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The· Buccaneers I had a chance to reach the playoffs in Detroit for the first time in 13 years on Saturday afternoon, all I needed to do was beat the short-handed Lions.

Even if the ghosts of past seasons were in the minds of fan-based people, it was very clear from the start of this week’s 16th game that there was nothing to prevent Tampa Bay from reaching the postseason. The overwhelming 47-7 victory over Detroit guaranteed a spot in Bucks’ dance. And now they have only one more match before they start running. Bouncy ball 55 with Tampa.

Before all the attention shifts to the 17th week home game with Atlanta, or the team’s post-season opponents, let’s look back at Saturday’s clincher and give some Buccaneers points this week.

For those unfamiliar with these parts, remind yourself how this works. Each week, rank the top 5 Bucs of the week and assign point values. This will determine your position in the “Buccaneers of the Week Standings”. No. 5 is 1 point, No. 4 continues like 2 points. The 2018 Buccaneer of the Year was Mike Evans and Shakir Barrett was the 2019 Buccaneer of the Year. OK, let’s get started.

Leonard Fournette played a big role in Tampa Bay’s first half of 34 points, rushing 34 yards, touching down with 9 carries and catching 3 passes at 32 yards. Without Ronald Jones II, Bucks was able to rely on Fornet to win tough yards for the second straight week … With Jones, rookie Keshonborn expanded his role, As a result, I played well. I’m in a hurry 15 times at Team High’s 62 yards … According to Pro Football Focus, the Ali Marpet was outstanding, but Tampa Bay’s attack line was pretty solid throughout the day. He won the 93.5 grade. This is the second highest grade in three games on Saturday … Brian Gabert played the entire second half of the game and completed nine out of 15 pass attempts with 143 yards and two touchdowns. Did. ..

Labonte David has built up his 23rd career and played another powerful game. It keeps him one away from tying Derrick Brooks, the most in franchise history … Jordan Whitehead has restored the fumble forced by David, and he is defended by his stats line. Added a pass … Just called Herb Mirror from the 16th week practice team, came up with his first career interception in the second half of the fourth quarter … Jeremi Aredbetter to the team that drafted him Against picking up the sack and giving him the first full sack of his career … Anthony Nelson also notched his first career sack … returned to his home state At that time, William Golston had a big day.He picked up the bag and kept the pass … Jason Pierre Paul, a few days after being named Pro bowl, A total of 2 passes of defense and 2 quarterback hits.

Bacchus is closing his first playoff berth since 2007 and has made a big contribution from the guy who saw a lot of post-season action in his career. Rob Gronkowski may have been targeted only twice in the match on Saturday, but caught both in 58 yards and two touchdowns. The first 33-yard player gave Tampa Bay a 6-0 lead in the first quarter. It was a beautiful exhibit of what Gronkowski made it very difficult to defend throughout his career. His size and strength gave him the separation he needed before he pulled the team from his many years of quarterback with a great throw to get the team on board early. Then, as Bucs was already leading 34-0, Gronkowski pushed the lead to 40-0 thanks to a 25-yard touchdown pass from Blaine Gabbert. With nearly 600 yards of receive yards and seven touchdowns this season, the veteran tight end has already successfully returned from retirement.

Sometimes it was a difficult year for Chris Godwin. He has been pushed aside by various injuries throughout the season, and when he is in the lineup, he can be shuffled and prone to getting lost. However, he was deeply involved as he caught five passes at 84 yards on Saturday and made his fifth touchdown of the season. He found an end zone with 4:52 left in the first half, leading Bucs to 27-0, winning 7 plays and a 91-yard drive with a beautiful one hand. The fourth-year receiver became the third different Buc to catch the touchdown pass in the first half, which was his second score in a few weeks. He’s looking for a contract extension from the team this offseason, so he may be finding his way at the right time for Tampa Bay and for himself. And with 2 points this week, Godwin was sixth in the season rankings. He may be well on his way to the top five finishes of the season rankings for the second year in a row.

Attacks have, of course, received a lot of attention for their performance in Detroit, but defenses are just as credible. The unit took advantage of Lions’ unfortunate situation as Matthew Stafford left the game at the beginning of the first quarter and Devin White took the lead. The second year linebacker was just born from a Pro Bowl snab, with a total of 10 tackles (10 solos), 2 tackles, 3 quarterback hits and the 9th sack of the season. It was another impressive afternoon for White, who was repeatedly proven to be a threat to the opposite quarterback. His tendency to splash play has been huge for Tampa Bay’s defense over the past two years, and further development in coverage could make him widely known as one of the best in the league. .. His speed and consciousness were once again fully visible throughout the Saturday match, and he scored three Bucs of the Week points that could bring the top three spots to the next Sunday’s season finale.

If you look at Tom Brady’s statline from Saturday’s victory at all, you’ll think he played four-quarters of football. But he actually played 27, 22 with 348 yards and four touchdowns in just two-quarters of play. It gave him just the third perfect passer rating of 158.3 in his career, and he made some history in the process. He will go through up to 36 touchdowns this year. This is a new single-season franchise record (beyond Jameis Winston’s previous 33 points set last year). His 348-yard pass was also the most single-half pass ever in a Bucs quarterback. This was all a match against Brett Favre, who made the most start in NFL history (298). It was a great day (half?) For Brady, who achieved one of the big goals the team brought him to: Take the team to the playoffs. Now that you’re in Tampa Bay, something can happen, right? With Brady, who won the Super Bowl six times and played nine times, the Deeplan never leaves the team’s table.

In history, Mike Evans showed his strength with a 40-point victory over Lions on Saturday, giving him even more chances in the 17th week. In the seventh year, the receiver scored 10 passes at 181 yards and made two touchdowns. victory. His first score was historic in two different ways. One broke his franchise record with a single-season touchdown catch and joined Larry Fitzgerald, Marvin Harrison, Calvin Johnson, Randy Moss, Sterling Sharp and Jerry Rice as one of seven players in league history. And won a total of 8,000 receive yards. And in the first seven seasons, 60 people received a touchdown. And with the second touchdown catch, Evans set a new franchise record of receiving touchdowns in one season (13). Even more importantly, he became the first player in NFL history to break through 1,000 yards for seven consecutive seasons and start his career in just 40 yards. Just a few weeks ago, Evans didn’t seem to have had a great chance to cross the 1,000-yard mark, but he’s approaching with 110-yard and 181-yard performances in the last two weeks. And this week he scored 5 points and jumped to the top 3 of the season rankings in the remaining week.

From the 2020 Buccaneers of the Week ranking to the 16th week:

  1. Tom Brady-25 points
  2. Ronald Jones II-23 points
  3. Devin White / Mike Evans-22 points
  4. Jason Pierre Paul — 14 points
  5. Labonte David / Shakir Barrett-12 points
  6. Antoine Winfield Junior / Ryan Scoop / Chris Godwin — 9 points
  7. Scott Mirror — 8 points
  8. Ndamukong Suh — 7 points
  9. Carlton Davis / Leonard Fournette — 6 points
  10. Jordan Whitehead / Rob Gronkowski — 5 points
  11. Mike Edwards / William Galston / Jamel Dean — 3 points
  12. Vita Bear / Offense Line / Antonio Brown — 2 points
  13. Sean Murphy Banting — 1 point

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2020 Buccaneers of the Week: At Lions 2020 Buccaneers of the Week: At Lions

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