceramic, semi-metallic and organic pads to find the type that best suits your driving style. Ceramic pads provide a quiet and comfortable experience, but they tend to be more costly than other types. Semi-metallic brakes tend to last longer and perform better in cold weather conditions, but at a louder volume than ceramics.
Find out How to replace the brake pads Collect the tools you need. Follow the guidance of an expert and do not attempt this project without the proper tools and safety equipment.

How much does a new rotor cost?
Brake rotors tend to cost more Honda Accord Brake Pads, They are still affordable maintenance parts for DIY repairs. Expect to pay the rotor between $ 45 and $ 73 for your accord. The front and rear rotors are different sizes, so make sure you have purchased the right components for your next project.

When do brake pads need to be replaced?
Brake pads should be replaced after 25,000-70,000 miles of use. This has a wide range of expected lifespans, so look for the following signs to determine the best time to perform this task.
• Pad thickness is 4mm or less
• The brake sounds when you step on the brake pedal
• The car does not slow down immediately when you step on the pedal
• If you try to stop the car, the car will be pulled to one side
If the brake pads are thin, or if the accord is pulled to one side, always check that the brake pads are not worn. Non-uniform wear indicates that the vehicle has another maintenance problem. Either brake fluid or calipers can cause uneven brake application and excessive wear.

When do I need to replace the rotor?
Rotors tend to last longer than brake pads. If the pad is applied unevenly, the rotor can be damaged. Look for the following signs that the rotor needs to be replaced with the pad.
• Occasional squeaks
• Excessive wear of brake pads
• Blue coloring
• Vibrates when the brake pedal is pressed
Cracks, discoloration, and uneven surfaces all indicate damage to the rotor. Some rotors are thick enough to reshape the surface, but in many cases it is more affordable to simply replace them.

Where are the reliable pads and rotors?
Keep your Honda Accord with reliable repair parts from major online stores. Online shopping makes it easy to compare specifications, dimensions, customer ratings, and prices. If you’re not sure what you need, contact your customer service agent for real shopping assistance.

2016 Honda Accord Brake Pads and Rotors Buying Guide 2016 Honda Accord Brake Pads and Rotors Buying Guide

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